Trusted Brands’ Beauty News in June

Exciting: new names enter the circle of trusted brands in this month’s edition of our Trusted Brands’ Beauty News!

This time around with a few new “faces” and one important study.

Trusted Brands’ Beauty News

đŸ”„New Study:
Smoking Directly Damages Muscles

Cigarette smoke directly damages muscles in the body

Not exactly a beauty news, a new research conducted by the University of California, San Diego in conjunction with Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro and Kochi University published in the Journal of Physiology suggests that cigarette smoke can directly damage muscles.

Originally this detrimental impact was believed to come from decreased lung activity and lung inflammation caused by smoking. This new research however shows that by reducing the number of blood vessels in leg muscles (thereby reducing the oxygen and nutrients supply to the muscles), smoking damages the muscle activity and the metabolism directly, also increasing the risk of chronic diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD and diabetes.

Link to the research @ Journal of Physiology.


💚 Readers’ Question:
How To Refill Kjaer Weis Tints/ Blushes/ Eye Shadows

A few readers have asked me whether I’ve ever refilled my Kjaer Weis goodies as a fan of the brand. And the answer is YES! I have!
For those who missed my Instagram story in which I showed how easy it actually is, here come the screenshots.

How To Refill Kjaer Weis Tints/ Blushes/ Eye Shadows

So on top you see a Kjaer Weis lip tint (1) front, then the back (2), then the back of an empty/ open case (3), then the refill (4) and the cardboard packaging (5) the refill came in.
If you look closer at the product in the middle (3, also shown closer at the bottom of the picture), you’ll spot a tiny opening. All you need now once this guy is empty is a refill and a hairpin or a similar sturdy thin object (I used a thin cotton bud from which I cut one end) to poke through the hole and push the empty pan out of the case. The refill will magnetically hold to the case.
Super easy!

P.S. You can also fill in a different colour. It’s legal 😉


New Brand = Trusted Brand?

And now let’s get to the news!
The first here is actually a year old news and one by a new brand, so you might be wondering what the hell is happening to this new format. No worries, here’s the thing.

While the brand itself is kind of new to me, I’ve known AER SCENTS perfumer and co-founder Stefan Kehl for an awkwardly long time. He’s been a session make-up artist, and I’ve been a magazine’s style department head, so we’ve worked a lot together, and Stefan has always been one of those guys who wanted to know what’s in the products they’re using. His ability to make ochre lipstick look posh and elegant was absolutely inspiring.

Today, he’s a perfumer by passion, and trust this fine fragrance aficionada (me) that she (still me) can tell a mediocre perfume from an excellent one.

And I say: brace yourselves, because AER scents, four in the moment, are beautiful and wow, are they coming for you. Three of them are perfectly outstanding, and one is simply endearing with a surprising twist.

Combining unique, forgotten, and unusual components, AER juices are at the same time purely natural, made from organic, where possible, or wild-harvested materials. The sleek aesthetic clearly states that these guys belong to the niche perfume shelf.

TL;DR? AER SCENTS is an independent perfume manufacturer, founded in Berlin one year ago, and they’ve been rocking and building momentum since. Watch these guys and their made in Berlin olfactory gems!


Photo material: AER SCENTS.


New Supplement Brand Made in Germany

Again something completely new is this Bloom Beauty Essence supplement duo. I want to highlight the new products with the disclaimer of having to yet investigate their claims (all-natural for example). I found the concept fairly interesting, it caught my eye, and it ticks at least for the time being the boxes of a vegan-friendly, sustainable, local, made-in-Germany and lab-made supplement designed to boost skin health at night and to see our skin through a stressful day.

BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE New Supplement Brand Made in Germany

It’s brand new and as these lines were written, it wasn’t yet available in the brand’s online shop. So we’ll see!

Photo material: R-Pharm/ Bloom Beauty Essence.


Power Flower: Blue Light Screen

My unconditional love for i+m is well known but poorly documented. So let me rave for a second:

i+m is is Berlin’s first organic and vegan skincare company supporting several Fair trade projects, and their products – in particular since a revamping they did undergo two years ago – deliver, look fun and fabulous in one’s bathroom cabinet, and are free from conflict and toxic ingredients. 

i+m’s latest innovation in terms of product development is quite in tune with one of this year’s largest skincare trends: anti-pollution, anti-light-pollution to be precise. I have written about the trouble with blue light and its detrimental effects on our health earlier, but I didn’t quite touch on the damaging impact it can have on our skin.

i+m naturkosmetik Hydra Perform with Blue Light protection

In order to create a product able to shield our skin from said blue light, i+m have added Buddleja officinalis extract to the brand new Hydro Perform Aqua Boost moisturiser, making this Aloe-based, hyaluronic acid-infused hydration booster a little more tech-lover friendly. This flower extract is capable of reducing UV damage and offers some protection from UV, infrared and blue light (no SPF!). The Hydro Perform Daily Wash and Peel gel with rice flour helps even out the skin surface in a very gentle way.

The company are so enamoured with this power flower that they will gradually add Buddleja officinalis flower extract to existing facial moisurisers from the lines Phyto Balance, Age Protect, Age Plus as well as Wild Life for Men.

Photo material: i+m, composing: BEAUTYCALYPSE.


Pure: New Promo Offer

Here’s a brief alert, Germany:
For a limited time only, Santaverde Aloe Vera Creme (medium, unscented) and Aloe Vera Hydro Repair Gel (unscented) will come with a free gift of a serum or fluid from the new Pure range.

New and limited-time only: Santaverde Pure Serum or Fluid as gift with purchase

Photo material: Santaverde.


Leave-In Conditioner, Revamped

If there’s one company that can transform your bathroom into an exotic rainforest and make hair care actually enjoyable (speaking from a lazy girl’s POV that is), then it’s Rahua Amazon Beauty.

Their iconic anti-frizz and heat protective Leave-In Treatment that adds shine to the tresses and safeguards them during styling or air-drying has been revamped and given a slightly different packaging:

RAHUA Leave-In Conditioner, Revamped
Product photography (Leave-in Treatment):

Packed with potent, Omega 9 rich Ungurahua oil, conditioning quinoa protein, plant-sourced antioxidants, and scented with Palo santo and real Vanilla pod, the Leave-In Treatment is ideal for those who want to grow out their hair and aim for a Rapunzel-inspired hair style (“Girl is hair goals!”).
Clever: the power ingredients are great on their own, but are additionally activated by heat.

The images below are from a Rahua event hosted by the Andreas Kurkowitz Colouring Studio in Berlin in which the hottest coiffures for the rest of 2018 and transitioning into 2019 were discussed and styled – more on that very soon! 

Rahua trend and styling event hosted at the Andreas Kurkowitz Studio in Berlin
Location/ portrait photography: Nora Heinisch. 


Natural & Organic Cosmetics Conference

I’m definitely looking forward to a beautiful summer but when it’s time to get back into work mode, the Natural & Organic Cosmetics Conference held end of September is something to be thrilled to bits about. With a fantastic blend of topics and a great line-up of experts, it’s one of my highlights in the work agenda.

The released programme includes hot topics such as brand loyalty, diversity and the change of generations that many poineer brands will face in the years to come.

Photography: NKBK.



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