Codecheck App: Finally Available in English!

The cult ingredient checking app that helps conscious consumers find skincare products without microplastics, conflict palm oil, animal byproducts, and allergens got bilingual in the wake of entering the US market.

Global Movement – Global Approach

As of now, the latest Codecheck app version’s user interface translates into English automatically on smartphones with English (or any language other than German and English, to be precise) set as default language. Earlier this year, the new logo design – a bright pink heart shape – and the new app design were introduced.

The Codecheck app allows the users to filter products for vegan-friendly, gluten-free options and spots all the conflict ingredients that we seek to avoid: microplastics, unsustainable palm oil and derivates, petrochemicals, endocrine disruptors and more.

With their ambitious plan of entering the US market, this is the team’s first step towards an international presence. Product safety, its impact on human health and the environment is a globally relevant topic, after all. 

Get your Codecheck app now via Google Play or iTunes.

Codecheck was founded over 15 years ago by Roman Bleichenbacher as a consumer information platfrom combining user-generated product content with expert knowledge for the up-to-date evaluation of the ingredients. Until today, the mobile app was downloaded 4+ million times, and its database counts over 37 million products.


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