Of Tricks – and Treats

Weekend plans: a brief cameo at a costume party wearing a cool “slow” costume, then a cosy movie night with comfort food. What will your Samhain night look like? 😉

Firstly, let me welcome new readers – or those of you who have missed the posts – by suggesting that you visit the crypt discover all my earlier Tox-Free-themed Halloween posts, featuring simple and delicious recipes and costume/ make-up ideas but also relevant information on truly, truly undesired toxic horrors you want to avoid, and more scaaaary gooooood stuff, promised!

Are You Fed Up With Plastic
“Sexy ____” Costumes?

I thought to have already raved about a website called Take back Halloween – “A costume guide for women with imagination”, but I seem to have done so off the record. So, here we go.

Ladies sick and tired of Sexy Nurse, Sexy Vampire-style costumes marketed to girls from a very young age on and made of cheapest, stinky plastic, you’re bound to be blown away by the inspiration found at takebackhalloween.org, a website founded and run by a writer specialising in female history. It’s NOT a shop, it’s a creative celebration of female heroines: glamourous grrls, goddesses/ mythological heroines, queens, and notable women. Each year, a costume contest is held, so you might want to check it out as well (and do tell me if you submit yours! I’d love to cheer you!). Keep in mind that the deadline for submissions is November 6, 2016 and find all the rules here: 2016 Take back Halloween Costume Contest.

My own costume is in tune with celebrating mythological creatures, too – it’s the one that you’ve seen in the October “cover” visual. Oh, by the way, what do you think of this concept? I wanted a visual representation of my blog for the reason of better and clearer communications, and despite the fact that a blog cannot have a cover, I decided that BEAUTYCALYPSE well could 😉 Thoughts?beautycalypse-topics-october-2016

But now let me introduce you to my heroine! She is quite dark and mysterious, I think you haven’t heard of her: it’s Elen of the Ways, the Celtic Goddess of roads. Her identity, an alloy of historic, mythological and fictional figures, Celtic and Christian and Neo-Pagan, is as multifaceted as it is mysterious, absolutely not set in stone. She’s part goddess, part saint, part green lady – a patroness of the woods (or the deer), of the pathways, of the stars…

She’s sometimes called the deer goddess and depicted with antlers – so antlers, mirroring my BEAUTYCALYPSE identity as pictured here, seemed an excellent choice for my costume – and I also decided that Elen’s modern-day reincarnation would be wearing a green, light, flowy dress.

pumpkin-necklace-green-lady-dressMy costume base is a floor-length, fake silk chiffon dress I bought from an indie fashion designer on Etsy a while ago. I also chose a custom jewellery piece featuring three Murano glass pumpkins by Dark Neve, who’s possibly the most breathtaking goth lady I’ve ever met, and a hair hoop with black textile orchids and antlers from a goth fashion shop – possibly the single thing without clear or tox-free provenance, but that’s what sometimes lurks in the depths of my closet, too…

Halloween Movie Night Comfort Food:
Pistachio Pesto + Mini Financiers

Do you sometimes get obsessed with a single ingredient, too? PISTACHIOS are my obsession in the moment. Since I’ve got to try Keimling’s raw and vegan 100% pure pistachio butter – not roasted, not salted, not sweetened, just pure pistachios, I’ve been trying different recipes with my favourite green nut, rich in minerals and vitamins and soooo delcious. You tell me, how can this not be a favourite? – Expect an extra post about this tiny precious powerfood soon 🙂

Back to the Halloween weekend though.

Planning a cosy movie night spent couch-potato-style demands simple yet satisfying food, so here’s what I will be making: chickpea fusilli with arugula-pistachio pesto + mini pistachio financiers.mini-financiers-pistache

Tip: when entertaining, let one mini cake hide a nasty secret by adding an inappropriate amount of salt – but don’t forget to warn your guests that one treat is in fact a trick you play on them 😉

To make the arugula-pistachio pesto for your favourite pasta, grab about four handfuls of arugula, 5 tablespoons ground pistachios, 1 tablespoon of pistachio butter and 3 tablespoons organic olive oil per serving and blend. Season with sea salt and white pepper; vegetarians add grated Parmeggiano, vegans add Herbaria Ceasar Salad seasoning to taste. Delicious with chickpea fusilli cooked al dente!arugula-pistachio-pesto chickpea-fusilli-arugula-pistachio-pesto

The 20 mini financiers are super easy to make and very quick too. You can bake the vegetarian or the vegan version:

To make the vegetarian version, you’ll need 2 egg whites (whipped just slightly), 25 g gluten-free flour, 35 g ground pistachios, 35 g pistachio butter, 50-60 g coconut sugar (or xylitol) that you mix well. Preheat the oven (210°C); meanwhile melt 42 g margarine and work it into the pistachio dough. Pour into moulds, bake for about 10 minutes, then watch them very, very closely – it really depends on the oven how long it takes.keimling-pistachio-butter mini-financiers-pistachio
For the vegan version, you’ll need 25 g gluten-free flour, starch (about 1 moccha spoon), 1 teaspoon baking powder, 40 g pistachio butter, 50 g silken tofu or apple sauce. Preheat the oven (180°C). Blend dry and wet ingredients independently, then quickly mix and pour into the moulds – you can add a tablespoon or two of water to the mix if it’s too thick prior to pouring. Bake for about 14-18 minutes – again, watch the financiers closely.

To decorate, make simple sugar icing (sugar + pistachio butter) and add a few pistachios on top. Then munch away watching your favourite horror movie! I am still undecided though: splatter or suspence?

Have a lovely Halloween weekend, Adventurers!
What are you up to?


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