“The Trick Is To Keep Breathing”

What Garbage sing. Or: an all-natural and organic alternative for a petroleum-based cough ointment + a great flu-ssential for that blocked nose.

Flu season! Eventually it strikes the fittest of us.
Even if we can avoid a severe flu, we still may fall prey to its friends: common cold and respiratory tract infection. But you know what I loathe even more than being sick?

Going to the pharmacy. These guys!
Someone told them that “natural” sells and boy, are they after it. Here’s an actual conversation I had with a pharmacist this past weekend:
– I need a cough mixture for adults please.
– What about a natural herbal syrup?
– Sure, why not…
*Pharmacist gets bottle, I check bottle*
– Excuse me, but the ingredients are: Herbal extract, paraben, paraben?!
– Yes?
– So… these parabens, what are they exactly, natural or herbal?
*Pharmacist looks confused*

And what are you supposed to do? For meds, you don’t have many options :/
If you keep looking, eventually, you stumble across a couple natural and organic products that are amazing. Although you gotta look in organic supermarkets (or in rare pharmacies offering a whole slew of organic skincare products).

Pharma, you are definitely the next on the list of industries that need to wake up and green up!

Organic Cough Rub Alternative + Cure for Blocked Nose

Primavera have concocted a creamy, melt-y almond-beeswax base and infused it with a deliciously sweet blend of pure essential oils – Eucalyptus leaf oil, Swiss pine leaf and twig oil – to create atme wohl (“breathe well”).

Organic cough rub alternative – atme wohl, Primavera

atme wohl is a balmy fluid that easily spreads across skin and that I even use as a hand balm, breathing in the precious oils all the time at work.

atme wohl balm, 50ml, €12.
Available from the same range are: blend of essential oils, pillow mist, aromatherapy inhaler.

At Farfalla, an inhaler and a pure essential oil come as a set called nez enrhumé (“blocked nose”). The set sells at approx. €8.

Farfalla set for blocked noses: aroma stick and Eucalyptus EO

Alternatively, Farfalla offer a set of five multi-coloured inhalers without any oils for individual creations, at €7. The plastic in use is PE/PP, a recyclable polymer.

Get well soon! X