BEAUTYCALYPSE Turned Four (Secretly!)

Like any introvert creature, BEAUTYCALYPSE didn’t celebrate her 4th birthday in March. So please walk right in and discover a few new things that feel quite celebratory 😉

Sooo… While BEAUTYCALYPSE started much earlier technically, I consider her birth month – when she came to full bloom – to be March 2013.

It bugged me to not have ONE date to name her birthday, so I decided March 1st sounded good. I’d be a terrible mother.

Blogs and magazines deserve to celebrate their “birthdays” just as much as us people do I suppose, so we’ll work on something spectacular for the 5th birthday in March 2018.

Meanwhile, BEAUTYCALYPSE has received a few lovely birhtday presents already, and here is what they were:


It all began in October 2016: rather than putting up my face and an introductory blob, I decided to celebrate each month’s “vibes” with a cover-like artwork (top right corner).

Also, because brands and agencies like to follow up on honest BEAUTYCALYPSE product and book reviews, and because I know, from working in media, that they are used to having a cover to add to their press clippings, I decided to give it a go. It also feels quite “adult” for BEAUTYCALYPSE, and gives her an editorial, magazine-like appeal – very much in concordance with my intention of establishing her as a professional outlet celebrating ethical and healthy lifestyle.

You can look up all covers in the new section COVER ARCHIVE.


I have mentioned it in my Vivaness/ Biofach 2017 review – BEAUTYCALYPSE is now a proud member of the German Federal association of green economy UnternehmensGrün, founded 25 years ago to campaign for the protection of the environment and to promote genuinely sustainable businesses.

If you’re a green entrepreneur yourself, see if UnternehmensGrün or maybe its European partner network are the right place for your business.


BEAUTYCALYPSE is also a new member of the Ethical Writers Coalition, an international network of professional writers and bloggers promoting ethical and sustainable topics.

If you’re a green writer or blogger, see if the Ethical Writers Coalition is something you should join.

Happy belated birthday, BEAUTYCALYPSE! 🌺 And now let’s celebrate you by what we do best: getting back to work 😉

10 Comments on “BEAUTYCALYPSE Turned Four (Secretly!)

    • Woot woot! Thank you Lynda! Sneaky me, hehe 🙂 XX

    • Awwwww. Thank you, my dear 💚💚💚

  1. You are amazing. Always beauty plus beautiful and always ahead of your time. Thank you for everything that you do. Often months afterwards, I will realize that a life shift came about from something that I read first chez toi.

    • Heather, your words mean so much to me! You’re perfectly express emotions in such a truthful way. Thank you! 💚💚💚 Sending much love your way, I appreciate you and am very grateful for our connection.

  2. I am relatively new but I even had the feeling beautycalypse was around forever 💕

    • Thank you – it means a lot! Stay with us on this Quest 💚

    • 💚 Thank you very much, Anna!