How To Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever – My 10-Day Game!

This December, explore and test drive the life you envision! (Some preparation needed – be mindful – stay playful).

Now how does that sound? Spend only ten consecutive days this December exploring different areas of a life you desire and discover what you really need to gear up for sustainable success.

The amount of Pre-Christmas stress is just about right for you to find your weak spots, distractions and to honestly figure out which goals you truly prioritise. It should be a playful and fun exploration, a game; so keep it playful and light. Always set the intention to discover things and ideas that are positive, light, full of potential.

Now, without further ado, here is the roadmap I made for myself, and am sharing with you:

How To Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever – My 10-Day Game!

Day 1 is dedicated to your health and fitness
A healthy mind in a healthy body (is hard to find)
No kidding, this is the actual full quote. Cheeky ole Romans!

This is supposed to be a fun day.
You see, we all, each living being, live in a balance of action and relaxation. The pulse and the breath of life – pull yourself together and strike, then expand and relax.

Observe how you prepare and strengthen yourself for the day and how you unwind for the night. Is there an ebb and flow? Or is there a series of throes and a meltdown in the end? Try to catch your unique rhythm, the perfect wave!
Today, don’t pull the grass to make it grow faster: watch your body and soul naturally respond to the challenges of the day. In the morning, “unfold”: try to find joy in waking up and easing into the morning by having a generous stretch while in bed. Stand up slowly, enjoy a big glass of water and some fresh air (instead of a coffee overdose).
Observe how fit you are. Can you enjoy a brisk walk? Can you enjoy healthy food? Does self-care feel like a chore? Explore and question honestly why you are fighting the healthy impulse.
In the evening, try to catch the moment when you feel heaviness – and don’t fight it, just today, with too much light, Internet, Instagram, alcohol, party or a movie!

If may appear like a boring day, but if you do it right, it will be full of insights and revelations that might surprise and even delight you.

How To Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever – Joy, Wealth, Self-Care

Day 2 is dedicated to your wealth and time
Time is wealth.
Time is life.
(Whoa, deeeeeep. Duh! ;))

Try to observe how much time you’re wasting. Or how guilty you are of trying to fit a to do list worth 24 hours into a 4, 6 hour window of time left after sleep and work.

What are activities that steal your time? Can you optimise? Who are the people who steal your time and energy, and can you “cut their supplies” by not being available?
It can be super transformative to check your balance and, if you haven’t started yet, to start a budget planner or an expense tracker, just for you (or to achieve money goals, financing, etc.).

Day 3 is dedicated to your home
Is your home your castle or just some place where your stuff lives?

Imagine you’re a stranger who entered your home for the first time. Would your belongings tell a fascinating tale or an embarrassing story? Give yourself time to look at your home with the eyes of a stranger. Does the place make sense? Does it feel like a home? Would you be comfortable here if it were a holiday apartment or would you run across the place with a disinfectant and leave an enraged review? Take notes.

What kind of home do you wish you had? What can you do to achieve this goal?

Day 4 is dedicated to your romantic relationship
Love is in the air

If you’re in a relationship, observe your dynamics. That’s it. Are you truly honouring and supporting each other?
If you’re single, observe how honouring and supportive you are towards yourself. Are you sabotaging your own plans or are you enjoying your talents and gifts? Are you a person you’d go to great lengths to be with? Be honest – and kind. As though helping a dear friend.

Day 5 is dedicated to your inner circle
Hi, tribe

Inner circle? It can mean family, extended family, dearest friends – individuals you’re close to or are in the process of becoming close friends.

Again, observe the dynamics. Are you a real tribe with a deep connection? Do you have many common values? Common goals? Is the vibe a supportive and honest one?

Day 6 is dedicated to your creativity and talents
Discover the magic well of inspiration
A super fun day!

Search and probe: what is the thing that inspires you in such an amazing way that you could keep creating for hours, days, months and years without truly tiring? What is it that you excel at?

It can be anything creative and positive – cooking, teaching, painting, building things, perfecting things, bringing people together… It can be something big and not very precise, like being great at finding the right words, being a planning wizard, a research pro, a super quick and efficient learner… The possibilities are absolutely limitless!

How To Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever – Creativity, Love, Friendship

Day 7 is dedicated to your altruistic interest and your career
Something precious you’ve got to give

Now this is a bit of a stretch – but ideally, day 6 has left you with a few ideas. Can you “brainstorm” a handful of ideas how you could make the world a better place? Ideally, can this be part of your existing or future career? Envision the ideal world. What great creative, positive things would you create if this adventure was fail-proof?

Day 8 is dedicated to your self-actualisation
Who are you when you’re naked?
Time to strip! No seriously. This is a fun game, the ultimate version of the WHO ARE YOU game.

Imagine an alien has landed and it has no concept of our world. It has a concept of good and evil, of fair and unfair, or honest and dishonest, of creation and destruction and so on. So if you introduce yourself, you can’t say “I’m Jane the accountant”. Try to figure out what you’d say to be comfortable when said alien would talk to you in public.
What you do, is you try stripping away your roles one by one. If you were not working your job, who would you be? If you were not born in your home country, who would you be? Play this game until you’re happy or surprised. Don’t fight it 🙂 Take clues from the insights you gained during days 6 and 7.

Next, observe how people see you, approach you, interact with you. What are the reactions, the comments you’re getting? Can you see how others perceive you? Is the perception correct? Are you showing people a side you personally deem most attractive that might be or not be the most accurate? What can you do to find strength, joy and meaning in celebrating, sharing and being who you really are?

Day 9 is dedicated to your image, and to your appearance
Style is eternal and all

Taking the insights from day 8, analyse whether your style is reflecting who you are. Are you wearing your true colours – I mean, if someone sees you, can they guess where they’re at? Are you making your style your “skin”? Who and what are you? Does it show in your style?

In movies, wardrobes are created for each relevant role. As the personal journey of the hero or the heroine goes on, so does their style evolve over time (think GOT Daenerys – the looks evolve from her being the little sister to the nomad king’s wife to the powerful mother of dragons). How well does your style match your true self? How well does it match where you’re at?

How To Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever – My 10-Day Game

Day 10 is dedicated to self-transcendence
In it together
Whether or not you’re a spiritual person – this day is dedicated to feeling connected.

Ideally, you should go outside and experience nature (and ideally more than a park). If you truly can’t, enjoy a documentary about the wonders of our oceans, forests, animals or insects. Don’t let the feelings escape you – let this experience fuel and support all your previous insights and ideas. Feel the connection, the pulse of life, your creative force, the importance of your health, the power of your tribe – real or envisioned.
Hold on to this feeling. Celebrate your gifts and ideas. Take notes and make plans. Can you see how 2018 could easily be your best year ever?

So here you go, just ten days to change your life for the best and to get insights into what motivates you or holds you back? Priceless, if you ask me!

P.S. Tell me how it works for you 🙂


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