⭐️ Let Your Heart Be Light ⭐️

Here’s a very merry holiday message for you, my dear reader!

To You,

My readers, supporters, friends and partners – thank you for being part of this green Quest.

As an indie blog/ publication running happily on beliefs and enthusiasm, it’s your feedback, your ❤ and shares that keep BEAUTYCALYPSE going.

And when BEAUTYCALYPSE gets cudos for its content and mission, like just recently having been picked one of the best beauty blogs to read in 2018 (I’m dead chuffed because fellow best blogs range from fabulous Lisa Edlridge to dearest smellslikegreenspirit), it’s not just due to said content and mission and enthusiasm, it’s also because we’re a community, because you read and share my content, ask me questions, follow me on social media.

Because you’re real.

Because together we bring change to a world in dire need for change.

Let me wish you a wonderful Christmas time and a happy, healthy New Year with this appropriately kitschy but heartfelt pink and green and purple card!


P.S. Have you tried my 10 days game to start off your New Year with a clearer vision for your life?
Don’t miss it! It’s fun but actually helpful, like a nice gift 😉


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