Slow Fash for Gents: Modern, Vegan, Eco-Fair Menswear Crowdfounding

Eco-fair, Peta-certified, made in Germany and timeless in style: Lillika Eden goes Menswear and YOU can be part of it for yourself or for a friend. Let’s make it happen!

About Lillika Eden…

If there is one thing I love about this young Berlin-based brand beyond the founders’ burning passion for ethical fashion then it’s the fact that their pieces are chic and suuuuuper comfy all in one: I own a gorgeous fitted dress made of soft, warm organic cotton jersey (and a beanie to match!); a lovely powder pink jersey top with a sexy pink gold zipper in the back; a linen tunic in white and near-BEAUTYCALYPSE green; as well as several tees that all have a certain sophisticated design detail that wows. The quality is sublime and fit for any minimalistic or 30 wear pledge wardrobe! In stark contrast to the fast fashion world, Lillika Eden only launch one collection per year, adding a few new items to their online store every few weeks giving the customer a good chance to pick favourites and to come back at anytime. Quite relaxing, isn’t it?

However, the collection that now includes a collab with the German vegan supermarket Veganz and is Peta-approved in its entirety, remained womenswear-focused. Until – now! So when the founders Julia and Daniel announced the crowdfounding project of their menswear collection on their blog, I was absolutely enthusiastic about it and, knowing that many men would appreciate the clever mix of laid back and sophisticated design, absolutely happy to support it.


…About YOU

Men who love sleek, clever athleisure basics will love the Lillika Eden menswear.

Men who’ve been looking far and wide for a fashion brand that stands for non-toxic, comfy, eco and vegan garments, for fair working conditions, and for a transparent value chain will love the Lillika Eden menswear.lillikaeden_menswear-vegan_ecofair_startnext

All you need to do to make Lillika Eden menswear happen is get a STARTNEXT account and pick your pledge and reward (from an eco-fair denim portemonnaie to single pieces to splurging on the entire collection – this one is for ultimate fans) on the renowned crowdfounding platform Startnext: Lillika Eden goes menswear @ Startnext. I’ll be securing my Significant Other a few pieces for sure – the campaign starts November 29! Let’s do it! 💚

P.S. Berliners, check the campaign blog for deets on the campaing opening bash next week!


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