Autumn-Winter 2016 Beauty & Wellbeing News

Favourite green beauty launches of Autumn and Winter 2016: classy organic unsex perfumes, aromatherapy, brand new lipsticks and healthy skin helpers.

New Perfume Line:
Vita Odor by Abel

Having debuted with the over-the-top luxurious, 100% organic (even based on food-grade grain alcohol) Eaux Vintage‘13 and Tonic, the young Amsterdam-based perfume house launched a new collection in Autumn 2016, Vita Odor.abel-odor-newI had the opportunity to test the five bewitching, rich, nich-ey unisex scents during an Amazingy event, and I fell in love with all of them: Grey Labdanum, Cobalt Amber, Golden Neroli, White Vetiver, and Red Santal. Fragrant excellence, and organic too!

EdP, 50ml €98, 30 ml €45.

The effervescently elegant White Vetiver is the new face of Tonic. You’re welcome 😉

To Watch:
BINU Soaps

K Beauty FTW! The BINU facial soaps are Berlin’s latest beauty craze, formulated for a variety of skincare needs and hand-made in a sustainable Korean manufacture run by the German-Korean couple Dirk and Younghee (who also happen to be the parents of one of the two BINU founders).

The ingredients list is good, the only serious downside is the use of palm oil. However, the young founders Anna Katharina Bürger and Kyoung-Min Fündling claim on their website to be looking for an alternative. So once they’ve found it, it’s “shut up and take my money”-time! 😉

BINU soap bars sell at €22.90 each.binu-soaps

BEAUTYCALYPSE tip for soap fans:
Soap bars are best applied with as-soft-as-a-heavenly-cloud Konjac sponge.
BEAUTYCALYPSE palm oil related tip for BINU:
The original Aleppo soap is free from palm oil, as are several organic beauty bar formulations.

Couleur Caramel To
Make You Glow

The new fond de teint Hydra Jeunesse by Couleur Caramel is formulated for the vegan beauty maven looking to up her skincare game. A proprietary skin revitalising complex based on the Alaria Esculenta algae and a shot of the Omega-3-bursting superstar oil Sacha Inchi infused into a base of water, rose water and several skin-loving oils (Apricot kernel, Argan, Olive, Sesame, Avocado) will soothe fragile, dry, and mature skin and impart a soft focus finish without setting into fine lines.hydra-jeunesse-couleur-caramelSix shades; 30 ml, €48.

Great during Winter months; to avoid shine, set your shine-prone skin areas with the transparent and tox-free INIKA Finishing Powder.

De Mamiel’s
Travellers’ Delight

De Mamiel is a brand that I finally came to have a closer look at during a SAVUE beauty meet and greet event with the founder, Annee. The recently launched essential oil blend aptly called Altitude Oil was designed with frequent flights in mind; and it’s brilliantly multi-functional.demamiel-altitudeoilInhale to unwind, to alleviate aviaphobia symptoms, to clear your airways (or if someone next to your seat just would not stop sneezing). Ingredients: jojoba oil, essential oils of lavender, eucalyptus, fragonia, peppermint, pine, lemon myrtle and patchouli.

10 ml, €33.

Aromatic Habit

More aromatherapy? Yes, please. Farfalla’s new essential oil diffuser Silent caught my eye as THE perfect office or home office accessory.farfalla-silent-ravintsara-eoNearly invisible among functional furniture and tech, this LED-illuminated, 19 cm tall “egg” won’t heat the essential oil but disperse it evenly across the room (up to 30 sqm).

€ 60.

Counteract the flu with Tea Tree’s milder brother-in-arms Ravintsara (Farfalla, €7). Ravintsara is getting more and more into limelight these dayy but it’s not suitable for babies, mums to be, or epileptics.

Read my vampy lips!
Ilia Lippies, Autumn/ Winter 2016

Ilia beauty is a very stylish and modern brand with what I personally consider a fairly strange mix of organic, natural and near-natural formulations in their range. Whenever an Ilia product is launching, it’s ingredient study time for me!

The lipsticks and lip conditioners however, are unconditional love, pun intended, and I enjoy wearing them on my lips and even on my eyelids. Not just are the formulas great, also the tongue-in-cheek names are fun. How can you NOT fall in love with a lipstick trio named after Dracula’s women!?ilia-beauty-swatches-the-brides-lucy-minaEnter Autumn 2016 collection (top down): ‘The Brides’, a carnal tan-coral beige, ‘Madam Mina’, a stunning cool mauve, and finally, ‘Lucy’s Party’, a vampier, darker shade – I’d say, muted oxblood.

€28 each.

If you want to inspire a friend to try Ilia, the brand new Mini Bestselling Lip Shades Trio set comprising the shades ‘Arabian Knights’, ‘Bang Bang’ and ‘Blossom Lady’ is the way to go. I got one. Just to treat my dear self 😉ilia-mini-bestelling-trio-swatches-reviewTop down: mini trio set; a mini lippie in comparison to a standard lippie; swatches AK, BB, BL.

€29, got mine here.

Kjaer Weis
Lipsticks Launch

The 2016 launched lipsticks by the cult organic make-up brand Kjaer Weis have stirred the beauty bloggers’ minds and caused several cases of heavy gasping.kjaer-weis-lipstick-rangeBy now, a total of seven colours was launched; several nudes, reds, one hot pink, two latest Holiday colours being ‘KW red’ and ‘Brilliant’, a classic red and a powdery nude respectively. Modern, semi-matte texture. Of course refillable!

€ 52, refills €34.

Kjaer is pronounced a little bit like the word care. Oh, you mean: a beauty tip! Sure, here we go: colour make-up will look absolutely different on everybody in the most unpredictable of ways, so if you love a texture, make sure to sample all colours you can get.

Recycling with Ringana

The multiple eco-award-winning Austrian brand Ringana is known best for their vide range of skincare and wellness products that are so fresh they’re kept in the fridge.ringana-fresh-cosmetics-structurallipidsWintertime is time to try Ringana’s Structural Lipids (€34.60) if your dry skin looks and feels particularly dry and dull no matter how much water and smoothies you’re drinking.

Did you know…
…that the products in glass jars and bottles are wrapped in reusable organic cotton mini towels for extra protection?
…if you send back 10 empty Ringana product bottles, you can pick any original size product free of charge? The bottles are then cleansed and reused by Ringana. This innovative recycling idea pioneering the skincare market alone is worth an extra shout-out!

Rebranding: SANTE
Vitamin B12 Dental Care

I’ve raved about this thing already at length – the Fluoride-free Vitamin B12-enriched tooth gel by SANTE. This product is pure genius, and appears now in a rebranded design. My personal encounter with the range happened a few years ago, when my doc told me my B12 levels were at an all time low, and I tried the toothpaste as it just hit the shelves (in its older packaging that you can admire here for the Fluoride-enriched toothpaste and click the link above for the Fluoride-free gel).sante-dental-care-vitamin-b12BEAUTYCALYPSE tip:
Doctors and patients alike can get in heated discussions over the benefits and the side effects of Fluoride. SANTE offers options for both parties although they did launch the F-version before the alternative appeared. New on the market since Summer is the Vitamin B12-enriched mouth rinse (pictured on the right) – I’ll wait until they release a “blue” bottle with the Fluoride-free rinse, but if you’re team Fluoride, this is a product range to definitely talk about with your dentist.

Missing a particularly cool new product on this list?
Want me to review a particular novelty?
Let me know in the comments below.


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