Green Halloween Make-Up/ Costume: Steampunk Red Riding Hood & Glam Witch

Two clever Halloween costume and make-up ideas that forego “sexy whatever” tropes + a mini guide on removing party make-up to prevent breakouts and dryness.

Green Halloween Make-Up:
Glam Witch

Think grey October twilight, eerie forests, crows up in the high fog…

The Glam Witch is a simple makeup that can complement most of the random creatures like witches, vamps, evil clowns: a greasy, smudged smoky eye topped with hot pink pigment and opulent false lashes, matte black lips. Random eyeliner curves mimic a gloomy and a surprised brow, for a spooky sense of asymmetry.
A horrifying detail to send chills up and down your spine is the manicure: the cuticles are lined with blood-red khol pencil.

What you need: black and red pencils, preferably with a silky, creamy texture (I used Benecos Natural Lipliner in Red and Und Gretel Eye Pencil in Black); a liquid eyeliner – Und Gretel TINCTE.
Optional: hot pink pigment (I used Alva Coleur pigment which I believe is discontinued, but Hiro have equally flashy pinks) and false lashes.
To your liking: foundation and blush – the way you like it. Make it glowy and healthy or pale and powdery, it will work anyway.

TIP: line your lips in red before you apply the black pencil. 

False lashes (and fake fingernails) are among those things that are especially hard to “green up”. However, there is a real green alternative to conventional lash glue.
Enter TrueGlue, a Canadian brand specialising in lash embellishments. Quite honestly, I don’t really enjoy wearing falsies but was all too tempted to try this tox-free, all natural lash adhesive. TrueGlue is as good as any conventional product, only it smells better (rosewater base!) and is removed rather easily.

For “cuticles from hell”:
place a tiny black dot using your black pencil, then smudge the red pencil along the “moons”. Avoid perfection.
Looks best (because: contrast) on very well-groomed nails.
To prevent the colours from ruining clothes, use some finishing spray. (Although I personally wore my horror cuticles without any finish for hours to take the photos, and once dry, the pencils stayed put.)

The hot pink highlights are entirely optional – if you’re wearing black, make them silver, gold or copper; if you’re wearing strong colours, match the colour. It’s the GLAM Witch, after all.
Loose mineral pigments are best applied using a wet, flat brush; I used a Kjaer Weis eyebrow brush to apply the hot pink to inner corners and to create the bold wing shapes.

Tip: this costume looks best when the colours of your outfit match the colours of your make-up.
Hot pink and black is my outfit’s theme, but it can work just as well for black/ emerald, black/ blue, black/ orange or whatever Halloween combination you want to pull off.

Green Halloween Make-Up:
Steampunk Red Riding Hood

An empowered version of the classic, the Steampunk Red Riding Hood is a fearless explorer with an undying fascination for all things peculiar. Right now she’s roaming the darkest forests hunting down a notorious werewolf.

Here I went for a doll-like makeup – lashes painted on with liquid eyeliner, lips in an exaggerated heart shape – and a “steampunk” colour palette: pale skin, coral on the lids, pale bronzey pink to define the cheeks and temples, rusty red lipstick (amazing colour, texture and all-clean formula: Axiology in ‘Noble’): this Steampunk Red Riding Hood is part Victorian actress, part Red Queen.

Pale complexion is key here. I used the fairest one I own which is 100% Pure Super Fruits Healthy Foundation in ‘Crème’.
The glorious, shimmering bronze-mauve-pink Und Gretel IMBE eye shadow in ‘Seashell’ is dusted from the browbones and temples down to the hollows of the cheeks in a C-shaped movement as contour and rouge in one.

Using a wet flat brush, Inika loose eyeshadow in ‘Mango’ is applied to the moving lids up to the crease (let dry).
Afterwards, paint on doll-like, thick lashes to your upper and lower lids. Don’t “Clockwork Orange” it too much though, this is Steampunk Red Riding Hood, not Homicidal Maniac Red Riding Hood! 🙂

Tip: on international catwalks, black liquid eyeliner was involved in all kinds of make-up shenanigans.
Means basically that your Halloween experiments of today can well become your everyday look of tomorrow!

The outfit is simple and sporty, this is an adventuress after all!
Riding trousers or thick, maybe textured leggings; strappy, flat boots; a red hoodie are the basis.
Steampunk details include an Alchemy England batwing and clocks necklace; a pocket watch dangling down from the collar; and a steampunk neck corset with shoulder caps and spikes.

My necklace is not available, but here is the link to the glorious Alchemy England Steampunk collection.

Removing Party Make-Up:
Tips For Clear and Soft Skin

When the party’s over and you want to go to bed, there are three things to do:
First, drink a glass of water.
Second, remove the make-up.
Third, pamper your skin in order to wake up to a fresh and glowy complexion with no breakouts or itchy dryness.

When it comes to removing intense, dark make-up, I tend to do a two step.
First, I remove the darkest elements of the make-up: dark lipstick, black eyeliner and smoky eyes and, of course, the Glam Witch’es falsies. Second, I take care of the rest. It’s just less messy and more efficient that way. Also, you don’t get to smudge your lipstick all over your face: less reasons for your skin to break out!

A particular tip for when you’ve worn an awful lot of eye make-up is to rinse the eyes using the mildest, “tear-like” eye drops. The liquid flushes out the rest of the pigments, even an occasional eyelash, and really soothes tired eyes.
Even if you don’t do eye cream most of the time, insense eye make-up calls for extra pampering. I do a quick lymph drainage using Santaverde Xingu Age Perfect Eye Cream.
The rest of the face is not left out in the cold. For facial massages, currently I’m loving Farfalla Cucumber Seed Oil. This oil softens the skin and gives it a finer texture over time and even fights under-eye puffyness.

If your skin has a tendency to show up with clogged pores, the morning after is your chance to cut potential breakouts with a cleansing face mask. Any kind of gentle peeling action will help, actually.
I’m very fond of the rose oil enriched White Witch Red Clay Face Mask: it’s gentle and powerful and smells like a bed of roses!

Happy Halloween!


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