Things To Do In Berlin #9: Feel & Live Like A Green-Minded Berliner!

Planning on visiting Berlin? Experience the German capital’s eco-friendly and sustainable side by staying in and discovering Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte.

Staying In Berlin?
Live Like A Green-Minded Berliner!

Most people know that Berlin is a really green city, both in terms of public green space and in the sustainable sense.

And while I might be working on putting together an eco travel guide to Berlin, for today’s article I want to focus on one particular area spanning two neighbourhoods known as especially hip, trend-setting and home to many natural beauty hot spots, cool organic supermarkets, fair and vegan-friendly fashion, eating places from hip to healthy, and more: Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte.

On the BEAUTYCALYPSE Google Map “Berlin’s Green Gems: Prenzlauer Berg & Mitte”, you’ll find several highlights.

There are two Schoenhouse apartment/ studio houses for an authentic, indie stay with the comfort of a hotel. There are several green and niche beauty stores: Nadine Andres, an all-natural beauty salon, the mani salon of Treat (Treat Beauty Loft), MDC cosmetics – a curation of fabulous beauty brands and exquisite gifts like Saskia Dietz jewellery or handmade porcelain by Christine Roland. The natural cosmetics start-up Ponyhütchen resides here as well. Closer to the Hackescher Markt resides the fabulous Wheadon (store and salon), your one-stop-shop for great natural make-up like Und Gretel and fantastic, brilliant Berlin-made and all-natural fine fragrances by AER Scents.

Breakfast lounge Schoenhouse Studios By the window @ Schoenhouse Studios

With denn’s, LPG and BioCompany, you can check out three major organic supermarket brands, whereas Vom Einfachen das Gute und Bio Deli offer a more local and artisanal grocery shopping experience, not your big city run of a mill. If you’re looking for ethical and slow fashion, there are great vegan shoe styles at Avesu and fair fashion at DearGooods and Wertvoll, all curated ethical multibrand boutiques.

My personal highlights and special tips include also: booking a cooking class with Goldhahn & Sampson, snatching a spot in a Scaravelli yoga course with Svenja Becker (highly, highly recommend) at Remise an der Marie, and treating yourself to the best French fine pastry Berlin has to offer at Du Bonheur and many more!

BEAUTYCALYPSE Berlin Guide "Berlin's Green Gems: Prenzlauer Berg & Mitte": BioDeli Sky over Berlin BEAUTYCALYPSE Berlin Guide "Berlin's Green Gems: Prenzlauer Berg & Mitte": Organic Superfoods and Liquids (Matcha Bowl) BEAUTYCALYPSE Berlin Guide "Berlin's Green Gems: Prenzlauer Berg & Mitte": Schoenhouse Studios

There’s a lot more to discover in Berlin, but we gotta start somewhere.
So why not start exactly here:


But what if you’re more of a guided tour type? There are also plenty of themed walks offered. After looking around for a while in order to recommend some (sadly, one of my favourite slow walks providers have folded) I serendipitously met Berta Luise Heide, the publisher of the travel guides BertaBerlin, a walk creator, a travel blogger and marketer with Walk this Way, and really loved her approach. Her English language city guides include maps to the boroughs Charlottenburg, Prenzlauer Berg, Mitte, Neukölln, a highly popular QueerBerlin map for LGBT-friendly hot spots and a BeautyBerlin map. Next in line: YogaBerlin, to be released on „Lange Nacht des Yogas“ (long yoga night) on the 23rd of June.
I also briefly talked to her about discovering Berlin:

– Hey Berta, walks are probably the healthiest and the most sustainable way of experiencing a city. Guides like BertaBerlin take the guesswork out of the trip –  but just how do you tell the hot spots the hidden gems from rightfully obscure places, and where do you search for the real good ones?

– Einstein once said: “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” A travel journey should not be about taking the most efficient way. As I found joy in discovering Berlin just by walking and biking through it, I encourage you to really experience Berlin. On my city map BertaBerlin you will find not just the shortest walk through Berlin, but rather the most enjoyable. I suggest sights, as well as cafés, restaurants and street markets close by with little tips you don’t find on Google Maps. Instead of drawing you a single route in my city map, I would like you to explore Berlin on your own. BertaBerlin empowers you to make your own journey, from one A to another B.
When I start researching for a new map, I always ask friends or organize KiezWalks where we just explore the new district.

BertaBerin, photo by Marcel Dykiert

– Apart from exploring your hometown, what destinations are you currently loving or fancying? 

– Too many. I love traveling, this was one reason why I came up with idea of creating my own travel guide. 2015, a trip to Milan, for which I rummaged through seemingly endless guides in an attempt to plan the perfect weekend, sparked this idea of a minimalist guide, like a folding map for Berlin with walks through the German Capital.
I also love the Regenbogen Camp at Prerow, where you can camp on the beach and see the Baltic Sea from your tent.

– Since this article is about living like an eco-savvy local in the neighbourhood of Prenzlauer Berg or Mitte, would you share some sustainable favourites with us?

– One of my favourite eco-savvy spots of Prenzlauer Berg ist Ponyhütchen. Besides offering handmade organic beauty products, Lucie runs monthly DIY classes, in which you learn how to make your own organic beauty products such as bath bombs with simple, natural ingredients. From my BeautyBerlin map I also would recommend the Kollwitz market. At this market you can shop fresh food from regional farmers, small snacks, visit cafés and find many handmade products like wooden toys and souvenirs.

Thanks, Berta! 🙂

I hope this was helpful and, if you’re planning a stay in Berlin, make sure to check out all the hot spots on my BEAUTYCALYPSE Google Map “Berlin’s Green Gems: Prenzlauer Berg & Mitte”  – and if you’re more into walks, I definitely recommend you check out Berta’s work.

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