Mudras for True Happiness & Connection With Others | Mudras & Mani #6

How to find inner peace and stop feeling disconnected? Here are two powerful, rare mudras for your yoga or meditation practice that help.

Mudras for Happiness & Connection

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Today I’m showing you two quite obscure mudras from a book by Swiss yoga and mudra expert Gertrud Hirschi (“Mudras: Finger Yoga für Erfolg, Kreativität und Wohlbefinden”) that I have found very helpful for my yoga practice, in particular in combination with a “heart opening” sequence of asanas.

I call them “Mudras for Happiness”, for these two mudras really help power up your all-embracing, childlike ability to love the world and to build powerful, loving connections with others.

Inner Temple Mudra

While it looks like a variation of Atmanjali Mudra or possibly Samputa Mudra, this mudra is not easy to find in most mudra catalogues online. Hirschi doesn’t share its Sanskrit name, referring to this mudra as to the “Temple Mudra”.
This mudra is said to strengthen the immune system on the physical level, and to help you visualise a sacred place of your own for a deeper, richer meditation practice.

How to practice:
STEP 1. Shake your hands to relax them.
STEP 2. Press your fingers together except for the index fingers and the thumbs: put the tips of your index fingers together – with no pressure – and the thumbs are placed loosely together and over the tips of your index fingers.
STEP 3. Holding the mudra, press your thumbs against your chest and massage the sternum for 30 seconds.
STEP 4. Hold the mudra and keep your forearms in a horizontal position.
STEP 5. Breathe deeply, keeping the pauses longer.

Friendships & Connection Mudra

Hirschi states that this mudra helps against the feelings of isolation and solitude. As a mindset practice, she suggests focusing on bringing joy to others. Yes, she states, as someone that feels lonely and forgotten, this is not an easy thing to do, but try anyway. Look at different people and wish them well, wish them to receive something you would love to have yourself – a surprising gift, a caring friend, a dinner invitation, whatever it may be! Helping others wholeheartedly opens you up for new encounters and leads you out of your isolation.

How to practice :
STEP 1. Press your hands against your sternum until it feels warm.
STEP 2. To form the mudra, place the tips of your thumbs onto the root of your ring fingers.
STEP 3. Press your ring and middle fingers down across the thumb.
STEP 4. Hook the pinkies and put the tips of the index fingers together.
STEP 5. Your breath should be deep and calm. Focus on your heart region.

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