Rolling Seafarers: Waves & Wheels | Good Decision Series #2

Waves and wheels, surfboards and swimsuits – what it’s like to live in a motorhome; a yoga & surf retreat; a life script of relaxed sustainability, and much more!

It’s not easy to find people with an inspiring lifestyle change story for the Good Decision Series; people who live and work in an environment different to our usual urban jungle. Sure, there are many who decide to downshift, who leave the busy cities and start over as farmers somewhere in the boondocks. But that’s not exactly what Good Decisions is about.
We want to be inspired by stories that tie together successful careers + sustainable lifestyles + travelling the world; stories that infuse their life choices with freedom and adventure.
In the first Good Decisions story, we’ve met Vast Floating, a Hanseatic couple who are running a media business from their home on a yacht. Today we meet the Rolling Seafarers: surfers, yoga lovers, travellers and sustainable entrepreneurs.

Mareen Burk,
Rolling Seafarers

Mareen is the founder of MYMARINI, the ethical swimwear company. Two years ago, and after years of of motorhome travel and surfing, she and her partner William decided it was time to embrace it as a full-time lifestyle.
You can follow their adventures on the Rolling Seafarers blog.

Q: Mareen, so what’s the story behind the Rolling Seafarers?

A: The story is: I founded MYMARINI four years ago and my partner William has quit his job to join me as my business partner a year ago. And since most of our work can be done from a laptop, it has proved to be as really easy to live in a motorhome after a few journeys together. These days we’re more often on wheels than we’re in Hamburg. While travel and surfing have always been a huge part of our life, our actual everyday life as the “Rolling Seafarers” has started about two years ago.

Q: You mentioned travel was a huge part of your life before that?

A: Yes, as a surfer you simply do travel a lot; MYMARINI itself is a travel child – I had this very idea for chic ethical swimwear during our seven months stay in South America. Of course our travelling way of life is ideal for testing new designs or for photo productions. When there’s spare time we write for our Rolling Seafarers blog. I hope this gives the sustainable business an even more personal touch.

Q: Where have the Rolling Seafarers been so far since the journey began?

A: Last year, we’ve been to Croatia and Italy; this year’s plans, past and future, include – Bali, France, Spain, Portugal, possibly Morocco.

Q: I think this lifestyle really completes the sustainable business…

A: Totally! Our lifestyle is simply our philosophy, lived: you can either go the bigger-faster-more route, or keep the control… We want to decide ourselves how fast to grow the business. We prefer to do without financing and to invest our own money.

Q: I imagine that getting that close to nature brings more awareness for environmental issues?

A: It certainly does. Life as a surfer is super basic! You’re actually living like Robinson Crusoe on the beach, sleeping in a hammock, in a tent, cooking on a fire, right out in the sticks. You depend on the forces of nature. You also happen to see the damage done and you come to the realisation you don’t want to add to that. Making 100% ethical decisions can be super overwhelming at times, so my way to go is simply always choose a better alternative, to be aware and to reduce consumption. A motorhome also makes you rethink your “civilisation” habits – for example, cling wrap looks simply out of place! You’re basically forced to lead a more sustainable life. Back at home is when it strikes us the most, when our 60 sq m apartment suddenly is almost too large for us. It’s so ingrained by now to go for the essentials only.

Q: What are some of the most striking pros and cons for motorhome living though?

A: There are downsides of course; the main being missing your family. But the good thing is, you’re free to decide where you go next. That’s huge. That’s also something you usually miss in life these days. I also don’t think of it as an adventure, I think of it as a way of life.

Q: Did travel and the “beach lifestyle” inspire you to create the brand new MYMARINI yoga & surf retreat*?

A: The funny thing about the retreat is that this is basically what we’re permanently doing with our friends – we go to a place where we can surf, we start our mornings with yoga, cook healthy food, enjoy ourselves. I wouldn’t have ever come up with the retreat idea, but our friend living in Portugal does offer similar retreats and she started the MYMARINI retreat idea. It’s basically expanding our personal lifestyle by inviting more people to join us. 🙂

Thank you, Mareen!

* As I was preparing this interview, the MYMARINI SURF & YOGA RETREAT caught my eye. If you love surfing, yoga, great food – and would love to experience the raw and natural side of Portugal, this is for you:

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