Eco-Fair & Vegan Fashion from Berlin: Myrka Studios

Having supported the crowdfunding campaign, I’m happy this 100% ethical, transparent, sustainable and minimalistic women’s & men’s fashion brand is up and running.

[GERMAN READERS: Für die deutsche Zusammenfassung bitte einmal runterscrollen]

Myrka Studios:
Eco-Fair, Vegan Fashion

Eco-fair, vegan-friendly fashion comes in all shapes and colours these days (just check out the Fashion part of the BEAUTYCALYPSE Brand to Watch series!). But with their crowdfunding campaign, Berlin-based MYRKA aim to go one step further: a circular collection with clothes that, once well-loved, can be returned by customers for the company to recycle or reuse, earning the customers a discount on their next purchase.

MYRKA founders, professional photographer Lydia Hersberger and designer Lia Bernard, have first entered the sustainable fashion scene in Autumn 2016 with stylish and warm cork “leather” mittens ethically produced in Germany (you can see me sport the style on the December BEAUTYCALYPSE cover). The mittens sold out quickly, and the duo announced an upcoming new project.

The MYRKA collection for Her and for Him presented in the Startnext crowdfunding campaign is minimalistic, sleek, wearable – and 100% eco and ethical.

Garments are GOTS certified or recycled fibres; all elements are vegan-friendly; dyes are non-toxic:

The crowdfunding goal – 25,000€ – needs to be reached by 9th May 2017. MYRKA have reached 1/4 of the campaign goal during their first week, which means that the coolest limited rewards are running short!

Supporter rewards include thank yous (5-8€), supporter credits on (20€, limited to 50), getting one of the seven campaign styles named after you (100€, only 3 rewards left), styles from the campaign collection (125-355€). More reward extravaganza? Yes, please! Three supporters get to be a model of their own portrait photoshoot (500€ pledge), one fan will spend a weekend in Berlin (1,000€), and if you want a special style designed exclusively for you, stump up 5,000€.

Campaign ends: May 9th 2017!
Check out the brand spanking new Myrka Studios Online Shop.
Check out the MYRKA Studios crowdfunding campaign on Startnext.

[GERMAN summary] Mit den elegant-zurückhaltenden Stücken für Sie und Ihn wollen Photografin Lydia Hersberger und Designerin Lia Bernard die Fashion-Interessierten beiderlei Geschlechts für ihr Mode-Startup begeistern. Die beiden Gründerinnen machten zum ersten Mal von sich reden, als sie im Herbst 2016 schicke Cork-Fäustlinge in Zusammenarbeit mit dem NOVEAUX-Magazin herausbrachten. Das Startnext-Crowdfunding hat es der jungen, 100% nachhaltig-veganen und transparenten Marke nun ermöglicht, nicht nur weiterhin – im größeren Rahmen – nachhaltig zu arbeiten, sondern auch einen sauberen geschlossenen Kreislauf (Rückgabe getragener Stücke zum vollständigen Recyceln) zu etablieren. Der neue Myrka-Onlineshop mit minimalistischen Styles für Frauen und Manner ist live seit August 2017.

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  1. What a great idea…. a circular collection with clothes that, once well-loved, can be returned by customers for the company to recycle or reuse, earning the customers a discount on their next purchase. If I could do this I would be recycling my clothes all the time.

      1. We should. Some opticians take in spectacles, some pharmacies will take unused meds; these things get a new life but the customer doesn’t have any incentive to return products. It’s a goodwill gesture from both parties.

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