Allergies & Asthma Mudras | Mudras & Mani #7

Time for the first MUDRAS & MANI of 2018! A perfect bright and ultra-glossy red manicure meets the best mudras for bronchial health.

Allergy & Asthma Mudras

What are mudras?
Based on the principles of Ayurveda, mudras are gestures – yoga for the fingers, if you like – which, combined with meditation and sometimes also visualisations and affirmations, are designed to support us in different challenging situations, help us relax, gain insights, or focus.

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Today I’m showing you three mudras believed to help with allergy and asthma: Bronchial Mudra, Bee Mudra and Asthma Mudra. From mudras I’ve already shown, Surya Mudra and Linga Mudra are also used to treat asthma and bronchtis, so do have a look.

Mudras are helpful in your daily meditation or yoga practice but they can’t replace a visit to the doctor, nor a medical treatment!!! With a diagnosed or supposed allergy, asthma or bronchitis, always SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE FIRST – only use meditation and mudra practice to support the healing process.

Bronchial Mudra

A little difficult to hold, this mudra is used to treat both bronchitis and asthma. It also helps lift the spirits (which we all could use while Spring isn’t too eager to show up, eh?) and should be practiced continuuously for better results, most sources suggest 3 times a day for at least 5 minutes.
It’s not forbidden to have someone help you keep your fingers in the right position.

I like to use this mudra during meditation because I feel it helps with oxygen intake – and for whenever my breath is too flat and I feel stressed out and worn out and jagged.

How to practice:
STEP 1. Shake and gently rub your hands to relax them. This is just my suggestion, but I believe it’s helpful.
With each hand:
STEP 2. Place (when we speak of placing here, we mean a gentle pressure, meaning your fingers are active, not just bent and relaxed) the tip of your litte finger at the base of your thumb.
STEP 3. Place the tip of your ring finger at the first joint of the thumb.
STEP 4. Place the middle finger tip at the thumb pad.
STEP 5. Keep the index finger extended.

Bronchial Mudra

Bhramara (“Bee”) Mudra

Used to treat allergic symptoms, asthma and bronchitis, the “Bee” mudra is also used to strengthen the immune system and, metaphysically, to let go of fear and loathing.

If something – or someone – triggers negative reactions from you, this is where a lesson waits. Watch the feelings, question what it really is that you are loathing. The world is not perfect, and there is a lot to be angry about: the destruction of the environment, the divisiveness of life, social injustice. But when you feel a whole rainbow of negativity facing something quite mundane? The Bee mudra is there for you.

How to practice :
STEP 1. Sit comfortably (but don’t slouch; your back should be straight) and place your hands on your thighs. Breathe a few times to start.
STEP 2. To form the mudra, lift your hands in front of your chest and place the index fingers of each hands at the base of your thumbs, as in the mudra above.
STEP 3. Then, connect the tip of your thumb with the tip of your middle finger.
STEP 4. Extend your ring and little fingers.
Bee mudra – helpful tip
Tip: to help yourself find the right amount of tension, try holding your ring and little fingers in place using your other hand. To keep both fingers extended, try gently pressing them against each other. It’s a bit like the Vulcan LLAP salute – eventually you’ll get there. 🖖🏼
STEP 5. Your breath should be deep, slow and calm. For advanced meditation, visualise things you’re allergic to. Start with your actual allergies, and invite your subconscious mind to show you more. Sometimes, we have made a connection in the past that bothers us today without our realisation.

Asthma Mudra

It’s suggested by several sources, among which long-time asthma sufferer and yoga author Gertrud Hirschi, to help even with an asthma attack by relaxing the smooth muscle tissue. Please don’t try it instead of a medical treatment! Holistic methods can work beautifully in addition to your medical treatment. 

So I’ll say it again: asthma spray would be my safe bet in case of an attack, but why not try this mudra as a daily practice? Holding a mudra 3 times a day for 5 minutes doesn’t sound impossible.

Personally, I use this mudra in meditations when I have the feeling of tensity, as though all the smaller and bigger fears have crept up on me and are now constricting my throat and my breast. Whenever I seek the feeling of freedom and vastness, similar to that of standing on a mountain top and spreading the wings – well, metaphorically.

How to practice:
STEP 1. Hold your hands with the palms facing each other, keep your fingers extended (remember: active, not tense).
STEP 2. To form the mudra, gently press the nails of your middle fingers together and hold the mudra for 5-15 minutes.

Asthma mudra seen from above Asthma mudra - how to practice

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Kester Black Rouge WP and Nailberry Fast Dry Gloss: Breathable, free-from nail polishes

The Kester Black colour I used is Rouge WP – a fiery, opaque, glossy red.
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