New Givaway Rule: Long-Term Subscribers Only

As you might know, here at BEAUTYCALYPSE, we’re not in it for a quick follower gain…

… No. We want readers as loyal as we are to our trusted green brands. Accordingly, all upcoming readers giveaways will change in terms of eligibility.

Giveaways for Subscribing
Giveaways for Subscribers

Giveaways at BEAUTYCALYPSE are not – and have never been – a means to gaining followers for the sake of numbers. Giveaways here are a THANK YOU to you, the readers who have made and who keep making this place enjoyable for us all and well-positioned in the industry.

And earning a place among other blogs, blogazines, magazines and websites, good and bad, loud and quiet, briefly: among all the other media dedicated to all the facets of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle is hard work.

Hard work that needs to be done! We want to cherry-pick the most genuine and the most fabulous from the green, green-ish, greening – and sometimes greenwashed – choice of products. It involves a lot of work for BEAUTYCALYPSE to hopefully make the content so good and so relevant for you, the reader, that you not only enjoy the article but also share it with the world out there by hitting the share buttons (as well as by linking back to the article from a forum, or your own blog or website) and, of course, by subscribing to the post alerts.

Why are the readers here anyway?

I do believe that good content is a gift in itself. Something I like to share with you.

I hope that good content is “enough” to keep you coming back.
However, I very much love and appreciate the chance to treat a few lucky winners to great “green” stuff once in a while.

And the few select giveaways in the past have included valuable prizes, never random stuff thrown at me by random brands! We’ve given away fantastic organic skincare and make-up, finest raw single-bean chocolate, lovely “green” perfume, eco-fair gold and silver fine jewellery, eco-friendly porcelain, fine organic matcha and then some. (Now that I line it up, it doesn’t sound like few, but in the context of our 4 year history it’s really not over the top.)

We see giveaways at BEAUTYCALYPSE as an opportunity for us to say THANK YOU to the readers, and as an opportunity to introduce real people to real “green” products.

Giveaways for Long-Time Subscribers

So, to sum it up: we give away select products but in the past, it has happened to send a prize to someone who just entered for winning.

And this leads to the new rule for BEAUTYCALYPSE giveaways – we don’t have random prizes, and we won’t give them away to “random” people not even interested in the ethical excellence Quest.

To be eligible for any future giveaway on BEAUTYCALYPSE, you need to have been a subscriber for at least six months (counting back from the start date of each given giveaway). This is not to push you into subscribing, this is to ensure that we, indeed, say “THANK YOU FOR BEING A GREEN GANG HERO! GO YOU!” – and not “oh well, thank you for falling in and out, I guess”.

P.S. If you’re a new reader and start to feel strange – please don’t 🙂
If you don’t like the wild mix of “green” topics, don’t worry, you really don’t have to subscribe.
If you wonder, why this community doesn’t have comments, this is for a reason (and hopefully, temporary).
However, the #greengang hangs out on Twitter and Instagram, so come say hi!

P.P.S. To everybody: if you miss some topics that you think are a must to be run here, let us know!


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