Trusted Brands’ Beauty News in May

Discover now: beauty look inspiration, sensational new all-natural fragrances, Mother’s Day specials and more clean beauty news.

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Trusted Brands' Beauty News in May

Trusted Brands’ Beauty News

Und Gretel
New Beauty Look

Talk about sustainable beauty!
Unlike brands that create new looks to promote a slew of new products you forget about come next season, Und Gretel create seasonal looks based off their regular range. This brings attention to products you may already own or those you have wanted to try, suggesting an application technique or idea you might’ve never used.
UND GRETEL Eye Shadow Imbe BronzeUND GRETEL beauty look Electric Romance Spring 2018UND GRETEL TAGAROT Lipstick Pink Blossom UND GRETEL TAGAROT Lipstick Dahlia

The new spring look, Electric Romance, prominently features the IMBE eye shadow in ‘Bronze’, and a subtle, transparent, semi-matte lip tint made by mixing ‘Dahlia’ and ‘Pink Blossom’, two TAGAROT lipstick shades.

Photography: Und Gretel.

Dr. Hauschka x ABURY
Mother’s Day 2018 GIVEAWAY
Muttertagskampagne #WIRsindkostbar

Dr. Hauschka “Roses Treasure” gift set was launched earlier, in April: Rose Nurturing Body Oil 75 ml and Lip Care Stick – both infused with Rosa Damascena extracts – packaged in an organic cotton beauty bag (gorgeous pink!) with a gift tag envelope.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care - Mother's Day Gift Set Rose

Now Dr. Hauschka have teamed up with the ethical fashion accessories brand and curated ethical boutique ABURY launching the #WIRsindkostbar (we are precious) campaign – and giveaway – to celebrate mothers and daughters.

Giveaway open exclusively to German residents with a special perk for Berlin-based mother-daughter teams.
Dr. Hauschka have teamed up with the ethical fashion accessories brand and curated ethical boutique ABURY launching the #WIRsindkostbar (we are precious) campaign to celebrate mothers and daughters

Here are the rules, in German:
Die #WIRsindkostbar-Kampagne ist inspiriert von der Rose, einem der beliebtesten Inhaltsstoffe, die man bei Dr. Hauschka verwendet und sogar eigens anbaut.
Zehn Dr. Hauschka-ABURY Geschenksets (Rosen Pflegeöl, Lippengold, Beautybag aus Bio-Baumwolle und ein ABURY-Schlüsselanhänger) werden unter allen Teilnehmern und Teilnehmerinnen mit Sitz in Deutschland verlost, die ihr Mutter-Tochter-Foto auf Facebook oder Instagram posten, ABURY taggen/ verlinken und dazu den Hashtag #wirsindkostbar verwenden. Und so findet Ihr ABURY auf Facebook: ABURY.NET und auf Instagram: @aburycollection
Seid Ihr vielleicht Berlinerinnen oder am Muttertagswochenende in der Stadt? In dem Fall schnappt Euch Eure Mama und besucht am Samstag, den 12. Mai, die ABURY-Boutique im BIKINI Berlin. Euch erwartet eine Blumen-Fotowand für wunderschöne Erinnerungsphotos und eine besondere Überraschung für solche, die einmal Kampagnenmodel spielen möchten.
Photo material: Dr. Hauschka, ABURY.

New Packaging, New Product

A German newcomer brand, Goldenglow offers a range of certified organic oil and butter-based skin and hair care products.
Launched during Vivaness, the new Coconut Balm – based on coconut oil, shea and cacao butter – is unscented and versatile. This beautiful balm product has a delicate melt and doubles as a colourless gloss with a silky-matt finish.

Photo material: Goldenglow.

ABEL: Green Cedar
Abel x Gray Label: Nurture

Say whaaaaaaaat… It’s not even Christmas or my birthday yet, and Abel are launching their sixth all-natural fragrance!

In tune with the new woody juices seen during the tenth Exsense in Milan, the new perfume is a cedar double-feature.

“Green Cedar” is the new kid’s name, and it’s a perfect description of this fresh woody scent built around Texan and Moroccan cedar. The opening is sparkly like an effervescent cologne, leaning towards the coolness of a citrusy cocktail; the sillage is woody – but not your run of the mill dry, subdued wood.
Stay tuned for a detailed review later this month, and meanwhile check out the in-depth review of the vita odor range as well as my interview with Abel’s founder and perfumer team.

New Abel Odor fragrance: Green Cedar

Photo material: Abel Odor.

In time for Mother’s Day comes another Abel oeuvre; a collaboration to be precise.
The result of the collab with Gray Label, an Amsterdam-based minimalistic kids apparel brand, is the profoundly beautiful natural fragrance “Nurture”.

Warm and gently powdery, it’s a classic new and expecting mother scent as they are popular in Italy and France – made with Abel’s commitment to clean, natural and worry-free formulations. Orange blossom, rose, sandal wood and ginger have a cocooning, caressing opening and a stunningly powerful yet soft sillage.

Abel Odor x Gray Label: Nurture

Photo material: BEAUTYCALYPSE.

Vegan, Organic, Natural Vitamin C

And one more clever, all-natural, completely vegan supplement from Hamburg just hit the shelves!
Ogaenics HEALTHY KICK Plant-Based Vitamin C is based on amla fruit. Each capsule contains 240 mg of natural Vitamin C plus native flavonoids, polyphenols and other co-factors found in amla and needed to metabolise the vitamin properly.
Forget synthetics, go ogaenics.

Photo material: Ogaenics.

New range of natural deodorants

The butterflies from Switzerland have landed in the stores and they look prettier than ever: the successful rebranding introduced during this year’s Vivaness isn’t the only news from this pioneer brand.

Apart from the newly introduced range of all-natural, NaTrue certified deodorants (Mandarine spray and roll-on, roll-ons Frangipani and Sage), stay tuned for an interview about the change of generations in this family-run business later this month.

Farfalla new NaTure certified deodorant range: spray and roll-on, Mandarine, Frangipani, Sage

Photo material: Farfalla.

New: Fresh Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner

The new trio FRESH body wash, FRESH shampoo und FRESH conditioner, certified with COSMOS Natural hits the shelves this Spring.

The propellant-free foaming bottles of the 2-phase body wash and shampoo allow to disperse the products evenly and to use them quite sparingly. Packed with skin-soothing botanicals, the two cleansing products can help strengthen the skin barrier.
The rich conditioner is designed for use in the hair lengths only, and needs just a few minutes to work its magic.

New: RINGANA Fresh Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner

Photo material: Ringana.



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