Trusted Brands’ Beauty News in April

New highlights and reformulated bestsellers, affordable and luxurious – our trusted skincare brands have some beautiful new products coming at you this spring.

BEAUTYCALYPSE is all about brand loyalty, so I couldn’t be more stoked about all the love you guys gave the brand new format of “trusted brands beauty news” that debuted last month.
Let’s see how you like this month’s novelties!

Trusted Brands’ Beauty News

(Real) Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Are you into crystals? I’m not, but as an amateur gemmologist I can appreciate the pretty stones at face value. And the pun is fully intended here bringing us in medias res, because I’ve owned a jade facial roller some ten years ago, and I now own two rose quartz facial rollers bought at Amazingy (€39 each). Can you get a cheaper crystal? For sure. Are these babies pretty enough to make your morning routine feel exquisite and all five-star-deluxe-spa? Sure they are.

Because at 30+ and at 40+ for that matter you can enjoy the worst of both beauty worlds – impurities and signs of ageing, I will share my own, breakout- and wrinkle-reducing routine with you in May (I’m waiting on a particular interview to be finalised, because in it, I grill an outstanding dermatologist about the myths and truths of holistic skincare), but for now suffice to say that as shortlived the results of a lymphatic massage are, it’s slow and steady that wins the race.

Photography: Amazingy.

Kjaer Weis
Six brand new rosy lip glosses

Is it Hanami yet? Kjaer Weis’ latest addition to the colour cosmetics range is a lip gloss line of sheer pinks and corals that can be best described in one word: vernal. The dusty and subdued colours need a few more descriptions, as they come in a variety of neutral to warm hues, and in finishes from sparkly to glossy, have a beautiful silky, non-sticky texture, an even semi-opaque coverage and a lightweight wear. Gloss lovers gonna love!

4 ml, Compact €34, refill €27
Colours top row, left to right: Tenderness, Courage, Affinity
Colours bottom row, left to right: Fascination, Cherish, Treasure
Available at: Amazingy, Barneys, Green Glam

Photo material: Kjaer Weis, composing: Beautycalypse.


i + m Deo Cream
Five brand new jars

Berlin’s first vegan-friendly and organic brand, i+m has a beautiful story rooted in skin-saving formulations. Certified with one of the highest standards to date, Cosmos Organic, the products get you the best of all words: fair, organic, environmentally friendly, animal friendly and quality skincare formulated and made in Germany.

This green beauty scene staple – an organic deo cream made from coconut oil, baking soda and zink oxide – is a new addition to the i + m skincare range, and comes in four delicious flavours Grapefruit, Floral, Spicy and Fruity as well as unscented (“Freistil” or freestyle, the blue one). Infused with organic almond and olive oil for added skin benefits.

Tausendschön/ Grapefruit: 50 ml, €9.90
Floral, Fruity, Spicy and unscented: 30 ml, 8.90

In organic supermarkets and online: i + m shop

Photo material: i + m, composing: Beautycalypse.

Ilia Beauty
True Skin Serum Foundation

Available in ten shades from pale beige to tawny medium brown (Formentera and Montserrat respectively, view images) the new True Skin Serum Foundation is all silky weightless coverage and a skin-perfecting finish with 100% natural pigments in a 100% vegan formula. It’s not a 100% natural formula though, and as Ilia Beauty fans know, it aligns with the brand’s philosophy to be using a low percentage of synthetic ingredients – if needed to achieve the best results possible.

30 g, €56
Available: Alyaka, Amazingy, Ilia Beauty

Photo material: Ilia Beauty, composing: Beautycalypse.

Rahua Body
Shower Gel – reformulated & repackaged

I’ve been hooked on the Rahua Body range for years now, and you’ve seen the lush Shower Gel show up on several occasions here on the blog and on social media (because it’s pretty, too).

With the new formula comes an even more invigorating fragrance for a more delightful “rainforest” experience, bringing a sense of natural abundance to an activity as mundane as taking a shower.
The new packaging is a Rahua signature bottle – on the left – and contains a tad more product, 275 ml instead of 260 ml to be precise. The price is unchanged as of now.

Rolling out in Spring 2018
275 ml, €30
Available: Amazingy, Mussler BeautyRahua, Sephora

Relaunching their natural hair colours

Natural hair colouration at home, with Natrue certified products and a cream formula that works just as plug-and-play-like as your “conventional” hair dyes? I’m sold! Or: I would be sold, would I still be dyeing my hair.

The range of reformulated cream colours is completed by a pre-treatment and a colour fix after treatment. Not shown here, but also relaunched are the 12 powder formulas – infused with more hair-loving oils.

All products are vegan and available in organic supermarkets.
Pre-treatment and after treatment approx. €6 each
Creme colour, 150 ml, approx. €15

Photo material: Logona, composing: Beautycalypse.

Anti pollution range

First presented during this year’s Vivaness in Nuremberg, the Lavera anti-pollution line consisting of an oil-based cleansing balm, an anti-oxidant packed day cream and a detox-style mask was formulated to help shield off environmental stress with a blend of powerful anti-pollution, anti-oxidant ingredients.

The affordable range is completely vegan and Natrue-certified, and delivers some of the most recent trends (skin barrier support, oil cleansing) known to the green beauty scene in an easy-to-use, no-fuss form that anyone can benefit from.

The packaging is beautifully fresh and unisex, too.
Hydro Effect Cleansing Balm 100ml, €6.50 RRP
Hydro Effect Day Cream 5ml, €11.99 RRP
Detox Effect Mask 50ml, 8.99 RRP
Available in various organic supermarkets and drugstores.

Photo material: Lavera, composing: Beautycalypse.