[Recipe Post #27] 🍴 My Gluten-Free October Lunch

Welcome to my brand new recipe series which is going to rock your kitchen! I choose from my “1001 recipes” to create Seasonal Menus consisting of not less than three courses. Ooooh!

Prologue, please 😉

The blog section NUTRITION&RECIPES had no updates recently for a very good reason: I have collected a lot of recipes and developed a whole lot more, which makes my mind boggle when I’m to pick just one to share. I also kind of like the info overkill. And many many pretty words. But I digress!

Also, when I spoke to readers and friends about recipes they found on blogs or in books, they mostly said that they, readers and friends, ended up cooking the same dishes over and over anyway; and when they thought a recipe was nice, often it wouldn’t match whatever they, readers and friends, would like for starters or for dessert. When entertaining guests, most of them, busy people, had a hard time putting together a menu.

So in my head, this info made a whirl, then a sound, and the following idea was born: since I’m not a “pure” food blogger, more like a mudblood, hee hee, it would make more sense to share a bunch of recipes that work as a menu – this way, I wouldn’t have to come up with recipes each couple of weeks to remain somewhat consistent, plus you’d get a menu that works and is based on seasonal ingredients, plus I would be able to share enough recipes with you to be taken seriously by the foodies among you. To me it’s a win-win situation.october-brunch-beautycalypseAlso, apart from the single-ingredient powerfood chronicles (that I will continue as well), and the spicy matcha bars for Halloween, my most popular recipe posts were those featuring several recipes: like fine tea-based mocktails or favourite green smoothies.

Shall we?

My Gluten-Free October Lunch

The menu is savoury, seasonal – and beautifully fragrant. You can keep it vegan or vegetarian, as you like:

Pink Onion Tartelettes
Warming 5-Veggies Bowl
Double Hazelnut Cakeoctober-lunch-beautycalypse

The discovery of lovely, owner-managed French deli MaĂŽtre Philippe et Filles (maĂŽtre Philippe and daughters) located at Emser Strasse 42 in Berlin-SchĂśneberg, has changed my recipe book for good. Granted, French cuisine is not exactly pioneering vegan, vegetarian, or health-focussed food, but boy are they good at regional, traditionally grown produce and mouth-watering foods that remind you you’re alive and loving it.pink-onionsMaĂŽtre Philippe et Filles additionally carry Italian and Portugese specialties, and seriously, just going there feels like Christmas, while shopping there definitely adds a very special indulgent highlight to my overall organic, healthy pantry. And as the braids of fresh, seasonal, vitamin-rich pink onions form Roscoff, Bretagne, arrived along with the fresh harvest of roasted Piedmont hazelnuts, there was surely no holding back. Smoked sea salt and black pepper from Normandy also have called my name – I love to have a good variety of spices to play with. And so the Pink Onion Tartelettes were born.

The Warming 5-Veggies Bowl is my rendition of a seasonal Buddha bowl: combining the nice wheel-like presentation of the original with warming comfort food typical of the month, it’s my perfect go-to recipe on a cold and rainy day.

Finally, the Double Hazelnut Cake is trouble. You’ve been warned. Piedmont hazelnuts, roasted, demand your attention… and three months of moderate workout to leave your hips again.
This cake is not for the faint of heart, nor for a sugar detox month. There will be added-sugar-free desserts coming up too, so bear with me today: because while you can make this killer cake vegan-friendly, you can’t skip icing sugar needed for the coating. Although you could go for hazelnut butter topping, it just wouldn’t be the same cake that lets your fat cells chant hallelujah.
Sorry not sorry, hate the sin, not the sinner, you know I’m no good… 😘

Recipe: Pink Onion Tartelettes

Pink Onion Tartelettes are suuuuper easy to make but they will take about 1.5 hours. Also, tartelette is not a spelling mistake for tartlet, or me being lost in translation, it’s French for an individually baked tarte 😉 Basically, it’s me being clever. Haha. Ha. But listen, this is not about me: the crisp, sweet pink onion is the star.

For the yield of 4 tartelettes you’ll need:
200 g gluten-free basic flour
10-12 g active yeast
1/2 tea spoon raw sugar
Sea salt
1,5 tablespoons olive oil
warm water

Topping, “dry” ingredients:
1 large pink onion
60 g muscat grapes (seedless will make your life easier)
40 g pecans
Thyme or rosemarysmoked-seasalt-smoked-pepper-vegan-creamcheese-soyananda

Topping, creamy ingredient:
– 200 g vegan cream cheese (I swear by Soyananda, it’s fresh, creamy, is-this-really-soy?-delicious and omega 3 enriched, the hemp-based yogurt has a strong of-taste, so I think I can only use it with recipes using a lot of spice)
– Smoked sea salt and smoked black pepperpink-onion-tartelettes

1. Make yeast sponge by mixing flour, sugar, yeast and 50 ml warm water and letting it sit in a warm place for about 20 minutes.
2. Add 60-70 ml warm water, season with sea salt and olive oil, blend well and let rest for another 40-50 minutes. If you cook the complete menu, now is the time to make the Warming 5-Veggies Bowl.
3. Cut and sautÊe the onion. Roughly chop the pecans. Wash and cut the grapes.
4. Prep the cream cheese by seasoning it to taste with the smoked sea salt and pepper and stir until creamy.
5. Preheat oven (190-210 deg C depending on your oven – tip: go with the temp your pizza loves)
6. Divide dough in four equal parts, roll each into a thin round cake that you coat with seasoned vegan cream cheese; next add the onions, the pecans, and the grapes.
If you’re vegetarian, you’ll like to add a handful of chopped goat’s milk cheese on top. Sprinkle with thyme or rosemary (or both, eh).
If you go for the vegan option, smoked tofu, diced, is absolutely sublime.
7. Bake until the crust looks baked (“golden” is a stretch with gluten-free flour), for approximately 20 to 30 minutes. Serve warm. Let the components of Warming 5-Veggies Bowl sit in the switched-off, possibly open oven to keep them hot.

Recipe: Warming 5-Veggies Bowl

This is the simplest thing ever and yet it tickles all the taste buds: slightly sweet, hot, salty, tangy – the ultimate comfort food in October.warming-veggie-bowl

1. Make your favourite style of mashed potatoes, as thick or liquid as you like ’em – but work in the half of an oven-baked sweet potato for added texture, sweetness and carotinoids. Nom!
2. Roast broccoli in the oven.
3. While the broccoli florets roast, fry onions and seasonal mushrooms, season with thyme, add vegan cream cheese (product tip view above), hot mustard to taste (it shouldn’t get bitter, you want just a hint of a tangy bite – if you go overboard, balance with a tablespoon of marple syrup), and let simmer until you assemble the bowl. Get out the broccoli and season with sea salt and freshly ground chili flakes.
4. Fermented button squash is my favourite pickle to add to this mix, so I just cut the little pumpkins into fine slices.
5. Assemble and serve.

Recipe: Double Hazelnut Cake

Bake and glaze the cake the night before to let the ingredients soak in each other’s flavours and become one delicious, fragrant, chewy hazelnut entity. Obvisouly keep it away from any culinary (or otherwise) source of stink and whatever you do, don’t keep it in the fridge.

Tools and ingredients:
13 cm cake pan
Mortar and pestle
250 g gluten-free basic flour (should include organic corn flour, otherwise make it 150 g GF flour + 100 g organic corn flour)
100 g finely ground hazelnut flour
125 g vegan margarine
75 ml rice-coconut drink (or any mylk of your choice)
4 egg yolks or the equivalent of ground chia-based egg replacer
75 g coconut sugar
8 g baking powder
1 tablespoon raw sugar

Icing suger
12 Piedmont hazelnuts, groundmaking-the-hazelnut-sponge-cakeMethod:
1. Mix dry ingredients.
2. Mix wet igredients.
3. Preheat oven (180°C)
4. Brush the cake pan with oil and dust with raw sugar.
5. Mix dry and wet ingredients to obtain a gooey cake batter, pour into the cake pan and bake for about 30 minutes. Watch the progress to not let the cake burn. The very middle has to remain slightly moist, which is absolutely scrumptious!
6. Let cool on a rack.
7. Make a standard white frosting by blending water, icing sugar and ground haselnuts. Try to not eat the heavenly fragrant frosting all by yourself though! It smells THAT good!
8. Glaze the cake, maybe put a hazelnut or two on top – or chopped hazelnuts here and there, or create a pattern for how you’d like this cake to be cut, entirely up to you.
9. Despite being so small, this cake is so mean, it does serve four.haselnut-cake

P.S. What About Gluten-Free Snacks?

Any lunch can use a little nibble on the side: and as a subscriber, I was happy to receive a surprise box of Schär novelties in September. Unfortunately, there was no info on when these products hit the shelves included, so I can’t tell you that, my dear gluten-free friends.

I’ve been using Schär products, mostly bread, since my allergy test came back a few years ago – and I certainly don’t mean to sound like a commercial, but this videly available brand (BTW: palm oil used is RSPO-certified) basically saved me from depression. I’m not a proponent of packaged or convenience foods, but toast and flour are neccessities. Anyway, if you don’t have any food allergies, you’re bloody damn lucky, keep it that way, go you.scharnovelties-2016The assortment I received included sweet and salted snacks. We had a major testing over here!
From left to right in the picture above:
– “Salti” crispy crackers, ideal for hors d’oeuvres,
– “Carrotinis”, not very sweet quinoa-flour-infused individually packaged, vegan sponge cakes,
– “Cheese Bites”, salty cheese-flavoured mini crackers, I would hope for a vegan version, maybe just sprinkled with sesame seeds, because the texture, the crunch are very good,
– and finally “Fruit Bar”, crispy-and-soft waffles with a delicious plum filling. Can’t wait for these guys to arrive. I will stuff my face with these! Nom!

And with this overview of new and new-recipe gluten-free snacks, the first edition of my menu posts is a wrap! 😉 I hope you liked it, let me hear what you think in the comments below. XO


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