Weight Loss – Surya and Chinmaya Mudra 🙏🏼 In: Mudras & Mani #4

Mudras for weight loss? This may sound like a magic pill, but here are two simple ones that are great in supporting your healthy resolutions.

Mudra means ‘seal’ or ‘closure’ in Sanskrit and describes hand gestures used in yoga and meditation.

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The festive season may be long gone, but it surely has left us some unwanted “gifts” such as unhealthy eating habits or even some stubborn fat on top. End of January also marks the time for most people to give up on their new year’s resolutions. But this doesn’t need to be.

For those still struggling with festive weight gain or stuck in an unhealthy eating routine, nothing is better than a proper, balanced meal plan with fix meal timing.

It also doesn’t hurt to use yoga and meditation to balance your inner self and to tune in from within in order to really embrace the lifestyle of health and thriving. Two mudras I found are ideal for this are the Surya Mudra and the Chinmaya Mudra.

Surya Mudra: How To

Reported to fight inertia and to increase the fire element in the body (hi there, increased metabolism and vitality; bye, winter languor and flu), the Surya Mudra is easy to practice: you can sit – with your hands on your knees, and palms turned upwards – or stand or even walk.

Given that Surya means ‘Sun’ in Sanskrit, it is considered a very powerful fiery gesture, and yogis advise that people with strong “fire” or “agni” should not be practicing Surya Mudra.

surya-mudraHow to practice Surya Mudra:

Step 1. Simply bend your ring fingers so their tips touch the mound of your thumbs.
Step 2. Next, bend your thumbs to press down on your ring fingers, while keeping other fingers as straight as you can. Press as strong as you desire the inner fire to burn.
Step 3. Hold for 15 minutes as you sit, stand or walk.

We all have common and very individual images of strength, health and thriving associated with Sun and the Fire element, so conjure your favourite imagery to focus on the changes you desire and to literally ignite the fire within you.

Chinmaya Mudra

Here’s another beautiful mudra gem: Chinmaya Mudra. Chinmaya is the Sanskrit expression for ‘supreme wisdom’ or ‘supreme awareness’. What does that have to do with weight loss, you may ask?

Chinmaya Mudra is said to promote health, both physical and mental; to strengthen the thoracic region – and to improve digestion.

In spiritual meaning, Chinmaya Mudra helps you “digest” your life experiences as well: certainly a valid point, for, when addressing excess weight, we need to understand and to heal our ways of dealing with fear, with loss or with what we deem lacking something essential in our life. When we understand how our mind (or soul if you prefer) processes life’s experiences, we are able to instantly resolve old, harmful habits and to instantly experience the happiness and the incomparable lightness of our freed and unburdened self.

chinmaya-mudraHow to practice Chinmaya Mudra:
Step 1. Sit upright in the Diamond Pose (generally beneficial for digestion), in the Lotus Pose or the Easy Pose.
Step 2. With your fingers curled into a loose fist, bring the tips of the thumb and forefinger together so they form a circle. Place your hand on the upper thighs, whether your palms are facing upward or downward is both correct.
Step 3. Close your eyes and breathe through the nose. It’s advised to practice Chinmaya Mudra for at least 10 minutes, but you can gradually increase the duration up to 45 minutes.

Mudras & Manicure: Sleek in Silver

The nail polish I’m sporting for this meditation is Namaki in ‘Silver’ – a very light-looking, neutral, yet positive colour, like cold and calm winter sun.

namaki-silver-mudras-and-manicureCreated as a nail polish for kids, this lacquer is based on water and is removed by simply peeling it off. While the lasting power truly isn’t great, the polish dries quickly to a slightly elastic coat (= light protection from mechanical damage) that will easily survive a night out, a party or a day in the office. I bought mine online at Outsider Fashion.

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