BEAUTYCALYPSE Guide to Age-Independent Beauty #2

Today: the simple yet essential, absolutely sine-qua-non key to beauty and health that we keep ignoring, probably because it’s so darn obvious.

Now that you hopefully have (re)gained your ideal posture and look all fit, awake, and present, let’s sit down for a minute and break down one rule that truly makes or breaks your…

…Year of Perfect Beauty that Lies Ahead

So what is that one rule, that one key?

Whatever we are, whoever we’ve become is due to either the effect or the side effects of what we are repeatedly doing or refusing to do. You can call it consistency, you can call it a habit or a lifestyle.
In the end, it boils down to what it is that you are doing or not doing that creates some effect you want or do not want. Make a wish, set a goal, and then show up every day!

And before you object. It’s never too late. The end result will vary, but it’s literally never too late, even if its’s just for the gorgeous, happy feeling of empowerment that you’ll experience the very moment you set the desired intention.ageless-beauty-common-sense…set a goal, and show up every day!”

BC Guide to Ageless Beauty
Part 2: Habits Instead of Resolutions

Resolutions are worthless.
Intent paired with awareness is powerful.

Because habits can’t help you if they exist in a cognitive vacuum.

You need to understand your situation. You need to evaluate your habits that have lead to a state you have reached without wanting it. Briefly, you need a starting point – A, you need a goal – B and, to connect the dots, the road in-between that will ideally be plastered with the good effects of your healthy habit.

For example, when you start at an A that is saggy facial skin; or sad, weak arms; or maybe it’s a general lack of impulse in life, then your goal B can be firmer skin; toned arms; learning a new and exotic language you’ve always felt strangely drawn to, respectively. And remember that your final station B can end up derailing into saggier skin, arms you feel like covering, and a dangerous state of boredom if you connect the dots by… doing nothing or doing something that aggravates the initial situation A.
But you can connect the dots by implementing a gentle, daily facial massage with a precious oil; or by switching your bedtime into a healthier routine so you finally find the time to exercise; or by getting a cool language app to learn Japanese. So what are you actually waiting for? Share your goal with me and let’s power up your beauty & health habits for 2017!

They say that you have a face you’ve earned by 30.
Clearly, with as much as just a little reason and a little common sense (throw in a little research), you can escape the sirens’ lilt of the beauty industry and the media, and age ever so gracefully on your unique terms.



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      1. It is fierce! I know you can do ethereal pretty too but sometimes a gal wants warrior paint dammit. It’s funny most men seem to hate ‘fashion face’ or any dramatic look generally.

  1. Overarching is to get in to the habit of sticking to routine. I love mixing things up generally but at the same time I cause myself a lot of stress (which can get addictive!). On the skincare front where I am more consistent that will mean adding a mask day not just doing when I feel like it. Anything new you’re adding to 2017?

  2. Hey! How did you know about my sad, weak arms? 😀 😀 I thought they were well-covered. I did quite well with dog walking, and my reading last year. I’ll try to improve on those, and maybe there will be other things as well. I am starting the year with slow thought processes. 🙂

      1. My arms are certainly happier and stronger than they used to be but they are not a pretty sight! 😉 I haven’t really given much attention to audiobooks but have thought about giving them a go. I do listen to the radio a lot during the day, which is probably why I like to turn to the written word in the evening. The other thing which is fun……on Skype I get my 94 year old mother to read little stories to me. I like listening. She needs the stimulus of reading out loud.

          1. So true. Just had a memory of how I loved to cuddle my aunts and grandmothers because they were busty and had soft flabby arms! But they were always busy people and didn’t have a lot of time for cuddles. 🙂 I wasn’t the least worried about whether they were pretty or fashionable. The only thing that mattered was that they loved me and I loved them. Such a happy memory.

  3. Awareness can be such a powerful tool. I want to take some more time in the morning and drink my tea in a relaxed environment. When it becomes a bit warmer I want to sit outside and start the day early with my tea. I would like to get aware more often what I need every day. I did so several times this year already but it should be much more regular.

    A facial massage in the morning sounds awesome, too.

    Happy New Year!

  4. My resolution is to have a more balanced diet on a consistent basis. I think I’m pretty good 80% of the time, but it’s so easy to fall off the wagon!

    I love your idea of a daily facial massage. I’m all over that for 2017.

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