Three Warriors | BEAUTYCALYPSE Brand to Watch #13

A post of firsts! First BEAUTYCALYPSE Brand to Watch in 2017 happens to portray Tasmania’s (and the world’s) first organic self-tanning range that gives back.

Rejoice, my tan-worshipping sisters and brothers, looking for the best natural self-tanners.

For the certified organic self-tanning product family has just welcomed a brand new name.

Whether you like your fake tan obvious and strong, or subtle and gradually buildable, the Tasmania-born Three Warriors range has you covered with gradual and buildable natural and organic self-tanners.

The First Organic & Cruelty-Free
Self-Tanning Brand That Gives Back

Some of you, my dear readers, have demanded that I don’t leave out sun and self-tan cosmetics from my reviews despite me not being a huge fan of fake tan, as you’re looking for the least toxic and the cleanest possible, honest and best self-tanners with naturally derived DHA – and free from unwanted synthetic ingredients.

Thus, in 2017’s first instalment of BEAUTYCALYPSE Brand to Watch, I’m happy to oblige by introducing you to Three Warriors.

This brand new company from Tasmania has a beautiful mission and strong beliefs. Their products – based on certified organic DHA – are toxic-free, cruelty-free, certified organic, vegetarian-friendly and free from conflict PO derivatives to boot.


Describing his company as “the first self-tanning social enterprise in the world”, founder Corbin Halliday started formulating the quite versatile Three Warriors range while recovering from chemical-induced health problems and reshaping his life and career the non-toxic way.

Apart from the signature blend of certified organic honey from Tasmanian Manuka and Leatherwood honey, the Three Warriors range is plant-derived. Palm (kernel) oil derivatives are certified sustainable; DHA is natural and certified organic by both Ecocert and COSMOS. 

Our ingredients are the most important part of our formulations and that’s why we never compromise on their quality. Where possible, all of our ingredients are sourced from organic farming, that’s the way that nature intended it.”
– Corbin Halliday, Three Warriors

Here is the full Three Warriors range, as of January 2017:
– Self-Tan Mousse, 200 g, AUD 43
– Gradual Tan, 150 g, AUD 35
– Spray Tan Solution, 1l, AUD 129 (Professionals only!)
The tanning products can be applied to face and body
– Full Body Life Scrub, 150 g, AUD 30
– Eco-Friendly Tanning Mitt, AUD 25

International shipping is available.

Three Warriors gives back to Wello Water, a social start-up that created WaterWheel, a solution for quick, easy and safe drinking water transportation deployed in rural areas of India.

Q&A With Three Warriors Founder
Corbin Halliday

Q: Corbin, so, why tan products?

A: After falling unwell over 3.5 years ago due to chemical poisoning from my hairdressing career, I realised the effect of the products we use on our skin daily, the effect it can and will have on our health, in addition to the lack of awareness surrounding the issue. When I formulated Three Warriors I wanted to make sure that my products only contain certified organic & toxic-free ingredients.
Self-tanning products are such a huge part of peoples’ lives, of wanting to look fresh and feel glamorous, but most products on the market are full of harsh chemicals.


Q: Who’s Three Warriors formulated for?

A: Our Three Warriors self-tanning range caters for every body’s needs… The Gradual Tan Lotion was created for the people who have dry skin and normally moisturise everyday so they can control an even-toned, natural-looking tan.
The Self-Tanning Mousse I created for the people who like to be instantly tanned. The Mousse can be left on, or rinsed off after a period of time; 1 hour for being light tanned, 3 hours for the darker tan.

Q: What is your personal favourite from the range and why?

A: Personally I love the spray tan solution… This was the first product I formulated for myself.
I have very pale skin, so I wanted a spray tan that was fast developing and that left a deep, natural, cool-toned colour on my skin.

Q: What’s the major source of inspiration for creating Three Warriors?

A: My health journey through being sick from chemical exposure was a huge part of creating Three Warriors. The social enterprise is also a huge inspiration, being able to help other people in the world struggling or lacking resources.

Q: Finally, what do you enjoy the most about being an organic skincare entrepreneur?

A: The best part about my job is when a customer gets in contact with me telling me that they had never used self-tanning products before, and that it has changed the way the look and feel about themselves. I think that is a really rewarding part of the company. Also knowing that I am giving someone in rural parts of India access to water every time we sell a product.

Thank you, Corbin 🙂

Australian beauty pros and bloggers, you’re lucky to meet Three Warriors in person at Beauty Expo in Sydney (March 2017) and in Melbourne (August 2017). 

Three Warriors Full Body Life Scrub
and Gradual Tan Review

As stated above, I’m not that into fake tan.

However, in order to have a closer look and to experience Three Warriors first hand for you, the company sent me two products, Full Body Life Scrub and Gradual Tan to test.


Both products have a subtle vanilla-like scent, the Full Body Life Scrub more prominently so – overall, the fragrance as well as the texture reminded me of something delicious… something in the likes of white chocolate mousse, perhaps? The Full Body Life Scrub peeling effect comes from crushed walnut shells and Tasmanian sand, and it’s really, really efficient. One of the most efficient body scrubs I’ve ever tried!

For me, the Full Body Life Scrub is a perfect and microplastics-free formula, ideal in the dead of winter to revive dull and dry body skin. I wouldn’t recommend using it on your face though. Also if your skin is particularly delicate, scrubs generally might not be your best friends.

Now, as for the Gradual Tan, here’s where I got a little stuck. You remember that I don’t use self-tanners anymore? So I didn’t know how to start testing this organic, giving-back and lovely product if I really am not into the whole concept. Finally, I found the perfect way to test Gradual Tan without much compromise.

Do you, too, have that most unsightly pale streak on your wrist where the watch sits?


The main PRO for the Gradual Tan is that it really doesn’t smell too much of DHA. The faint, mildly sweet vanilla-like fragrance masking the “bisquity” self-tanner smell fades away quickly and leaves no unpleasant “sillage”.

Another forte is the lovely, pretty neutral “healthy” colour of the tan the Gradual Tan gives you. As you can see, the result “blends” beautifully with the natural, super-subtle hint of a tan on my arms perfectly, showing no streaks, no orange undertones. I think it looks just like natural tan. Just one application has evened out my skin; I can imagine using Gradual Tan to “retouch” occasional tan lines on my shoulders in spring and summer.

BEAUTYCALYPSE Self-Tanning Safety Reminder

1. Fake tan provides no UV protection.

2. Don’t forget that your skin is particularly susceptible to UV-induced free radical damage for 24 hours after self-tan application. Plan and protect accordingly to enjoy your good looks at minimum risk!

Now, what do you think, gang?
Are you Team tan or Team shadow?

And if you’re from Australia yourself, YES, YOU, reading this right now, how about a comment and saying hi in the comments? 😉


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