Amazingy x Rahua COLOR FULL Event in Berlin

The brand new Rahua Color Full line offers intensive hydration, colour preservation and nourishing care for all shades of colour-treated hair.

In Berlin, the Rahua range was introduced to the press and bloggers in the secret showroom of cult green beauty shop Amazingy by Anna Ayers, Amazon Beauty Inc. co-founder.

Amazingy Event:
Rahua Color Full Launch

With this review, I want to introduce a new format. Green beauty events in Berlin have grown beautifully; and while I had reviewed Amazingy (and other) events in the past on my Instagram page – Kjaer Weis, more Kjaer Weis, and a preview of this Rahua Color Full article – I think that both my consumer readers and entrepreneur readers can benefit from actual reviews. Insights, inspiration, networking, pick what’s right for you and let’s fly!

IMAGES BELOW: detail of the presentation | Rahua hair care and body care range before Color Full | environmentalist and Amazon Beauty, Inc. co-founder Anna Ayers during presentation (the blurry foreground heads belong to Elisabeth Green and Yours Truly) | festive table with Color Full decoration.

The Amazingy showroom is not yet open to the public, but this modern, elegantly decorated place makes for a great venue for all events of the Berlin-based green beauty powerhouse. And a powerhouse it is, for the family-run company has truly made a superb job establishing themselves on the national and international green beauty markets, and I’ve been a loyal customer since first discovering them quite a few years ago.

Amazingy’s brand selection truly is a Who’s Who of green beauty’s upscale segment, the team are very well educated on ingredients and sustainability, and with the series of stellar press and customer events that started last year, they have reached a whole new level of impact. The Rahua collection is fully represented at Amazingy: hair care and hair styling as well as body care (my personal favourite).

The Rahua Color Full range for coloured and highlighted hair will be available in Germany starting May 2017. Based on the signature UNGURAHUA oil ethically harvested in the Amazonian rainforest, the formulations of the Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask reduce undesired “brassiness”, nourish and hydrate, reduce pigment fading. 

IMAGE BELOW: the stars of the show Rahua Color Full Conditioner, Hair Mask, and Shampoo, aptly decorated with orchid blooms. The range is designed to protect hair on several levels and has the most lovely, almost mesmerising Geranium signature fragrance. Huge thanks to Amazingy’s own Annie and Sarah for having us! 

Events are of course always a great opportunity to meet old and new friends, and I was happy to finally cross paths with Elisabeth Green, a Berlin-based organic lifestyle blogger, known in particular for her green beauty shopping guides for different cities. You can never meet enough like-minded folks! Speaking of which, it was as always a delight to run into Elina Neumann of bare minds. She’s a beauty nerd with a couple “green moments”. Her blog has highly recognisable, honey-glow minimalist aesthetics and offers, besides classic beauty and lifestyle content, an interesting series on going off birth control pill.

IMAGES BELOW: details of the adorable table decoration and catering.

Honourable mention time! Catering is always tops at Amazingy events – vegan and vegetarian friendly, with many gluten-free options, and you have not the slightest chance to dehydrate with all the fruit-infused fresh water supply. Making sure their guests remain beautiful from the inside out, way to go, Amazingy!

By the way, if you’ve never heard of Rahua, please check out my BEAUTYCALYPSE Brand to Watch article about the brand.

To learn more about the new Rahua Color Full line, stay tuned for my interview with Anna Ayers and the in-depth Color Full review coming next!


Geeking out about all things truly green, healthy and ethical over at (Avatar illustration by A. Goncharenko)

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  1. I don’t colour my hair but from time to time my grey hair starts to yellow. It’s not a good look. I wonder if something like this product would help banish my yellow.

      1. Yes, but only at the hair dresser. And I fear it was probably quite toxic stuff. It did the job. It was a type of toning shampoo, I think. Can’t remember.

  2. T.H.

    I habe colour-treated hair, with lowlights and highlights, Rahua works for me and I can’t wait to sample the colour full range. Looking forward to the review!

  3. What a lovely idea to present details of the beauty events you joined in the city. I am curious about the new shampoo and conditioner. Looking forward to your review. My Rahua collection is nearly empty and probably I switch to the color products. Are they suitable for blond hair, too? I would wish that my blond stays as light as it is now after the vacation time without fading to caramel.

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