“My Green Beauty Favourites” – Iryna’s Simple & Solid Routine

Sundays are for peeking into other people’s bathrooms with our green glasses on! We premier with Iryna, photo- and videographer, designer, entrepreneur, and mom of two.

Iryna (or Ira as friends know her) Montag is a travel photographer turned founder of TOSHKA BERLIN, kids’ natural linen bedding and home wear manufacture who you’ve met in my BCBtW Series in 9 Reasons To Choose Linen Bedding. She loves niche and artisanal products that have a story to tell. A busy mum, she doesn’t have lots of time for a sophisticated beauty routine, so she chooses products with aromatherapeutic effects to fully benefit from a few brief beauty moments she’s got for herself.


“I’ve become a glowing fan of Dr. Hauschka. More and more of their products keep popping up in my bathroom. Basically, I don’t own much: face moisturiser, Pure Alpine Oil, hydrolate (Primavera, Double Happiness), foundation, blusher, eye shadow and mascara. That’s it.
To me it’s crucial that the products I use smell good. Which reminds me of a wonderful moment with my little daughters. I received a travel size of the Pure Alpine Oil as a gift, and was blending 1-2 drops with my facial cream at night. I loved the smell so much. After a while my kids asked me for a drop of this oil to be put onto their hands. When I asked why, the two said “because it smells so nice of mama”. The best reason to now get the full size indeed :)”


“Unfortunately I am yet to find good and affordable “green” hair care products.”


“Thanks to BEAUTYCALYPSE I discovered a wonderful brand. I’ve a soft spot for niche fragrances, and ‘Middle East Peace’ by The 7 Virtues is now one of my all-time favourites. The scent reminds me of travels in foreign countries.”

Other busy mums here?
How do you manage to not get your beauty products eaten by the little ones? Happy Sunday! 😉

14 Comments on ““My Green Beauty Favourites” – Iryna’s Simple & Solid Routine

    • I must admit my snarky heart skipped a beat hearing that 😉

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  2. Well, I am not a mum, but over the year with your recommendation I found that less is more when it comes to make-up. But for my super dry skin more is more for sure for skin care. I really enjoy at the moment a face mist in addition to my moisturiser and oil.

    • Have you tried layering hydrolates in-between? I find it very moisturising, hydrolate-moisturiser-hydrolate-oil-hydrolate-makeup-hydrolate-powder 🙂 THIN layers, I should be adding!

  3. My heart is a flutter to see the Double Happiness Flower Shower Face Mist on her shelf and in such good company! Completely honoured and humbled.


    • It’s quite exciting to see when your work contributes to making somebody’s world a little better, right? 😉 XO

  4. I have kids and the aromatherapy idea is actually pretty rad!!!!!

  5. Busy mam here! Keep my formulation ingredients under lock n key. Keep my tropic flawless makeup and bamboo brushes on a high shelf!

    • Sounds good. When I remember my own childhood, boy was mother careless XD

  6. Nice to see my little bottle mentioned and even nicer to hear how much she is enjoying it!

    Thanks for all you’ve done. I’m enjoying your blog.

    My best,

    Mary Alice

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    • Thank you dear! This oil is winning people’s hearts left and right, even men love it.