The Fairest of Them All: IVN Best Standard + A Selection of IVN-Certified Brands

Oh fashion so fair! Resuming the ‘Understanding Textile Standards’ series, today we’ll have a look at the eco-fair fashion’s strictest standard: IVN BEST, and some of their certified brands.

In the past, we did talk about textile standards in general, and about two of the most important independent standards in particular: GOTS for natural textiles except leather, and Bluesign for synthetics.
We’ve also covered Fairwear for the regulations of fair wages – and it’s worth noticing that GOTS and Bluesign (and IVN) have strict rules for working conditions and workplace safety in place as well – but we’ve saved the best for last.
IVN BEST, that is.

Understanding IVN and BEST

As you might remember, textile standards fall into two categories: independent and manufacturer owned. Obviously, independent standards are generally much more reliable.

Responsible for sustainability standards for leather and textiles made of natural fibers, IVN’s BEST standard – where IVN is the German abbreviation of “Inter­na­tional Associa­tion of Natural Textile Industry” – is the strictest of the most important independent standardsAs the strict standard it is, it’s also much less widespread than GOTS.

Now what is the IVN? It’s a business associa­tion of some 100 member compa­nies from all stages of manufac­tu­ring – suppliers, manufacturers, stores and mail order companies. Ecology and social responsibility as well as transparency about consumer safety and health are at the heart of their work. IVN is also the co-owner of the GOTS standard.

What’s in it for You?

IVN BEST is the strictest standard in terms of sustainable, eco-friendly and socially responsible criteria.

Other than GOTS, BEST standard does include leather. Thus, BEST is a label particularly interesting if you – or your friends – want to shop eco-fair clothes but are not willing to give up wearing leather. With IVN BEST labelled leather, you can be certain to buy a toxin-free product that was produced in a sustainable way. Also, only leather of animals kept with the aim to produce meat is allowed; savage and threatened animals are excluded. This is obviously not saving any animals, but at least you can be sure no dogs were slaughtered in a faraway backyard and skinned alive for your pair of shoes.

Unfortunately though, in the moment, I was only able to find one furniture company (Ecopell) and one brand of baby shoes (Lieblinge) among BEST-leather-certified brands. Do you have favourite leather clothes or accessories brands? Try and suggest they green up and get their BEST on![Image: Cotonea IVN info booklet]

Shop BEST-certified

Now, where do you find BEST-certified clothes?

While not all IVN member companies offer BEST-certified consumer products, all members are listed in the IVN database – and here are a few you might want to check out:

1. Yoga gear: LOTUS DESIGN.
2. Sleep textiles: COTONEA.
BEAUTYCALYPSE best buy: latex core pillows, bed linen.
3. Underwear (men, women, kids): COMAZO.


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