Food + Tableware News: Healthy, Stylish Summer Brunch

There’s something special about summer garden parties and brunch receptions. Here are some novelties sure to make your summer brunch all the more exciting!

Food is healthy, simple and delicious with fresh, seasonal produce and home-grown greens; the tableware and decorations are stylish and sustainable.
Here’s to many delightful summer nights spent with family and friends!

Food + Tableware News:
Healthy, Stylish Summer Brunch

Since its foundation 270 years ago, Villeroy & Boch has become one of the world’s leading ceramic producers. Athough mostly offering very traditional designs, the company isn’t blind towards trends. The new collection Modern Dining and To Go serves a beautiful selection of elegant tableware – bowls, cups, leak proof lids – as a stylish alternative to boring containers or throw-away single-use containers; dishwasher and microwave safe.
Bringing your own food to the office has neven been more classy.

New: Villeroy & Boch Modern Dining and To Go collection

Speaking of reusable, Kahla Porcelain‘s range of multiuse porcelain cups CUP IT – combining the indisputably cool aesthetics of the disposable, take-away coffee cup with a sustainable mindset – got expanded with two new colours, a subtle green and a jucy red, as well as a new lid.
The first CUP IT lid was made exclusively for beverages; the new lid (below, on the right) allows for a leakproof transportation of mueslis, currys and smoothie bowls. Healthy food in on the go!

Kahla cup it: new colours green and red, and new, leak-proof lid added to the range

Nature et découvertes, the French seller of sustainable household goods and gifts, offer a beautiful selection of solar lamps for your garden party, as well as some cute, retro-style beverage dispensers for effortless chic (and Instagram-worthy) entertaining. Available in France in stores or online, as well as online across Europe, the responsibly produced garden accessoires create a certain je ne sais quoi, special vibe for your party.

Nature et découvertes solar lamps and retro beverage dispenser

Now that we have the table all set and the garden decorated, here comes a selection of notable food news.

Everybody have read about the benefits of microgreens. But have you actually ever bothered growing them? If yes, I applaud you. If not, listen up.
What are microgreens? They are no fancy superfoods, but simply the tender stems of young vegetables: red cabbage (below), broccoli, beetroot, radish or mustard. While research regarding their benefits is surprisingly sparse (here’s a 2017 paper that proves the nutrient density of broccoli microgreens), the reasoning is simple: just as their close friends, sprouts, microgreens are brimming with micronutrients. Even people not used to eating their vegetables will enjoy microgreens in their sandwich, all the more for the intense yet fresh taste.

And because growing microgreens can be a challenge for an unexperienced gardener or simply for a busy city dweller with no access to a balcony, let alone a garden, we love the Heimgart solution of packaging all you need for your micro-garden into a microgreens starter kit (approx. €29) that you can use all year round, including a porcelain tray, a stainless steel base and 2 seed pads. Sustainable and organic, completely plastic-free, and the seed pads are made at a German Red Cross sheltered workshop.

Heimgart microgreens starter kit: here red cabbage seeds and microgreens Heimgart microgreens starter kit: organic, ethical, eco-friendly

Do you have guests with food intolerances?
With the growing demand for gluten-free foods, many people seem to dicover that rice, too, may not be a great everyday substitute, and for many reasons.
An organic alternative that unites rice and wheat foes are rice and pasta alternatives made from konjac root. Konjac-based foods are popular in Asia, and are now slowly making their way to Europe. Filling, while low in calories, konjac “pasta” and “rice” are completely neutral in taste, but have a nice chewy texture and work well in curries and stir-fries.
Vitanu noodles, tagliatelle, spaghetti and “rice” are now available in organic supermarkets and Reformhaus stores in Germany and online.

Vitanu konjac noodles dish and "rice" packaging, gluten-free and vegan-friendly

Having expanded to Ireland and the Netherlands, British award-winning ice cream brand Oppo is finally available in Germany. In case you never heard of themd, Oppo are known for making delicious, vegetarian ice cream healthier. Flavours include Colombian Chocolate and Hazelnut, Mint Choc Swirl (nom!), Madagascan Vanilla, and Salted Caramel. All are formulated without processed sugar, using stevia, erythritol and a bit of experimenting. Thus, to create the taste of caramel without burning sugar, Oppo are cleverly using lucuma – that some of you may know as a powdered smoothie ingredient. And Oppo vanilla ice cream comes with a tangy extra from the pulp of baobab fruit.
Definitely an exciting addition to the dessert menu, sure to not spike your blood sugar!

British award-winning ice cream brand Oppo is finally available in Germany

Happy brunching and partying!
For brunch-worthy recipes, check out our
colourful fancy mocktails, the Japan-inspired menu, the Summer picnic ideas and this recipe for chewy, crunchy Matcha cookes. All recipes are gluten-free and vegetarian or vegan-friendly.

Food + Tableware News: Healthy, Stylish Summer Brunch