“My Green Beauty Favourites” – Swantje’s Exquisite Glam Routine

The jolly peeking into other people’s bathrooms with our green glasses on continues! Today’s guest is Swantje van Uehm, green beauty entrepreneur from Berlin.

Oh, wait. Have you missed the series’ start?
The idea is to feature different routines by real women that lead busy lives (because hey, who doesn’t?)
So here’s the simple and clever beauty routine of a busy mum of two, designer and entrepreneur Iryna.
And now, let’s meet our today’s guest!

With a degree in economics and a background in natural cosmetics, Swantje’s passionate about product development and marketing. As the co-founder of the Berlin-based online shop savuebeauty.com and the beauty label NUI Cosmetics, seems like she’s living the dream. Probably her favourite achievement to date: the development of a classic red NUI lipstick that works without carmine and without any synthetic pigments.

IMAGE: Swantje with Kester Black founder Anna Ross. 

Swantje’s beauty favourites are luxurious and versatile products from innovational brands that go an extra mile for particular ethical and clean quality and span rich nourishing textures with a splash of gorgeous classy colour. And because this energetic beauty is a skin health and ingredient expert, her favourites come with a side of beauty and skincare advice. Let’s fly!


“The RSW 005 (Lurk) is a favourite because it’s a unisex fragrance, warm with sandal wood and earthy with rose, a versatile scent that I share with my boyfriend. During spring and summer months, the citrusy notes prevail, but there are deep, woody notes blending with fresh florals into a surprisingly lively and not too sweet composition. I like!”

“The Vital C Elixir (Mukti Organics) is a favourite because it acts like a “youth elixir” – fighting photo-aging and supporting the skin with Vitamin C and a blend of flavonoids. Because 90% of premature aging is linked directly to sun exposure, UV protection is important to me. Also – my skin feels fresh and soft after application.”

“Whenever I need some extra nourishment and hydration for my body skin, I like to use the Body Oil #5 by A.S Apothecary. It’s a luxuriant body oil infused with rose, bergamot, and sage – a treat for skin and soul alike. The scents in this oil blend are very in chime: rose freshens, cools the skin, soothes and hydrates; bergamot’s citrusy notes and warm floral heart are wonderfully invigorating. Labdanum regenerates and cools down irritated, sore skin. Clary sage and benzoe promote body and spirit relaxation. Benzoe’s sweetness and warmth are almost vanilla-like and make skin more supple. Sage is sweet and reminds of musk, but has herbal and slightly floral notes also.”

“For my nails, I prefer a simple and classic look. These days I choose the creamy, high shine, haselnut-dusky pink, ‘Petal’ by Kester Black. Kester Black vegan, environmentally friendly nail polishes are made in Australia, with recyclable raw materials. And the polishes are 10-free: no DBP/ no phthalates, no toluene, no formaldehyde, no formaldehyde resin, no camphor, no xylene, no parabens, no fragrance etc.“My favourite lipsticks are from Axiology! My favourite shade is ‘Worth’, a bittersweet red with a warm mandarine undertone, with a creamy matt texture that glides gently across the lips and creates outstanding coverage. ‘Worth’ flatters every skin tone, adding a special touch to anything from a glitzy evening wear to a very casual look. The creamy texture is extremely nourishing, long-lasting, and highly pigmented. And because I like beautiful packaging, I think that Axiology’s is particularly clever and luxurious.
SIDE FACT AXIOLOGY: It’s a vegan range, natural, ethically made from organic ingredients. An absolute favourite!”

“I love SkinOwl face oils! Many people believe that oils can’t help with problem skin or oily skin, but I personally have learned otherwise. My skin type is mostly combination skin, and so I use the Beauty Drops AM Geranium – couldn’t live without them! The Beauty Drops Geranium reduce puffiness, fight first signs of aging, create a lovely glow. The oil is ideal for dry, lackluster or combination skin and can be used for aromatherapy, with Geranium creating balance and focus. So I like to dab it to my wrists when I’m working.”

“A pillow mist is a current evening beauty routine favourite: the Dream After Dark Pillow Mist by Kiss the Moon. A 100% natural, fragrant composition of lavender, chamomile, bergamot, cedar wood that turns my bedroom and my bed in particular into a haven of quiet and relaxation. The spray is ideal for anyone who needs to wind down in order to have sound sleep. In fact, sleep and olfaction are closely linked. Thus, a natural fragrance is one of the easiest and most efficient options to drift off to enjoyably calm sleep. A scent that invites you to close the eyes after a long day at work – and to revitalise.”

“Finally, if I want to treat my skin, my favourite is the Whole Lotta Roses Mask by R.L. Linden & Co. I love the revitalising scent – fresh garden roses – and the healing properties of this mask. What’s more, all ingredients are probiotic. This gives my skin balance, nourishes, leaves it glowing. Very practical: you get to choose what liquid to mix the mask with – it works with water, tea, hydrolates, (plant) milk, yoghurt, or honey.”

Swantje’s choices are absolutely fabulous, and exquisite no matter the price tag – with products ranging from affordable to ‘gulp!’ there is certainly a lot of inspiration.
Now, have YOU spotted a favourite that sparked your curiosity, that you would love to try?
And who’s next in “My Green Beauty Faves”?

Questions upon questions! 😉

5 Comments on ““My Green Beauty Favourites” – Swantje’s Exquisite Glam Routine

  1. Fab picks though guess I’d expect nothing less with Savue’s curation. Well roses get me every time so that Lurk perfume (floral tempered with citrus and wood is like a siren call). Currently using a RLinden rose balm so the Whole Lotta Roses (swoon) mask sounds heavenly – it MUST be mine at some point!

    • Haha, yes, you’re right. Although Lurk…. I gave it a few chances, but it just doesn’t click. Meh. I wish it would.

  2. It’s so different to the first one. I like to see different women approach their beauty routine differently. It’s really satisfying my curiosity but in a harmless way. Like you would always like to look into a girlfriends beauty bag ))))) Dirty pleasure you say?

  3. Oh, Swantje’s selection of products 🙂 amazing, I would like all of these stuff! 🙂 Mainly I want to try the Lurk fragrance for a long time but they are badly availability and the price so high 😦 Also the Muti brand is on my list – must have to try 🙂