Best Of 2017? (Sneak Peek)

While most bloggers are giving you their article or product 2016-best-ofs, let me show you a tiny glimpse of some cool stuff you’ll get to see on BEAUTYCALYPSE in 2017 instead. 

Let’s roll!
One of the series that’s right at the heart of things over here is BEAUTYCALYPSE Brand to Watch. So far, 10 brands were featured, including eco-fair jewellery, fair and vegan fashion, skincare, home textiles, and food. All of them are fabulous in terms of ethical excellence, some are fairly established, most are brand new.

In 2016, I was lucky to meet founders of new ethical companies and to test innovative products I’m very compelled to introduce you to. Here’s some of what to expect in 2017 – at least in the BCBtW series – complete with test-drives and founder interviews:

💆🏻 Award-winning skincare with triple hyaluronic acid power

☀️ Brand new ethical sun skincare that gives back: Three Warriors

👄 New all-natural, organic, vegan-friendly supplements to end vitamin deficiencies: ogaenics

💃🏻 Highly fashionable, ethical jewellery that gives back: RAW Copenhagen

👀 And a watch absolutely unlike any other: The Slow Watch

…and many more ethical excellence heroes, brands to watch in 2017, green destinations to visits, heathy habits to adopt, great books to read. Happy New Year and see you in 2017! 💫

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