Ileur Gold Hyaluron Moisturizing Serum – Long-term Test & Review

Today’s review of an anti-inflammatory hydrating serum shows that natural skincare can be very efficient even without using any oils or essential oils.

Ileur Gold Luminosity:
Promise vs. Results in the
Long-term Test

For clarity – the product I’m reviewing is also sometimes referred to as Gold Luminosity, as Gold Hyaluron Moisturizing Serum or under its full name: Gold Luminosity – Gold Hyaluron Mangosteen Moisturizing Skin Serum. I’m lazy, so I’m flying with “Gold Luminosity” 😉

This is how the serum is introduced in the online shop:

“The Gold Hyaluron Moisturizing Serum is the foundation for every beauty ritual. The fine and pure texture melts into your skin and thanks to its intensively hydrating, smoothing and balancing properties it makes the skin look even, radiant, healthy and smooth.”

This looks pure to me. Even a tiny touch of a golden glow is perceptible.

While the texture really does look and feel pure, light, soft and fine, and over time, the skin looks more balanced and less prone to irritations (more on that in a minute), I would disagree with the “foundation for every beauty ritual” part because the serum doesn’t work well under natural foundation. Or at least, is doesn’t do so on its own, like many other gel-like products. Apply your foundation right on top of Gold Luminosity and watch the foundation peel and slip away to start right all over again (and I had several trial and error moments until figuring out what would work best).
In order for me to be able to go on with a liquid foundation or a loose mineral foundation after Gold Luminosity application, I need a second layer of an oil-based moisturiser or, even better, of an oil serum like for example Telluride Glow Alpine Pure Oil or Lovely Day Botanicals Skin Rescue or the – now discontinued – Skinowl Mangosteen Drops.

That being said, due to its pure formula – a total of seven ingredients – Gold Luminosity works really well in combination with other natural skincare.

On its own, it plumps skin over time with hyaluronic acid and fights inflammations with sulphur and mangosteen extract. Also, the lack of alcohol or fragrance makes Gold Luminosity a welcome break for heavily EO-based natural skincare and is truly blissful for allergy sufferers. The formula is synergetic too, all ingredients work together both on maintaining the integrity of the product and on creating its beneficial effects on skin: better healing, better hydrated skin, smooth and even skin surface, and even less than usually occurring with hyaluronic-heavy products “tightening and tingling” on the surface of the skin upon application, a huge bonus!

Practical packaging, strong statement look.

Gold Luminosity owes a good portion of its strong anti-inflammatory effect to actives not mentioned in its name: sulphur and (non-nano) silver. Does anyone feel the cool gothic vibe of a “Sulphur & Silver Serum” or is it just me? But I digress… Both ingredients’ anti-bacterial, anti-oxidative benefits have been scientifically proven, and really come to life in Gold Luminosity’s sleek formulation.

In my beauty routine, Gold Luminosity is used almost everyday in the morning. As we’re moving towards Autumn, I hydrate my skin like obsessed in several layers, and one of those layers is Gold Luminosity. As someone who talks with their whole face and has skin that’s both thick and reactive, I need a lot of balancing and a lot of softening to be done. After 1.5 months of testing Gold Luminosity, I do see results: finer pores; softer and “rosier” skin and significantly less inflammations. Always in a hurry in the kitchen, I have used Gold Luminosity or all my fresh scars to soften them to impressive results. Always rotating my skincare in order to avoid allergic reactions, I really do appreciate the break the serum gives me from all my (beloved!) herbal extracts and essential oils.

👨🏻And in case you wonder “is this man-friendly?”, the answer is YES; we’ll get back to Gold Luminosity in the next article in the recomMENdations – organic skincare for men series to highlight the benefits of this serum for men specifically.

Hard Facts & Best Offer

During my 1.5 months of testing I have used up two 5 ml bottles. Both were provided as free press samples by Savue Beauty for testing purposes without any agreement, leaving me the freedom to review the product only if I liked it – so this review is as real as my reviews always are.

Ingredients: Aqua (dest.), Sodium Hyaluronate, Dimethyl-Sulfone (MSM), Algin, Gold (CI 77480), Garcinia Mangostana Peel Extract, Silver. Made in Germany for Ileur exclusively.

Ileur GOLD LUMINOSITY serum is available via SAVUE online shop and showroom
(No affiliates/ no sponsoring).

Bottle sizes: 5 ml €29 (a great starting point if you’re not sure or using the serum sporadically), 15 ml €69 and 30 ml €119 – best value for money if you plan on using Gold Luminosity everyday.


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