BEAUTYCALYPSE Guide to Age-Independent Beauty #1

“Independent” might be my fave word. My beauty routine is mostly product-independent, while the few favourites come from indie companies – and instead of anti-aging I choose ageless. Join me!

Today we’ll kick off the new series by talking about how to instantly – not depending on treatments or ointments – instantly look and feel more toned, more confident and more powerful. You’re also invited to be part of the 2017 BEAUTYCALYPSE YouTube channel, just keep reading!age-independent-beauty

My Beauty Ideal

Being and feeling beautiful for me is, and has always been, a life stance that has nothing to do with age, size, colour or any other criterion.

Beauty is nothing you put on, paint on, perm on – beauty is something you bring out.
You invite your inner self to shine in harmony on the outside. You delight in being yourself. You show the world your true colours and are seen as who you genuinely are.

This is an ideal everyone can work to get closer to, unlike the computer-enhanced visuals pushed into our collective conscious these days.

But then, of course, there’s Time. You are beautiful today in another manner that you were ten years ago.

Ageing is hardly something you can fight, it’s simply the reality of life. The earlier you learn to embrace the seasons (not succumb to their darker sides!), the happier you’ll be and the better you’ll look. This is an advice that has been around since ancient times.

Along with time, there are of course gravity, free radicals and a helluva other things constantly working on tearing you down, and you can choose to graciously decline this immanent offer simply by being good to your constantly endangered body. And there are truly no news in this department since ancient times: eat well, sleep well, live well, learn things, move, laugh, contemplate.

BC Guide to Ageless Beauty

Ageless or age-independent? Well, it’s really both.

Is there a magic bullet to be found? No; more like a stitch in time (that saves nine).

So what is this series about? Not about regurgitating truisms for sure. I want to share some actionable advice for every changing body out there.

Today I want to share my favourite number one tip how to instantly:
1. look more toned and thus, more vital (read: young)
2. have a prettier bust
3. …and a flatter belly
4. and boost your self-confidence
In the long-term:
Have tighter skin and less sagging!

Sounds too good to be true? Magic bullet much?
Nope. Physics. And biochemistry.

Age-Independent Beauty: Posture

If there is one thing about my early and much detested ballet lessons that I’m grateful for to this day then it’s the gift of the good posture.
A straight back, a lifted chin, shoulders squared, head up high. You not only look pulled together and confident – your level of confidence actually goes up. Good posture is a very good habit, friends. Show backbone and own the day.

You won’t be overlooked, put off, ridiculed when your posture says “I’m alert, I’m present” (don’t overdo though: “I’m tense” is not quite as charismatic). And if someone foolishly undertakes to knock you off, you’ll have all the inner poise to Dowager Countess them back under that rock of theirs.

We know today, and some of you maybe since the brilliant 2012 TED talk by Amy Cuddy, that so-called “power posing” instantly boosts our confidence by releasing testosterone into our blood stream that makes us fight-ready, put us into a full-blown stage mode, while in the same time lowering our levels of cortisol, the stress-hormone.ageless-beauty-guide-posture

But even visually, good posture (imagine a string going from the top of your head that gently pulls you upwards) lifts your bust, flattens your belly and thus instantly creates a vital, toned impression. It’s just in the physics – the gravity pulls less on what you don’t let hang loose ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

The best thing about good posture is that it’s simply about making it a good habit! It doesn’t require expensive gym memberships, well, in most cases. It might require visiting a doctor to make sure your back is healthy and to learn what to do to support a healthy back and spine. You could book ballet lessons or try barre à terre, but it’s entirely optional and probably only good for those of you who enjoy classic ballet – you’ll have a lot of fun.

In the upcoming 2017 BEAUTYCALYPSE video series that I’m working on these days, I will talk about posture and exercise as well, so don’t be shy to ask your questions today: I may answer them on YouTube!


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  1. What I love about this is that it is real, practical advice about how to project inner beauty. People preach to ‘find your inner beauty’ but don’t actually provide any tools to do so. Sometimes it’s not so easy to just decide to feel a certain way about yourself. This is great advice on how to get there.

  2. Sounds awesome and thanks for some basics tips and reminders. I would say that for most of us it is a lack of confidence to stand and sit in such a way that you embrace yourself but also show that you’re powerful and feel good.

    I am very curious to hear more in your series.

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