Pale? It’s Not A Flaw – It’s a Feature!

Sun damage is irreversible and dangerous. Keeping up with ubiquitous “bronze goddess” peer pressure when you’re born pale is destroying your uniqueness (and health).

Fake It Before You Bake It
Or Stay Pale Altogether

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it
may be necessary from time to time to give a
stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.” 

― Jim Henson (written for Miss Piggy)

While I see beauty in every skin colour, what I consider dangerous on every level is modifying beyond seasonal changes whatever natural colours we’ve got.

And as a pale pal myself, I feel very, very compelled to strike a blow for staying winter-white throughout the year this beach holiday season with all the gorge tan thrown at us from the glossy pages and tv screens. Pale in the summer? Must be sick, or a bookworm. This is dangerous BS and absolutely outdated, period. Don’t let them talk you into sunburn.

With our body being a unique combination of features that all came into being thanks to an absolutely insignificant amount of luck, why are we believing the society more than our innermost voice? If we look the way we do, maybe there is wisdom in it? Are you looking for a reason to be? How does “being You” sound for a reason? There’s no loving the world if we don’t love ourselves.

However, I do understand the desire to sometimes layer on the glow a little bit. It can be fun. And while I’ve shared my distaste for self-tanning products earlier, I’ve also shared with you an occasional self-tanning highlight here and on Instagram. Is this a contradiction? Nnnnnope.

As opposed as I am to the stink, the stains, the inevitable streaks, the skin fragility towards UV rays right after the application and the kinda-questionable main ingredient, in those rare cases that I need a hint of “healthy”, lasting colour (and should a blush not suffice to do the job), I admit that I will reach for the bottle – but never book a tanning bed session or try to obtain a real tan by frying-up au jus under the blazing sun. Thanks, but no thanks.

However, a self-tanning product is not a staple in my beauty case, and neither are bronzers. Mostly because even a foundation the colour of a gluten-free vanilla muffin is enough to make me look and feel “bronzed”.

I believe in individual beauty, hashtag born this way and all. As stated above, continuously darkening – or brightening – our skin beyond the natural aka seasonal palette does not comply with this belief.

Our sense of beauty is a wondrous thing, my friends: if we truly believe in our own beauty, it shines and is perceived by others. Coders like to say this about interesting things their code performs: “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature”.

Steal it, claim it, believe it: “It’s not a flaw, it’s a feature!”

So if you asked me, did I come to fully accepting my greenish complexion (olive in the elegant beauty parlance) sprinkled with very random freckles and moles, the answer is yes. And today I want to encourage anyone to embrace their uniqueness as well. So, there you have it:

Pale is beautiful, too!


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