Focus vs. Fatigue 🙏🏼 Mudras and Manicure #3

MUDRAS & MANICURE is here again! Let’s flex our fingers today to create clarity, harmony, peace of mind – and to invite the most amazing bright ideas into our lives.

New here? Wonder what’s this MUDRAS & MANI thing’s about?

In the series MUDRAS & MANICURE I share with you favourite mudras while sporting favourite tox-free manicures. Mudras are a vital part of yogic practice: they are highly symbolic and powerful meditation gestures.mudras-and-manicure-part-3

In the first post of the series, I shared with you my favourite mudras to fight the flu, in the second – mudras to promote a good night’s sleep.

Today I’m happy to share with you my time-tested mudras that help wash away the day’s distressing, nagging, nerve-racking noise; that help find inner balance and peace of mind to focus on what’s dear to you and to enlighten your way.


The first mudra is the simple but powerful gesture of prayer, gratitude and respect:

1. Atmanjali Mudra:
Create clarity, bring on balance

The Atmanjali Mudra, also known as Namaskar Mudra:
Put your hands together in front of your heart chakra as if for a prayer, leaving a little hollow space between your palms.atmanjali-or-namaskar_mudra

This mudra brings inner peace to your meditation practice, and with more peace, you gain more clarity. The cluttered mind is relieved, your thoughts stop rushing like scared up birds, you bring calm and harmony into your innermost self.

When your meditation has brought you peaceful harmony and clarity, it’s time to nurture your soul and to create a space for bright new ideas:

2. Uttarabodhi Mudra:
Fight fatigue, ignite ideas

Swiss mudra teacher Gertrud Hirschi suggests that the Uttarabodhi Mudra, “the mudra of supreme enlightenment”, brings light into darkness (which is a particular delight during dark winter evenings) but also that it connects the person practicing it with both the Cosmos and the material world, making it the ideal mudra to practice before delivering an inspirational speech or an effective presentation.

Several sources suggest that this mudra frees you from fears, and if you think of what happens when the individual feels connected with the endless light of the Creation – there is no place for fear left. The Uttarabodhi Mudra strengthens the metal element; it’s a subtle source of never-ending cosmic energy ready for you to tap into the well. Almost too good to be true! 😉

uttarabodhi_mudraUttarabodhi Mudra:
1. Hold your hands at solar plexus level and interlock your fingers.
2. Stretch the index fingers and the thumbs, so that the index fingers point upwards, and the thumbs point downwards
3. The fingertips of your index fingers and thumbs are pressed against each other

You can hold this mudra whilst sitting or even when laying in bed, after you wake up in the morning or before going to bed. I like to practice it when days are tiring, news are bad, and my energy seems drained – I hold this mudra before going to bed when meditating to find healing, to evoke enlightening dreams, to focus on healthy and energising sleep.

To wrap it up: these are my favourite two mudras to wash away a day’s stress, to energise in a subtle way and to focus on being the one that helps great and good ideas our world needs come to life. They are super simple even if your hands are not super flexible, and very efficient during meditation. EXTRA TIP: If you can’t find focus, no matter what, be it at work or in a discussion, fold your hands into the Uttarabodhi Mudra for a few minutes, take five deep, relaxed, pressure-free breaths and you’ll feel the difference right away!

Side note manicure:
I’m wearing water-based polishes by Namaki in silver (06) and raspberry pink (03) layered for added brightness. The drop-shaped bright purple rhinestones mirror the almond shape of the nails and demonstrate that you could, if you like, add rhinestones to a water-based polish easily for an extra touch of careless sparkle.namaki-pink-silver-swatch

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  5. How many layers of polish are this? And I love the mudras. I thought always that they were so complicated lol

    • There is one layer silver and two layers raspberry, except on middle finger where I added just a wash of silver as a highlight and to mount the rhinestone. HTH!