Broken-hearted? Mudras for Comfort, Self-Love and Charisma | Mudras & Mani #5

Snapshot in time, February 2017: pink hearts everywhere but only little kindness can be seen. Let’s explore mudras for those of us who feel disconnected from love.

Am I telling you that hand gestures can help you find inner piece and develop self-love? Am I saying that “finger yoga” can harmonise relationships and fuel your charisma? Yup.

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If you think, oops, now she’s quick with the next episode, the 4th instalment went live just a few weeks ago, you’re right. But you know, as I faced the nearly endless marketing noise formerly known as the Valentine’s Day… and remembered just how many of my beautiful friends are going through serious heartbreak, be it from a relationship that ended or from a really saddening end of a friendship, I thought that we could as well celebrate and nourish the love we have within us.

Anyway, I just went through my mudras and meditation books searching for all things positive, strengthening, healing. The result is what you’re reading now.

While the mudras in the episodes 1–4 were “classic” and very well-known, three of today’s four gestures are a little more exotic. So if you happen to recognise them, please share in the comments below!

In fact, I discovered those particular mudras that come without any beautiful Sanskrit name in the book ‘MUDRAS’ by the Zurich-based mudra expert, author of several books and yoga teacher and yoga school owner Gertrud Hirschi. She collects classic as well as the less known hand gestures, and with the latter, unfortunately she rarely credits the exact source although each book of hers includes a proper bibliography. Given that mudras often were passed from teacher to student, the obscure mudras seem like true gems worth exploring.

The “Let Go” Mudra

According to Hirschi, this mudra will help get through a phase of heart-break or harsh disappointment by facilitating the realisation of an ending, by closing the wound, by being thankful for the ending, and by slowly opening up to a beautiful future.

let-go-mudraHow to practice:
STEP 1. The gesture itself is reminiscent of the Hakini mudra or the Concentation mudra (which is one that brain scans have proven the efficiency of) as to start this practice, your fingertips touch.
STEP 2. Next, gently press your hands while still holding the gesture against your face – thumbs against your chin, index fingers against the root of your nose.
STEP 3. Deep, calm breath is key here: with longer exhalation (for 12 breaths) and just natural, deep breath after.

Mudra for “Self-Love”

Also known as the Vajra Mudra, the Six Elements Mudra or the Fist of Wisdom Mudra, this one is not exclusive to Hirschi books, but it’s rare in India and attributed to Japan and Korea – a “Buddhist” mudra so to speak.

Practicing this mudra, symbolic of the unity of the elements and the conscious mind, will allow you to be more forgiving towards your precious self. It’s not about becoming an egoistic and me-first type of person. It’s more about knowing yourself, knowing what you need, what you love, and what you deserve.

vajra-mudraHow to practice :
STEP 1. Your left hand forms a fist, then you stretch the index finger.
STEP 2. Curl the fingers of your right hand around it.
STEP 3. Press your right thumb against the tip of your left index and hold your hands at the heart level.
STEP 4. Your breath should be is quiet, slow (not heavy), and rhythmical.

In her book MUDRAS, Gertrud Hirschi states that your environment will me the best mirror for this mudra’s success – as you grow more for-giving towards yourself, so will others. An interesting promise for sure!

Flame Mudra aka Charisma Mudra

I was able to find this particular mudra under the name of Peacock mudra, but the source remained mysterious to me.

Hirschi suggests that this mudra will strengthen your personal charisma – not the manipulative side of yours, mind you, but your inner beauty in its purest form. You’ll find yourself more present, more passionate, more motivated and more kind. We could all use more of that!

peacock-or-flame-mudra-for-charismaHow to practice:
STEP 1. Press the backs of your hands against each other and place your hands against your breastbone.
STEP 2. Your breath is quiet and slow, exhaling is slightly longer than inhaling.

Mudra for Healthy Relationships

Hirschi suggests that this mudra that “stores” your vitality also helps you to listen to your inner self as you meditate; allows you to gain clarity on the unresolved pains and mistakes of the past that prevent joy and happiness in the now.

healthy-relationships-mudraHow to practice:
STEP 1. This very simple mudra reminds me of the Prithvi and of the Surya Mudra, only that here your fingers are to be stretched apart and
STEP 2. …your thumb is pressed against the base of the ring finger while
STEP 3. …your ring finger is pressing against the thumb base – if you can. As in yoga, this is not about perfection but about intention.

Mudras & Manicure: 
Bejewelled With Love

If we’re friends over on Instagram, you possibly have noticed that I really love me some statement jewellery. And the pieces you see here are in fact so gorgeous (and ethical? Of course!) that, after buying something for myself at Abury, I went to actually borrowing the pieces you see here for these special photos!acquarella-nail-polish-abury-sidai-tagua korres-polish-abury-tagua-nut-bracelets

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Mudra photography and also graciously modelling the shadow hand in the opener:

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  1. If you ever do YT, one of some of these mudras would be really helpful for us novices. And those bangles are to die for. With the stunning jewellery and dazzling backdrop I think nail art would have been too much so you’ve perfectly judged and displayed.

    • Noted! 😉
      And yes, you are right re the bejewelled abundance. It could have been too much with real nail “art” XO

  2. This looks like Carnival! I like it!!! And the bracelets are amazing too

  3. I always have a mudras while trying to meditate or when we’re singing during yogas session. Usually it calms me down very quickly, restores energy and lifts the mood. I like the let go mudra.

    P.S. Love your rings!

    • I bought one in turquoise! They sell out quickly online 🙀 As for the bracelets, I’ve never seen anything like this nut material before. So nice to the touch, “Handschmeichler”-style!