Flamboyant | Signature Beauty Look #6

Fiery shades of orange, hot pink, gold and purple. Here’s a very fun, vibrant and adjustable (from transparent to bold) look for summer’s beach and dance parties.


BEAUTYCALYPSE Signature Looks are back – and with an upgrade! Instead of being occasional seasonal Signature Looks they are now monthly Cover Looks 😉

After beauty looks like ‘Life on Mars’, ‘Beauty Mark’ and the unnamed look from the April cover (the yellow eye shadow/ yellow nails one), I wanted something very fun: part carnival, part theatre, part couture runway and part natural, hot blush you almost inevitably get in the sun. And I wanted it wearable.

The look’s main technique is blending. You need to blend out the golden pencil, the blush, the two shades of lipstick. You can decide to go for rather transparent results (above ↑) or to go really bold (below↓).

But let’s do a step by step anyway.

The combination of hot coral pink and gold emphasises the eye colour, and the hot pink-bright orange lipstick duo creates a very vibrant effect on the lips.
However, the secret star of the look is the Skin Rescue oil serum by Lovely Day Botanicals. The antibacterial, soothing formula (full disclosure: Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Oenothera Biennis Oil, Tanacetum Annuum, Tocopherol, Limonene; all organic) leaves the skin feeling soft and nourished: great under mineral make-up!Now on to the look.
My foundation is INIKA Mineral Foundation in ‘Nurture’, simply buffed onto prepped skin. No rocket science 😉
The brows are lightened up – in times of definition and micro-blading, a lighter brow can be a symbol of a more carefree, outdoorsey spirit even though it’s not “undone” at all. Maybe we should call it a “no make-up brow make-up” 😉 The INIKA Certified Organic Brow Pencil in ‘Blonde Bombshell’ has a nearly wax-like texture with very high coverage, and lightens my brows in one move, no concealer needed.
The Lily Lolo Mineral Blush in ‘Cherry Blossom’ has a gorgeous transparent but buildable finish and a rich and luminous shimmer: ideal for the 3-in-1 job it’s got to do here – I applied it to the brow bones, down the temples, around the cheekbone, onto the apples of the cheeks and, most important, to the outer lower corners of the eyes. The idea is to mimic a hot summer day, and it’s a nod to theater make-up as well.
The inner corners of the eyes and the moving lid are dusted with the ‘Lady Godiva’ shade from the Lily Lolo Laid Bare Eye Palette. A slightly bronzed golden shade that can be just a hint of gold or layered boldly for a very rich, metallic finish.
The eyeliner recipe is simple: water + thin eyeliner brush + INIKA Mineral Eye Shadow ‘Mango’.
The lashes are defined using 100% Pure Maracuja Oil Mascara in ‘Blackberry‘.
Und Gretel Eye Pencil in ‘Gold’ highlights the lower lashline and is blended outwards: the same way you would blend a dark pencil for a Roaring Twenties look.
Finally, the lips are painted a vibrant orange (Ilia Beauty Lipstick ‘Voilà’), straight from the bullet, leaving the centre bare that is then filled with ‘Neon Angel’ and blended. The two colours have the same level of saturation which makes blending a cinch.

Only nine products. Only one technique. Endless fun!
I’d love to see your FLAMBOYANT look – if you try it, tag me on Instagram and viva la party!


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