Sweet Benifuuki Shots: My Natural & Organic Allergy-Fighting Routine + 2-Minute Recipe

My latest take on incorporating this catechin-rich tea variety into my nutrition plan to fight seasonal allergy that also fits most added sugar-detox plans.

Benifuuki Shots:
Natural, Organic, Easy To Make

Beautycalypse Benifuuki shot
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I’ve been repeating the yearly Benifuuku treatment since 2014 (with just one break) and have reported about studies linked to Benifuuki allergy-relieving powers as well as about my own experience earlier. The Benifuuki cure has to start 6 weeks ahead of pollen season, and to take X grams with X ml water twice a day – to get the needed amount of the tea’s most powerful ingredients: the catechins.

Benifuuki is low in caffeine, but it does provides quite a kick, so I made it a habit to never enjoy it later than 4pm. This tea variety can also feel quite heavy on the stomach exactly due to the high amount of catechins – in particular the powdered version has an intensely adstringent taste, and I never quite get tea fans describing it as “honey-like” or “oolong-like”. 

To boost metabolism, Beniffuki is enjoyed in its powder form cold, either in a shake or in a smoothie.
To help with allergy, it has to be enjoyed brewed (leaf form) or whisked like a matcha (powder form).

My personal 2-minute recipe can be used to incorporate any of these needs and is aimed at making the intake of this very bitte tea powder enjoyable even for non-tea fans. Yes, they exist – they even think you and I pretend to like our matcha lattes, so don’t judge!

Aiya, Kissa, Morimoto and Keiko Benifuuki Teas, bought at Tee Kontor Kiel
My tea treasures from Tee Kontor Kiel. Who said “retail therapy”!? It’s all for the health!

To fix this delicious healthy drink, you will need an organic powdered Benifuuki and a (BPA-free, toxin-free) shaker. I get both from the top tea specialists in Germany, Tee Kontor Kiel: the Europe-made matcha shaker is the easiest way to fix matcha-based beverages and has both ml and oz scales (ideal for those of us who steal their recipes from all over the world, right?), and the Keiko Benifuuki is one of the best available in Europe.

Ingredients for enjoying the Benifuuki shot: Matcha shaker (Tee Kontor Kiel), Pineapple Coconut Juice (Voelkel), Benifuuki Powder (Keiko), matcha bamboo spoon and hand-made tea cup (Tee Kontor Kiel)Matcha shaker with Voelkel pineapple-coconut juice and Benifuuki powderShaking the matcha shaker: quite a workout!Delicous Benifuuki shot

To infuse the healthy main ingredient with a milder taste, I use naturally sweet and pineapple-based beverages for my Benifuuki shake: Provamel organic rice-coconut drink with pineapple or Voelkel pineapple-coconut juice. The Provamel drink helps create a more creamy and silky result, the Voelkel juice preserves the sophisticated bitterness. Pinapple makes everything sweet and delicious, this sunny, crown-bearing juicy fruit! 🙂

The reason for choosing these bevereages is that they don’t contain added sugars but help conceal the bitterness while bringing out the sweetness of the delicate Benifuuki tea. If you are on a sugar detox, enjoying this in the morning or at noon (not much later please) will come the closest to a dessert, trust me on that.

Now, you can mix your preparation – use powder for a cold shake or prepare a strong Benifuuki matcha (90°C water and whisk-whisk-whisk, then let cool) and use the shaker to mix well with the pineapple coconut drink or pineapple coconut juice, 150 ml per person. That’s it!

Enjoy your Benifuuki drink and here’s virtual raising our matcha shakers to a sneezing-free Spring!

Benifuuki shots made using a matcha shaker

Tea experts advise against Benifuuki for pregnant women, young mothers and small children.

Tea catechins are known to inhibit the folic acid uptake.
Only get certified organic quality from trusted sources.