April in Berlin – Fair Fashion Look: Black ‘Leather’ Leggings and Red Combat Boots

Wunderwerk and Wolford fair fashion outfit. April in Berlin

An eco-fair fashion blog is incomplete without ethical outfit posts! But we don’t want styled outfits, so let’s see what *this* slow fashion blogger really wears.

BEAUTYCALYPSE has always been a fair fashion blog as much as a green beauty and eco-savvy living blog – after all, eco-fair fashion is part of my life and thus, of the whole package.

We’ve talked about where to shop eco-fair clothes and accessories, about textile standards like GOTS and IVN, about how to put together a great wardrobe without breaking the bank.
Your recent favourite is the article about a new approach to reducing microfibres, many of you have downloaded my 1-page guide on sustainable swimwear and am particularly thankful for everyone who read the all the in-depth interviews with several ethical fine jewellers!

But if you have favourite slow fashion bloggers, you know something was missing: fashion looks. 

I’ve been a little reluctant because I didn’t want BEAUTYCALYSE to be about me.
But then so many of you have told me that you are actually curious about what I choose to wear and yes, how I combine it. Many told me they found earlier posts on fair fashion a little unsatisfying because while I shared knowledge or useful tips, I never showed you any real life examples. And this, my friends, I totally get! Thank you for the amazing feedback – let’s have (more) fair fashion outfits! 🙂

My Fave Fair Fashion Look in April:
Berlin Backyard Chic

My favourite everyday look in April so far – and it’s April in Berlin, so we’re talking 16°C and wind/ rain/ snow – has been this sleek red and black outfit.
I love bold colours, I adore combat boots, and I’m not going anywhere without my leggings (a good idea, LOL). My favourite kind of outfit allows for careless movement while making a statement, and combat boots are simply the best choice in a city.

What a fair fashion blogger really wears: An everyday outfit in red and black. Turtleneck: Wunderwerk, leggings: Wolford.Eco-fair fashion: Berlin-based slow fashion blogger wearing real outfit.

I love the concept of a “capsule” wardrobe, and a minimalist wardrobe is actually the best recipe for getting dressed fast and well in the morning. However, most minimalist picks tend to be monochromatic; and capsules lose their “consume less” meaning if you whip them up for each season, and I mean the 3-months seasons, not spring-summer. So what I try to do is to combine a “have less” approach with killing the basics.

KILLING THE BASICS? Yes, it means that my basics are body-snatched by statement pieces. My “basic pair of pants” becomes a tight-fitting pair of gorgeous “leather” leggings, my “basic turtleneck” has a non-basic colour or design, and “my basic everyday boots” are red freaking combat boots. My basics are all statement pieces – way to make a minimalist wardrobe fun.

Loose-fitting flame red turtleneck worn with tight-fitting black faux leather leggings and fire red combat boots: Fair fashion outfit. Red turtleneck and black leather leggings – fair and slow fashion outfit berlin BEAUTYCALYPS: ethical fashion – a real outfit. Fair fashion outfit – details of the "Berlin backyard" slow fashion look. Watch: SlowJo, bracelet: Alchemy England.  Jewellery details: Fremdformat necklace "Mechthild" (copper and brass). Slow fashion outfit (details). Slow and eco-fair fashion blogger, Berlin.
“Leather” leggings: Wolford [bluesign certified, ethically made in Austria/ Europe]
Wool turtleneck: Wunderwerk [IVN best member, ethically made in Germany, mulesing-free wool, nontoxic dye]
Vegan 10-eye steel toe combat boots “Airseal”: Vegetarian Shoes [vegan friendly material, ethically made in the UK, however I’m not 100% happy with the microfibre used]
Copper necklace: Fremdformat [hand-made in Germany from reclaimed industry materials]
Bangle: Alchemy England [fine pewter, made in the UK]

As always, all items were bought and not borrowed. Voila.

Wunderwerk and Wolford fair fashion outfit. April in Berlin "Berin Backyard" bold April outfit. A slow fashion look for an eco.fair fashion blog.


Geeking out about all things truly green, healthy and ethical over at BEAUTYCALYPSE.com (Avatar illustration by A. Goncharenko)