Timeless Sporty Chic Goes Eco-Fair – MYMARINI Swimwear | BCBTW #18

Combining timeless elegance and a sporty allure, MYMARINI swimwear is what can turn a modern-day surfer girl into an ocean goddess.

Eco-friendly and ethically made swimwear: it’s better for us (less toxin exposure), it’s better for the environment. Basically, all of the reasons explained in this slow fashion article apply. And, with swimwear – also underwear – sitting directly on our skin, they are even more urgent, at least in my opinion.

For me, who’s been shopping only eco-ethical fashion for five years (with one exception: one pair of ultra-comfy sneakers made in EU but otherwise conventional), eco-ethical swimwear is not a luxury. I have even put together a solely value-based ethical swimwear guide to enable decisions based on facts and not on marketing claims!

One of the brands whose products I’ve researched, finally purchased and put to test is Hamburg-based MYMARINI. You may remember it from last year’s swimsuit battle.
Let’s have a closer look today.


Founded by surfer, nature lover and yogini Mareen Burk on a long trip to South America, MYMARINI is a slow fashion brand (we’ll learn about their season philosophy in a sec in the interview with the founder) and an ethical brand as well. The tox-free, UPF 50+ certified synthetic fabrics are produced by an eco-conscious Italian supplier, the designs are created in Hamburg and produced in Croatia.

All MYMYARINI styles are double-layered for an extra sporty and secure fit.

Beyond Mareen’s ecological and ethical approach, all MYMARINI bikinis, tops, shots, swimsuits stand out with a unique style – sleek and sophisticated, yet bold with the bright statement colours, and a design that’s reversible.

You can choose or mix-and-match a style that shows off just as much as you like it to show off and conceals just where you want it to conceal, and the double layers will give you all the discretion and cover needed to enjoy your swimming worry-free.

The fabric offers so much support, in fact, that even after one (very sloppy) knot in the back of my swimsuit loosened, the fabric itself held the swimsuit perfectly in place.

The designs – in particular the onepieces – are sublime with the elegant bottoms, the chic straight necklines and breathtaking, plunging back decolletes. Truly a piece that you can sport in the city in the Summer: with a pair of white Marlene pants or a pareo wrapped into a maxi skirt.

MYMARINI Founder Interview:
„I’m completely behind all my designs“

Nath: I’ve got to admit something, Mareen. I really love your designs. I’m not a big swimmer, so I own just one MYMARINI bathing suit, but I can’t stop raving about it – from the fabric to the colour to the fit to the cut and to the functionality… You’re not a fashion designer by trade, so how do you happen to design swimwear that’s just perfect?

Mareen: Aw, thank you! I believe that my pieces are so different because my starting point is the garment and nothing else. It’s difficult to describe the process because it feels very natural to me. We’re just back from Paris, from the Interfilière, and the curator was so enthusiastic about our collection. Because I don’t research any benchmark, it was a fun moment to finally really see other swimwear collections and to realise my stuff truly is different. We had so much overwhelming feedback from buyers, so we went looking at swimwear in stores and we were surprised how not excited we were at what we saw: either all fancy-shmancy to the point of unwearable or frumpy and sad.

Q: Do you have a personal favourite? Which were the first ever MYMARINI designs and are they still available?

A: Oh, I have so many favourite pieces. And even if some styles are not great for my type, I’m completely behind all of them. I think that the Surf Shorts may be my favourite design. The first MYMARINI designs? It’s Outfit and Seabody, and yes, we still sell them.

Mymarini Classic Eco Ethical Swimwear
“Seabody is one of the two very first designs and is still a customer favourite.” Seabody swimsuits in Grey Aqua, Fuchsia and Azul White.

Q: I remember that you used to offer men’s swimwear? It’s gone now, so: will it return?

A: We had only a few models and it seems nobody is missing them in the moment. I suppose a few customers bought them for their significant others… but we have no plans of bringing the swim trunks back as of yet.

“Discounts devaluate the garment’s worth”
– Mareen Burk

Q: You’re a swimmer and a surfer girl. Is there anything on the swimwear market you’re personally missing?

A: Yes. Surf wetsuits, actually. If they come in good designs, they’re made for a much younger clientele, are cheap and not very well made. In California, they make some great stuff, sustainable even, but alas, not for colder climates. I need a sustainable, 3mm neoprene suit that looks good and works.

Q: I saw that you’re still offering pieces from the launch collection. What’s your season philosophy?

A: We don’t discontinue the pieces. We add new items every year, new colours and new cuts. I also buy fabric in such a way that I don’t need to have a sale. There is one exception when we have a discount, it’s if a design gets discontinued, which happens rarely. But generally I want longevity, and a statement of quality. Discounts are so normal in the fast fashion world but they devalue the work behind the garment, and the customer is disappointed too, seeing she had to pay a higher price some time ago.

„You’ve got to make more people
more savvy, more knowledgeable“
– Mareen Burk

Q: Do you believe there’s a way to make more people make wiser, “greener” decisions? I do hope so, but there is a vicious cycle of exploitation and consumption perpetuating itself…

A: That’s true. I think you have to educate people. You’ve got to make more people more knowledgeable, more savvy, so they can make better decisions in their lives generally.

Q: Finally, Mareen – what do you love the most about being a sustainable entrepreneur?

A: I love the freedom I can create for myself, which is part of being fully sustainable as a company. And I really like the fact that we’re producing something that makes a difference, something that women love. I feel incredible when women are happy with their MYMARINI.

Thank you, Mareen! 

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