Meet the Makers: Lillika Eden Menswear Crowdfunding

MUST-HAVE ALERT! Eco-fair, vegan, cool athleisure style: Berlin-based Lillika Eden go MENSWEAR on Startnext. Looking closer at the premium fabrics and talking to Julia and Daniel today!

Vegan, Sustainable, Affordable Fashion for Men?

In case you’ve missed the original post in which I talk about the LE crowdfunding campaign, do check it out because this is THE place to be to buy the most wearable, chic, ethical and affordable menswear made in Germany.

And if you’ve been around here for a while, chances are you’ll remember that lovely powder pink jersey top with a sexy pink gold zipper in the back – or my Lillika Eden portrait in the popular and fabulous BEAUTYCALYPSE Brand to Watch series.

Founded as a womenswear brand in 2014, LILLIKA EDEN was named after the designer’s cats and had originally sported a very playful butterfly logo. Planning to expand the collection, LE have rebranded in Autumn 2016 right before announcing the menswear crowdfunding.

15 Days to Go!!! Crowdfunding Over

Men who’ve been looking far and wide for an ethical and vegan-friendly fashion collection offering toxin-free, comfy and stylish urban pieces, should definitely check out the Lillika Eden Menswear Campaign on Startnext.

And if you think that a friend, or a relative, a co-worker or a neighbour or even just that cute guy you chat with on Twitter would like the collection, send them this post – there are only 15 days left as I’m writing this!

Lillika Eden Menswear Crowdfunding

After I’ve announced that I support the campaign, a few readers as well as RL friends have approached me with a few questions that I’ve passed on to the founders, Julia and Daniel:lillikaeden-julia-daniel

“Julia, the collection pieces that supporters can choose, are all just drawings. However, I know the comfy fabrics you’re working with and the lovely details. Can you tell my readers a little more about what’s to expect from the menswear collection?”

“Fabric is hard to depict on a drawing, unfortunatety. But just as with our womens’ collection, it’s the same beautiful quality. The cotton sweat is super soft, and the fabric makes the man wearing our sweatpants absolutely fit for the city, far away from looking as though he just rolled from the couch  😉
The “care tag” design is the collection’s signature element and only omitted on a very few exceptions, like the basic tees for example. You’ll find it printed at the pocket mouth of the sweatpants, as an unmissable statement print on the back of the hoodie, and as a very cool and classic detail embroidered/ patched at the back of the neck of the denim shirt. Another signature design element of our collections is the pocket mouth hidden at the geometrical dividing seam. You’ll find this detail on the bomber jacket, for example.”le-menswear-startnext-closeup-fabric-and-styles

“Daniel, crowdfounding is not just about the “funding” but also about market research. Can we hope to see the LE menswear collection even if – worst case scenario – the campaign misses the goal?”

“Good question! I’m actually always feeling positive about my projects, and as long as the project’s not over, there’s fighting till you drop! So if we can’t reach the €28,000 goal, we’ll launch the menswear collection anyway! It will be narrowed down to the bestsellers. Meaning, we’ll kick off with simple t-shirts but they’re second to none in regards to quality and fit. Once the men are absolutely convinced, the wish to try other designs will simply be there. So the “worst case scenario” will mean a slower launch. But a launch nonetheless ;)”

“Julia, several designs available for Startnext campaign supporters – not just the backpack or the wallet, but even a couple sweatshirts, hoodies or the jacket – have some unisex appeal; to me anyway 😉 How do I translate clothes sizes from men’s?

“For a woman’s size 38 (German size) I’d suggest to choose size S. Consequently, a size 36 would be size XS, 40 would be an M and so on.”le-menswear-startnext-behind-the-scenes

“Daniel, what I love the most about LE fabrics is that they are not “just” vegan and ethical, but also easy-care, durable, comfy and suuuuuper nice against skin. Is that the same treatment the boys can expect? What’s you favourite piece personally?”

“I’m lucky to be able to wear a few pieces that supporters can choose on a daily basis, and my absolute favourite is the simple white tee! I generally love v-necks, and ours in particular. Why? Simply because organic cotton feels so much nicer on the skin. Plus, our tees are a few comfortable centimeters longer than the high street tees. To me it’s important to feel “safe” in my t-shirt. Many men know the builder’s bum problem. Nobody wants to see that 😀
Then there’s the denim wallet. It’s ultra slim, due to the fabric, and won’t wear out. It looks so ugly when you sport a thick leather wallet in your pocket, your jeans or trousers get baggy, nobody cares to see that anymore since the 90ies! So we chose fabrics that are slim but stout.
The sweatpants are another fave. People keep asking me where I got it. It’s a basic, simple design but the details make it a perfect pair of sweatpants.
So now I’ve listed three favourites, that’s two more than I should’ve. Sorry ;)”

Thanks, guys! 🙂 Fingers crossed for the campaign!

So, Adventurer, whacha think? I’ve already picked my favourite and certainly hope that the campaign is successful for I can’t wait to sport a sweet partner look with Mr BEAUTYCALYPSE (bomber jacket FTW!)
Rewards start at €10 (visit the LE studio). The denim wallet Daniel mentioned is available with a €19 pledge. T-shirts start at €39, the sweatpants are available in stone grey and black with a €95 pledge. Delivery time for the physical thank yous (clothes and accessories) is March 2017. Info for Christmas shoppers: you will receive a giftable certificate.


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