How To Get The Most Out Of Seasonal Produce

I don’t know about you, Adventurer, but I do love seasonal produce. There is something very calming about it, something naturally festive about celebrating Nature’s freshest gifts. They’re better that way too.

Seasonal Calendar Plant-Based Foods for August–September (Germany)

So, these are leaving us in August:
🍒 Cherries, Apricots, Raspberries
🌮 Fava beans, Peas

Still in season until at least end of September (or longer) are:
🍇 Blueberries, Blackberries, Grapes
🍆 Eggplants, Cauliflower, Green beans, Broccoli, Fennel, Cucumber, Potatoes, Turnips, Leeks, Mangold, Carrots, Sweet peppers, Radish, Beetroot, Red cabbage, Cabbage, Celery, Tomatoes, Onions, Zucchini

And these few arrived in August and remain in season throughout September:
🍎 Apples, pears, mirabelles, plums, prunes, watermelons
🌽 Radicchio, Pumpkins, Corn, Chanterelles

Favourite Organic Condiments and Smoothie Ingredients for Seasonal Recipes

To get the most out of the seasonal produce, many of us need to think outside our recipe box.
I happen to hear from adults that they have no idea what to do with fennel, or turnips or mangold. My answer is: Get adventurous! There are soooo many recipes out there that are fun to try and really easy to make.

But my favourite trick is having a pantry filled with favourite condiments and basics for my go-to recipes. It just makes it easier to “accommodate” unusual seasonal ingredients:

Instant upgrade for really any kind of veggie sticks or “chips”: organic vegan remoulade, Emil’s | Makes any leafy veggie stir-fry a poem and is my go-to replacement for red wine (in sauce recipes): Organic Jasmin-Plum Mustard Sauce, Manufaktur von Blythen | Everything tastes better topped with delicious pink crystals: Himalaya salt, Comptoirs et Co | Celebrating the more autumnal table with cold brew ice tea deluxe: Organic White Tea ‘Mojito’, terre d’Oc | My favourite milk substitute for coffee beverages: Organic Quinoa Rice Drink, Provamel | Ideal base for chanterelles: Glutenfree chickpea pasta, Hierl
An organic and “clean-ish” take on sweet ice tea and soda: Matcha Mint Ice Tea and Rhubarb Lavender Soda, Dietz | Whatever you throw on top of your açai bowl, this got your base covered: Organic Açai Powder, Keimling | The good kind of green smoothie additives: Nettle and Lucuma powder, Govinda | The IT-honey: Manuka Honey by Comptoirs et Co.

Now, end of August and September also often means: fruit preserve. And something I want to try this season are the new Fruit Tree jams made with 100% fruit (that’s the brand’s promise). It appears they are sweetened with concentrated apple juice. The concept sure sounds intriguing – I need to look closer at the ingredients though.

A bold promise: 100% fruit inside? Blueberry, Summer berries and Raspberry organic jam by The FruitTree.


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