“Heat Haze” Summer 2018 Signature Beauty Look (#10)

A colourful look that appears polished and subtle at the same time: fit for summer weddings, garden parties and those “see and be seen” strolls by the seaside.

Summer Signature Beauty Look

I wanted to capture heat haze vibes for this beauty look: the strange beauty of a fata morgana appearing while the real world loses itself in a mad flickering of blurred and distorted vision. The heat makes you pleasantly languid. Your movements slow down. The sun is bright yellow up above, and the violet shadows are surrealistically sharp and short. The world is floated with heat and light. Nowhere to hide.
The colours are hot – yellow gold, sparkly coral, golden brown, metallic violet.
The eyeliner makes the eyes look exotic, almost cartoonish.
The complexion is naturally pale, almost flat, no contouring, no sculpting, no highlighting, no blush. (Works for dark complexion too, just keep the skin on the matte side with no highlights or dewyness.)
I love this look so much… it’s grown up but not boring, if you know what I mean.

Signature Beauty Look: BEAUTYCALYPSE Summer 2018

This beauty look works well with white, off-white and pastel outfits – the colours will accessorise like jewels. 

Complexion is primer + foundation, no sculpting, no contouring.
The eye sockets are generously sculpted with neutral brown and matte off-white eye shadow.
The liquid eyeliner is thick, drawn at a boldly slanted angle.
The lashes are royal blue.
The lower lash line is defined by a thick coat of smudged yellow golden khol.
I find the eye colour is enhanced magically by the colour combination of violet, royal blue and yellow gold.

Close up violet eyeliner, golden khol, two-tone gradient lips in coral

On the lips, two shades of coral: pale in the middle, darker in the corners.
Brows are groomed but not defined to keep it more real-world and less Instabeauty (nothing wrong with the latter btw, just not feeling it here).

“HEAT HAZE” Beauty Look: How To

Summer beauty look: get the look using organic and natural beauty products only!

Even though the pictures don’t do it justice: I’m wearing a lot of golden brown eyeshadow in the crease. Basically, you want to make your eye crease appear larger, so that the exaggerated eyeliner meets the shadow at the outer upper corner for a more natural-looking effect. Which makes the weird angle appear more harmonious, more “believable”.

Next, apply a very generous amount of metallic golden khol to your lower lashline and extend this “wash” of colour right to the end of the lower lid (where some people have a bit of a wrinkle, and most of us get a line when we smile).

The violet eyeliner is then applied according to your lid shape in a slightly exaggerated way. We don’t aim for the Winehouse effect even though it would be fun in colour, we want a solid flick, a well-visible long triangle. It should be so thick that you can tell the colour of the eyeliner right away. Apply royal blue mascara to the upper lashes only.

A neutral pink lip liner is used to highlight the natural shape of the lips, and two shades of coral lip gloss are applied: darker in the corners, lighter in the middle.

Lily Lolo, Veg-up, 100% Pure, Dr. Hauschka

Veiled top: Blütezeit Berlin
Rings and arm candy: RAW Copenhagen, Amalena, Bronzallure, local crystal shop, heirloom, all my own
Earrings: vintage, bought at Vintage Tig
Photography: sdvh.studio

Atmospheric takeouts from the photo shooting BEAUTYCALYPSE Signature Beauty Look Summer 2018

Hiro No doubt foundation in ‘Daniels’
100% Pure Luminous Primer
Dr. Hauschka Concealer
Lily Lolo Eye shadow palette ‘Pure Indulgence’
PuroBio Eye Lip Pencil ’08’ (neutral rosy shade)
Veg-Up Liquid Eye Pencil ‘Violet’
Und Gretel HOLT Eye Pencil ‘6 gold’
PuroBio Impeccable Mascara ’02 Blu’ (royal blue mascara; darkens when dry)
Lily Lolo Lip Gloss ‘Cocktail’ (light terracotta-coral with golden shimmer) and ‘Peachy Keen’ (coral-tinted nude with golden shimmer)

Summer Signature Beauty Look  Drawing the line


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