Gift Ideas: Food and Table

Nine sure-to-wow gift ideas for people of all ages who are chocoholics, table aesthetes, tea lovers or foodies having a soft spot for all things food, health – and sustainability. 


Food & Table
Gift Guide 2016

When I was creating Christmas gift guides in my “other life” as a lifestyle editor of a luxury magazine, I have learned quickly that the larger the editorial, the less the chance that readers would actually get through it. Readers get bored quickly and the worst case is that they never use the editorial suggestions for actual gift shopping.
Today I’m the boss of my own lifestyle outlet for ethical excellence and if I hand-pick a handfull of gift ideas, I make sure they come in a good mix: luxurious meets affordable, simple meets lush, modern meets traditional. Basically, it’s like a round of thing sudoku 😉 I have heard many nice things about my earlier gift guides for skincare and fashion & jewellery so far, so I do hope you like my selection.
And if you’re eligible for the generous giveaway: good luck! 🍀

Food & Table Gifts
For Women & Men

Without further ado, let’s dive in:


Let’s start with the investment piece 😉
The Vitamix family has several blender models with different features that enable you to make smoothies, soups, crushed ice or mousse desserts in the blink of an eye. The brushed steel Professional Series 750 model shown here comes with 5 programs for ‘smart blending’ and a 7 year guarantee for private homes. Not too shabby.
€899, available via Keimling shop.
The website features the Pro 750 copper and black metal models at $599 (Nov 2016).

Fine like green silk and naturally fruity, Bio Matcha Gyokujou Morimoto Miyazaki is one of my personal favourite matcha teas. Cold-stirred, it surprises with delightful peachy notes; made the classical way, it delivers the loveliest umami taste.
Directly imported from Japan by the German tea specialist store Tee Kontor Kiel.
20 g, €16.90, shop here.

I wrote about Paper & Tea earlier in my series Things To Do In Berlin: the concept stores and the online shop offer a variety of the most whimsical teas and tea blends, gifts and stationery. The stainless steel, bpa-free isolated flask with the sassy signature slogan “You drink coffee I drink tea my dear” (a nod to Sting’s Englishman in New York if you’re still guessing why it sounds so familiar) is the chic and sustainable answer to throw-away cups. To fill with an adequately sophisticated blend, for example the limited edition Winter’s Light tea blend (black tea with vanilla bean, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, pepper, cardamom, liquorice root).
My Dear Bottle €42; Winter’s Light caddy 80 g, €18.

I don’t know about you, but I love the idea that there are still goods produced in convents and monasteries today. Maybe it’s my love for medieval studies that keeps breaking through? 😉 Manufactum, the German (super)store and online shop specialising in exquisite traditional goods thoroughly selects the best of the best: confectionery and honey, liquors and meats, teas and oils, of course beers, juices, spice blends – and even apparel… There is a well of top quality gift ideas, but the organic jams from the French Monastère de Solan have taken my heart in storm. The raspberry jam tastes of summer, and is made only of organic raspberries (63 g per 100 g jam), organic raw cane sugar and organic lemon juice. Delliciously autumnal, the  plum jam is made of plums, raisin juice, raw cane sugar, cinnamon and lemon juice (all organic). And isn’t the silk paper detail absolutely adorable?
300 g, €8.50, at Manufactum

M of Copenhagen is a European eco jewellery brand that you might remember from the Christmas in September Giveaway I hosted last year. With her fashion design background, it’s understandable that the founder Maria won’t let go of exquisite textile accessoires. The Camilla napkins are made from 100% organic Austrian linen.
Sell individually, 37 cm x 37 cm, €12. Worldwide shipping is free.

You know someone who doesn’t drink any alcohol but likes a festive table?
BINGO. You’ve come to the right place. 
The Japanese cold brew tea maker by HARIO is made of glass, has a silicone top and a Polypropylen filter. Cold brew teas can be made overnight from black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea or any tisane or fruit tea blend. It doesn’t have to be “cold” though as it’s not an ice tea. But you can serve it at room temp or on ice, just as you like. Neat detail: the bottle is available with a green or with a red top to mimic the design of classic wine bottles. The black sticker peels without any residue.
800 ml bottle, €29.90, available: Tee Kontor Kiel.

The Original Beans Advent Calendar in a jar is such a beauty! No petroleum-based dyes, no questionable plastic trays… only 24 sophisticated, masterfully handmade chocolate coins each carefully wrapped in organic corn starch cellophane with a date sticker. In a jar. Which basically means you can give this to anyone, starting with your hipster cousin and ending with your grandma, anyone who loves chocolate will adore this.

A fine organic matcha set, complete with a chawan, a bamboo matcha spoon, and a bamboo whisk (or chasen), is the ideal gift for a matcha newbie who has not tried whipping up a matcha latte at home yet as well as for an advanced matcha connoisseur: the unique, handmade Nezumi Shino chawan (each piece looks slightly different) and a 2016 harvest Bio Matcha Kirishima Miumori – fruity, mild, free from any bitterness and bright emerald green – are your recipe for matcha heaven! Kiri is Japanese for fog, shima means island: the organic tea garden harbouring this rare tea is located in the Kirishima mountains, so foggy, the mountain peaks look like islands floating in a sea of clouds.
AND THE BEST PART: somebody just won you can win this set worth €69 – and have it sent to you will receive it just in time for Christmas! 

Giveaway Time!
*CLOSED* Winner: Petra K.

And now let’s start celebrating 😉 I’ve teamed up with Tee Kontor Kiel founder Angelika to put together this set for one lucky BEAUTYCALYPSE reader to win:giveaway-organic-matcha-set-chawan
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Good luck, green gang! 😉


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  1. Wow! Quite a few tips I need to list on my wish-list and add to gifts I plan for my family. I have not seen the bottle from Paper and Tea before. Awesome. The napkin look lovely, too and Bio Matcha Gyokujou Morimoto Miyazaki is one of my fav Matchas.

      1. Yes, definitely safe, and pretty much okay. I have felt weary of course; but, truthfully, almost as much from the political shenanigans in the US as from the earthquake(s) in NZ.. The last time I felt this stressed/angry about politics was probably in my teens and 20s, when we were protesting about Vietnam, apartheid, and French nuclear testing in the Pacific, topped off by a very right wing Government in NZ. What I have absolutely loved about this latest earthquake scenario in New Zealand is seeing the navies of US, Canada and Australia (who just happened to be here at the time) combining with NZ defence forces to look after/evacuate people from Kaikoura. The photos show so much care and kindness that my faith in humanity is almost restored.

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    Oooooh. The calendar is so pretty! And the bottle. Such a statement piece! Me and my friend have tried matcha latte with skimmed milk in a cafe but didn’t like it.

  3. Petra Kovarikova

    Again super christmas tips 🙂 I love matcha tea, so happy to get involved 🙂 I’ve already bought, instead of traditional chocolate advent calendar, the calendar of selection teas by Sonnetor 🙂 but maybe I´ll get the chocolate as well 😉 selection, however, is not easy!

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