“My Green Beauty Favourites” – Elena’s Seriously Well-Researched Routine

Sundays are for peeking into other people’s bathrooms and for discovering new, amazing green beauty products!

After looking into green routines of two Berlin-based entrepreneurs Iryna (Toshka Berlin) and Swantje (SAVUE beauty) and having taken a virtual leap across the Atlantic to visit Sonja Flay (Double Happiness Skincare), today we travel to my homeland – Russia – via the BEAUTYCALYPSE blogroll.

Please meet Elena, the founder of Consumerista.ru and Russia’s leading green beauty blogger.

The tagline of Elena’s blog is “About healthy beauty”, and, with the most meticulous research and a keen eye for product excellence, her choices are absolutely exciting.
While many of her favourite products are undoubtedly luxurious, she’s also an evangelist of those free, holistic healthy habits we adore over here as well – facial massages, ayurvedic practices, dry brushing and contrast showers. Elena is one of the few people out there who combine well-researched articles with a camera-shy attitude, that’s why as far as most of her readers and followers are concerned, the Consumerista is an adorable drawn sweetie with a towel turban 😉


“I have been recently obsessed with cleansers that can be used as a mask and Siam Seas Mekha Herbal Cleanser is a perfect dual action example. Using a face mask makes me feel relaxed and connected with myself. I think it is precious when you find 10-15 minutes and enjoy some quiet “me time”. There is so much rush in our lives and beauty routine is one of the ways to create sort of escapism from daily fuss. Being anti-inflammatory and soothing this balm works best with hot cloth and my skin just loves it.

Recent discovery from June Beauty Heroes box – Honua Aloha Youth Serum – found a permanent place in my morning routine. This is a turmeric loaded potion aimed to add moisture and antioxidant protection before applying any face oil. It is gorgeous because it does all what it says. The whole line is very authentic and uses the best plants and herbs which are native to Hawaii. Seems that aloha vibes are multilingual and able to spread the power throughout countries and continents.

I am going to make a statement but de Mamiel Dewy Facial Mist is extraordinary like no other toner I have used thus far. It is a mist with serum properties which makes this product very hydrating. Add to this a bunch of top notch ingredients and you may skip your regular water-based serum.

My skin around eyes needs a good product and my recent fabulous find is UMA Absolute Anti Aging Eye Oil. Purest essential oils of rose, frankincense, sandalwood in a lightweight mix of plant oils including pomegranate, jojoba and rosehip do hard job on taking care of delicate eye area without irritation or discomfort.”

“Laurel is one of my all-time favourite lines because it is clean, potent and vibrant. Using whole plants explains why the founder of this line calls her products “plant medicine”. I use Laurel Antioxidant Facial Serum because I really see how plants work on my skin making it healthier, more protected, nourished and good looking. I dare to say that this is my #1 face serum.

I never want to be without my face balms and Max and Me Sweet Serenity Balm is one of my best discoveries over past 12 months. Love it for being not greasy and mattifying although very hydrating and nourishing. Not many balms can do this. Such an excellent product for all year around use. On top of that I am addicted to its scent – very distinct immortelle. Amazingly beautiful bitterness.

Being minimalistic about colour cosmetics I am interested just in two products: nice highlighter and comfortable lip tint/balm. Kjaer Weis Highlighter has a lovely shade and wonderful creamy texture. Although I find glitter particles a bit too obvious with a closer look, this fact does not allow me to fall out of love with this product.

I am among those people who think that Kari Gran makes the best lip balms on the market. Long lasting, hydrating and utterly comfortable my Kari Gran Lip Whip in Currant gives a hint of colour and subtle sheer gloss just to accentuate and wet lips in the most intelligent way.

It is important for me to have a choice of aromatic mood boosters. Many of them are great, but most products dissipate very quickly unlike synthetic perfumes. My ILA Inner Peace Aroma Roller is a different story: it has a pretty strong scent of moringa, sandalwood and jasmine which lasts for hours. But if you like a scent and it works for you it is obvious that you want it to stay a little longer, right?”


“I do miss a deodorant with antiperspirant properties because wet underarms is the price you have sometimes to pay because of body physiology. Wishing to have a clean antiperspirant is a pipedream so I will continue to miss this product in the foreseeable future.”


I am fascinated by your wellbeing series. Still remember your post on better sleep which created a lot of aftermath thoughts. This is exactly why we love reading great blogs!

True – a compliment I can only return.
Thank you, Elena!
Happy Sunday, green gang!


Geeking out about all things truly green, healthy and ethical over at BEAUTYCALYPSE.com (Avatar illustration by A. Goncharenko)