Ease Into The Decluttering Trend By Taking Care Of Your Home Textiles First!

Decluttering, eh? How many of us have started it only to give up? Find out why it’s wrong to start with clothes, and how a streamlined set of home textiles is your best gateway into inviting a clean vibe into your home.

10 Easy Tips To

Declutter Your Home Textiles

(To Start Decluttering Your Entire Home!)

Decluttering sounds great and looks great when presented to us: who hasn’t harboured the idea of a clean, well-organised home – and life – after all?

Alas, sustainable decluttering takes a lot of time and effort. So, when we start piling up our possessions in the middle of the living room, as we are told to do, we are more often overwhelmed than motivated. In particular people who love clothes and fashion may have a really hard time streamlining their wardrobe (although playing with a summer capsule without the need to trash anything else may appeal to them and will help).

For them, and for everybody else who wants to try the minimalist approach for the sake of saving space, saving money and for the clean aesthetics but is steering clear out of fear to start too large a product, come our 10 home textile decluttering tips – upkeep is easy, you have more space and a more clean, streamlined look to your home. Promised!!

1. Two sets of bedding per bed in your home are enough.

2. Go for easy maintainance, skin-friendly fabrics such as pure linen and simple, forgiving patterns like subtle stripes (above, Toshka Berlin).

3. Avoid white bedding: it only looks great in luxury hotels, and is maintainance-heavy.

4. If you prefer an even nobler look or are just not into linen look and feel, try a linen-cotton blend or organic cotton jacquard (below, Grüne Erde): again, quite a forgiving weave that even looks great unironed.

Bath towels.
5. Again, get colour coordinated stuff. Having your bath towel colours all over the place doesn’t look great (unless it’s the colour theme of your home: eclectic, then go for it). Having white towels is a big mistake because nothing in this world will keep them looking fresh and pristine once they’re older than 6 months. Black and very bright colours will lose their brillance over time as well.
In la casa BEAUTYCALYPSE towels have various shades of grey, because grey creates a very sophisticated, elegant vibe and is a very forgiving colour (below; Japanese towels bought at Manufactum).

6. Two sets per person are enough unless you have very young children.

7. It’s also good to have a few odd towels for home-SPA beauty treatments or for guests, keeping them in the same colour palette (ours are from Ringana packaging).

Other home textiles.
8. KItchen dish towels are an item you will need a little pile of because it’s important to change them often: at least four if you don’t cook a lot, or maybe a dozen if you’re a hobby cook..

9. Choose kitchen dish towels in a forgiving classic stripes or checks design.

10. For all of the above: choose quality fabrics. They will last you longer and will keep their visual appeal for a much longer time. No matter the place you call home, there will surely be if not organic options, then often artisanal producers; companies that have excelled in creating the most beautiful, durable dish cloth, bath towel or bedding. Here in Germany, some of our favourite stores/ brands are Toshka Berlin for 100% pure linen bedding in a variety of subtle shades, Manufactum for bath towels and old-fashioned dish towels, Hessnatur for Hessian linen bedding, and Grüne Erde for organic cotton bedding and bath towels.

And one extra tip: once you’re successful with home textiles, you will feel the urge and the motivation to do more. It’s inevitable.

Give these tips a try before we follow up with easy wardrobe decluttering tips in July!