Organic Skincare For Men: Late Summer | recomMENdations #5

A change of season is ahead – time to tweak your skincare routine just a little. Also: August is ideal to try a new hair cut or a new Autumn-Winter perfume.

Organic Skincare for Men:
Tranitioning To Autumn


There are two things that happen simultaneously as Summer draws to a close – the tan fades away and the skin starts acting weird (getting oiler or dryer or both at the same time, or even driving you crazy with breakouts out of thin air).

There is no need to panic, as a few small tweaks are more than enough to maintain your skin’s summery, healthy appearance – before going heavy armour (read: Autumn-Winter skincare). This will also leave you with plenty of room to try your new look before September strikes.

From left to right: meet your Organic Super Squad!

I know, I know. Lightweight is everything!
However, adding a “heavier” moisturiser to your routine might give your skin just the needed touch of extra protection as the temps drop. Also, moisturising skincare with a richer oil component will help keep oily skin in balance. The MuLondon White Chocolate Truffle Moisturiser smells exactly like its name suggests it does, and soothes dry and tired skin with Shea and Coconut butters, melting away dryness (cuticles, elbows, dry patches etc.).
Warning: it will be stolen by your significant other.
[Where to shop: MuLondon, ecco verde]

If you’re really liking your beach tan, Eco by Sonya Face Tan Water – a gradual tanning toner (formulated with acne prone skin in mind, so it won’t add to any existing problems) – is really the best choice.
[Where to shop: Amazingy]

A vein spray late in August? Well, yes, a year round, actually.
If you’re sitting down a lot, or flying round a lot, or even running a lot, a herbal cooling spray is your number one SOS item. Refreshing and cooling, the Ringana Vein Spray also works wonders on sore muscles. Because you do work out, right? (Right?)
[Where to shop: Ringana]

If you’re turned off by the department store scents but don’t feel too adventurous with organic fragrances (although I do suggest you use this blog’s search form to look at all the organic fragrance goodness I found over the years), try exploring Florascent Apothecary Aroma Spray – their beautiful single note scents. These are fragrance sprays based on just one essential oil. Simple “manly” things like noble Cedar or invigorating Yuzu; extravagant like deliciously sweet Tonka Bean and edgy green Davana.
[Florascent Apothecary single note scents review]
[Where to shop: Florascent Apothecary]

Or don’t.
But seriously, Autumn, when most people are still on summer holiday, is perfect to try on a new style. If your hair style requires wax for styling, give this one a try: John Masters Organics burbon vanilla & tangerine texturizer. I haven’t found one person who hated the sweet natural smell of, well, vanilla and tangerine. You need the tinyest amounts to add texture to your hair; texture that looks and feels very natural.
[Hair styling article with a John Masters Organics burbon vanilla & tangerine texturizer review]
[Where to shop: John Masters Organics, Amazingy]

P.S. Many, many thanks to all our male readers who sent us emails with questions, feedback and just nice comments! We appreciate you a lot 🙂