Organic Skincare for Men: December Favourites | recomMENdations #1

By popular request: organic skincare favourites, brought to you from now on monthly and researched by nagging Mr BEAUTYCALYPSE and the male part of the Green Gang 😉

10 Fave Organic Products for Men in December:
Skincare, Grooming, Deo, Fragrance

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1. Multitask in style: soothe razor-burn, soften winter-tired skin, fight dry, flaky, rough skin patches and hydrate your skin with a water-free formula while smelling absolutely fantastic. Fully vegan, 100% natural, non-greasy oil serum Alpine Pure Oil by Telluride Glow, 60 ml, $45.
[Alpine Pure Oil detailed review and shopping info]

2. Another powerhouse to protect you from all things inflammation and irritation is the Dr. Alkaitis Organic Soothing Gel. Based on aloe gel and infused with powerful botanicals and some grape alcohol, this super light gel imparting a noble aroma of elegant herbs and oils is an ideal after-shave product. Fully vegan, 100% food grade organic with 100% of ingredients being active ingredients, and suitable for all skin types (particularly formulated with rosacea, eczema, and acne in mind). Available via Amazingy. 120 ml, €69.
[Organic Soothing Gel detailed review]

3. High in natural Omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9, this bright orange, non-greasy rosehip oil and pulp blend is ideal for mature and tired skin, instantly adding a touch of sunlit healthy look, and be fearless: this by no means will make you orange in the face! However, the oil can stain white and bright textiles, so pay attention. Work this oil onto scarred tissue, stretch marks (from heavy lifting, that is), blemishes, sun damage or fine lines and give your skin some powerful antioxidant action. Pai Skincare, Rosehip BioRegenerate Fruit and Seed Oil Blend, 30 ml, €28.
[Rosehip BioRegenerate Fruit and Seed Oil Blend review and shopping info]

Okay, the next one comes with a dental care question from me: GENTLEMEN!
Why do you prefer a mouth rinse with alcohol to an alcohol-free rinse, like, always? Is it the “if it burns, it works” thinking? Tell me in the comments below, I’M DYING TO UNDERSTAND. Thank you muchly!

4. Dr Hauschka Med “Sage Mouthwash” is a ready-to-use super blend of healing essential oils and extracts (marshmallow, sage, krameria root, calendula, potentilla erecta root, horse-chestnut bark, neem, myrrh, irish moss) in an alcohol based formula. Rinse and gargle your heart out to freshen your breath, strengthen your gums, heal inflammations… and even if there are the first signs of a sore throat, a particularly nasty side effect of the wintertime, this mouth rinse is absolutely ideal. No harsh “minty” taste, pleasant herbal aftertaste. Available in natural supermarkets and many pharmacies, approx. €9.
Note that the renewed, BDIH and NaTrue certified formula includes Propolis Cera, making the product non-vegan.
[Full ingredient disclosure with Dr Hauschka Med “Sage Mouthwash” review]

5. Toothpaste tablets? I haven’t even reviewed this product yet, but we’ve been testing it on and off for over a year now, and the Denttabs toothpaste tablets without Fluoride totally rock it. They are not abrasive in the least; instead, the tablets treat your teeth to a sort of polishing: the surfaces feel ultra clean, the karies is kept at bay, no toxins enter your body, oh, and the handling is super easy. While conventional toothpaste is made of water and sometimes very nasty chemicals (harsh preservatives, toxins, or triclosan anyone? Yuk!) the tablets are formulated without any fillers or harsh synthetic ingredients. Starter kit (125 tablets, €8.50) and family pack (3 x 125 tablets, €22.50) available via Denttabs German online shop or via many retail partners online and off.


6. There are oh so many clean, aluminium-free and toxin-free organic deo options out there. But so far, it’s Schmidt’s who have come up with the most practical, almost classic packaging for a formula that actually works. Free from added fragrance, the fully vegan Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant Stick Fragrance-Free is the ideal everyday basic that’s easy to apply (but let the creamy stick slightly “melt” on your skin before applying motion – your armpits will thank you for this tip). Fancy a scent? There are also the very “manly” Cedarwood + Juniper, the classic Lavender + Sage, the invigorating Bergamot + Lime and the sweeter, more powdery Ylang-Ylang + Calendula to choose from.
Approx. €11 for a stick of super long-lasting 92 grams, available via ecco verde.

7. Looking for a moisturiser that’s absorbed the minute you apply it? Here’s your quick fix for dryness and irritation that might occur in air-con rooms. The super lightweight, neutral-looking tube is easy to carry around, and the unscented, vegan, NaTrue-certified formula of the Aloe Vera Hydro Repair Gel by Santaverde is ultra soft, gentle and refreshing – but it packs a punch with pure aloe vera juice, elderflower extract, evening primrose oil and mango butter. On very cold days, it’s best applied in the evening when you’re not planning to leave the house.
Available widely in organic / natural supermarkets and in some pharmacies, in Berlin in the KaDeWe, and via Santaverde online shop.
[My Santaverde range review]

And, last but not even close to least come the December organic and natural fragrance favourites that are vegan and free from phthalates (no bueno for our hormonal balance) and parabens.

8. COLOGNE: The 7 Virtues fragrances of peace are niche unisex scents that give back. Middle East Peace is an invigorating, citrusy and yet substantially herbal and lingering Eau de Parfum reminiscent of very classic Italian colognes. Available in Berlin at Galeries Lafayette Berlin (50 ml, €68); UK residents will find it at Selfridges; USA, Canada and worldwide check out The 7 Virtues shop finder.
[Discover everything about The 7 Virtues here]

9. EASY: If you prefer sporty, easy, fresh scents, the Balm Balm Single Note Eau de Parfum SPEARMINT is calling your name: just 100% organic essential oil and pure grain alcohol in FSC Sourced and Certified Carbon Neutral packaging. Approved by Soil Association, vegan, totes adorbs. Other Single Notes available are: Mandarin, Bergamot, Lavender… seven in total that, yes, can also be mixed to create your unique signature scent.
33 ml, approx. €24; available online.

10. RARITY: finally, a fragrance that will not be available for a long time in this incredible clean quality as only 1693 bottles dressed in handcrafted Oregon Pine casing made from old Amsterdam canal beams are available worldwide. This TONIC quality you see here is a 100% food-grade organic product, an alluring, noble harmony of vetiver, citrus, ginger, sandalwood with a hint of dark and powdery vanilla. Grab yours at Amazingy, before it’s replaced by Abel’s still natural, still gorgeous but not food-grade anymore TONIC follow-up that is White Vetiver.
50 ml, €92.
[TONIC detailed review]

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So many organic products are formulated perfectly unisex, but I realised, thanks to several requests, that most men wouldn’t look at what they think are female products they could steal. Unless of course in the commodity of their own home where they suddenly discover that their girlfriend’s scent is unisex or that her facial, or shaving, or hair styling cream works for them as well. Amirite, ladies and gents? 😉


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  1. This is an amazing last-minute gift list! Thank you very much for sharing all the tips and ideas.

    In regards of the mouth rinse I did a small research in my family. Everyone was telling me they need a super fresh, peppermint like feeling and no chewing gum like, sweet taste nor look (like pink or something into this direction) can be excepted. I wanted to know if they would use something with spices like cinnamon, but no. Most of everyone wanted a super fresh peppermint mouth rinse.

      1. Hey Nath. Great post – and good to see us men getting a bit of coverage 😉 On the topic of tooth care and mouth rinse, I’ve never been a fan of the burning alcohol, even though it might be a good sign that it’s killing off all the bad stuff – what’s to say it isn’t also killing off the good stuff? I made the progression from trying oil pulling with coconut oil (life’s too short) to eventually settling on tooth oil from Ringana. That’s now the only tooth product I use. I did try a few other products including a chewable black tablet with activated charcoal but found it abrasive and it left the taste of soap in my mouth – not what I was after at all.

  2. T.

    So true! My hand lotion and both my face cream and eye creme get “stolen” all the time! Will pass this on )))))))

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