Organic Skincare For Men: Summer In The City | recomMENdations #3

Summer’s most refreshing products – five travel-friendly GREEN FAVOURITES FOR MEN. So good, they will be… constantly stolen by your significant other. By Mr. B.

We have discussed date night favourites and some cult favourites. And today we’ll focus on light and breezy stuff – a few highlights for lovely summer days and nights.

Organic Summer Skincare for Men

1. VERSATILE. The brand name Prtty Peaushun (read: pretty potion) might not have a particularly “manly” vibe to it, but what matters is that their versatile, deliciously Grapefruit-scented, all-natural Skin Tight Lotion will nourish and hydrate your skin, minimise sore muscles and the appearance of bruises, tighten and reduce the visibility of stretch marks and veins, and will even repel bugs. The best feature however is in the absolutely natural “healthy skin” glow that it imparts. Choose the shade ‘Plain’ which is transparent. And no worries, gentlemen, it doesn’t sparkle. Just adds a smooth sheen to those muscles and abs of yours

2. COOL. Aloe Vera Gel Gurkensamen by Farfalla is an aloe-based, ultra-light gel. Doesn’t just the description sound refreshing? Packed with minerals and tightening actives from organic cucumber seeds, it’s a quick hydration pick-me-up for dry and flushed skin.

3. FRESH. Eco Cosmetics’ Fresh Olive and Mallow Deo Stick comes with all the benefits of aluminium-free formulas… and none of their frailties. The vegan-friendly stick feels pleasantly cooling and moisturising during application and remains invisible and non-sticky on skin; the 100% natural fragrance is very light, fresh and mildly sweet – reminds of the scent of fresh spring leaves.

4. NOBLE. Speaking of fragrance. Available via the cult German “good things emporium” Manufactum – basically a super market and online shop where you find all kinds of amazing, top quality pre-industrial and traditional goods – the Kreuzfahrerwasser Eau de Toilette is completely hand-made by the monks of St. Severin’s Abbey. The 100% natural juice offers a complex, rich and intense bouquet of Lavender, Citrus, Rose blossoms, Olibanum, Magnolia, Thyme and Rosemary.

5. SAFE. A new disinfectant is in town: free from alcohol and fragrance, safe for use on skin, and even safe for babies (fathers out there? this is better than licking clean that dummy! also: eew…) Solvid‘s promise is to kill the standard 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and viruses for safer city trips and holidaying. The product is made in Germany, vegan-friendly, based on minerals and completely bio-degradable.

> Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Lotion: Amazingy
> Farfalla Aloe Vera Gel Gurkensamen, Eco Cosmetics’ Fresh Olive and Mallow Deo Stick: ecco verde
> Kreuzfahrerwasser Eau de Toilette: Manufactum
> Solvid: Solvid online shop (DACH countries)


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