TellurideGlow * BEAUTYCALYPSE Brand to Watch #12

From Colorado, USA, comes the 10th BEAUTYCALYPSE Brand to Watch – a skincare brand that offers an organic oil serum so powerful, your skin just glows.

Located in the eponymous Telluride, Colorado, TellurideGlow is a brand new company that offers modern, natural, toxin-free, transparently manufactured, multi-use skincare for modern people. The story began as a DIY project – because why not whip up some skincare yourself if you don’t find anything that helps your skin in a new climate?

maryalice-tellurideglow-founder-alpinepureoilThe founder, Mary Alice Heape, is a former fashion industry top executive with a life-long interest in health topics, holding a University Degree in Health Education and another in Public Relations. TellurideGlow is her second career: having retired from the corporate world in New York City, Mary Alice is now an entrepreneur with a stellar, sustainable product that gives back.

The exclusive formula of Alpine Pure Oil evolved over the course of two years. Research and consultations with botanical chemists and aromatherapists as well as firsthand input from hundreds of users (Mary Alice: “The ‘listening’ time was incredibly worthwhile”) have shaped today’s product.

Order info:
– EU standards relabeling is a long and expensive progress, but International delivery is possible when buying on
– ⭐️ Special offer alert in the official Telluride Glow Online Shop – save 15% in November 2016: use code 15november on checkout!

Multi-Use & Unisex:
‘Alpine Pure Oil’

You can find the full ingredients list and my review in the earlier skin and hair care highlights in Autumn post. Today, let me just give you the whole scoop on TellurideGlow’s Alpine Pure Oil benefits that include:
✅ Small batch production for freshness
✅ Deeply hydrates dry and fragile skin
✅ Works in hot, humid, dry or cold climate
✅ Absorbs quickly
✅ Non-greasy, lightweight texture
✅ Unisex and suitable for most skin types
✅ Aromatherapeutic scent from natural oils
✅ 100% natural botanical (and mineral) ingredients
✅ Water-free, additive-free, alcohol-free, synergetic oil formula
✅ No synthetics, no GMO, vegan-friendly, gluten-free
✅ Usable on face (including under eye contour), body and hair
✅ Removes make-up
✅ Stops frizz and adds shine to hair
✅ Adds a slightly sunny, fresh glow to any complexion

alpine-pure-oil-swatchI’ve picked up more interesting application tips from the review section of the TellurideGlow website:
+ Pat onto your face to set your make-up, even on a hot day
+ Apply to areas where your skin feels thin to make it more plump
+ Apply when shaving to prevent razor burns

Personally, I find it blends beautifully with mineral foundation powders, making them wearable on eye contour, and is just amazing for facial massage (a part of my everyday routine). And it’s of course a very satisfying feeling to have a product that’s so versatile.

Q & A With TellurideGlow Founder
Mary Alice Heape

Q: Oils and oil serums are very du jour. How have you discovered facial oils yourself?

A: It made sense to me to pursue premium, pristine ingredients in their purest state, resulting in a superfood for the skin.

Q: How did you know that your skin-saving product was going to be an oil blend?

A: The ingredient choices dictated the final product. Some of the main ingredients, like organic Rosehip Seed Oil, are also primary ingredients in serums. I did not want it water-based as that typically requires lots of harsh preservation for a long shelf life. I use a good amount of non-GMO natural Vitamin E as a natural preservative to achieve a long shelf life, and present it in a dark glass bottle with a pump to maintain freshness.

Natural does not always mean pure.”
– Mary Alice Heape

alpinepureoil-review© Melissa Plantz Photography

Q: Before creating Alpine Pure Oil you didn’t find any skincare product you liked – because…

A: …I was a product freak for most of my life, trying everything at every price point. Nothing was stellar, and over time, I became sensitive to synthetics. Once I decided to stay clear of chemicals, preservatives, etc. I realized there were many differences between offerings in the market. Natural does not always mean pure.

It is hard to find a product close to it’s natural state, meaning cold-pressed, unrefined and organic… all three. And when you do, it’s hard to find it in a pleasing scent. Unrefined Argan oil, for example, is a golden color and smells very nutty, and not always in a good way. Natural oils can be pungent which may not be desirable, especially blended together. You can get a nutty, grassy, musky smell that would knock your socks off. Creating a scent that was deemed ‘divine’ was the most challenging and most rewarding part of the process. I wanted each use to be a spa-like experience.

Another priority was to produce a non-greasy oil, which is a true oxymoron! People can’t believe how quickly Alpine Pure Oil absorbs into a velvety feel. This is due to the high content of Organic Rosehip Seed Oil, Baobab and Jojoba Oil.

I’d rather spend my time outdoors than in front of the mirror.”
– Mary Alice Heape

beautycalypsebrandtowatch-tellurideglow© Melissa Plantz Photography

Q: Multi-purpose skincare is ideal for people with an active and/or busy lifestyle. Was Alpine Pure Oil planned to be multi-use because that’s how you like your products or did it happen naturally while creating the blend?

A: It happened naturally. I noticed that some of the same ingredients were used in other products for different purposes so began experimenting with percentages and user testing and discovered great results.

The other part is that the older I get, the more I tend to simplify. I used to travel extensively for business and packed so many (unnecessary) products. Multi-use means freedom! I’d rather spend my time outdoors than in front of the mirror. My skin is definitely better than it used to be with minimal time on rituals.

Q: What do you love the most about being a skincare entrepreneur?

A: The formulation and creative process, especially mastering fragrance. I studied the art of blending fragrance notes, and as in music, it is complicated, compelling and rewarding.

Thank you, Mary Alice!


Skincare, fashion, bed linen, chocolate… – the BEAUTYCALYPSE Brand to Watch series is not limited to one topic. Have you missed some of the earlier posts? Find them all here.

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    • Hi Kate Dee, it says on the bottle: “Consult with a physician if you have a skin condition, are pregnant, or lactating.” HTH! ❤

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  4. Thanks for the interesting interview. It is always nice to hear more about special brands, how products were developed and why.

    What I like most about this oil is that it does not feel like a oil after application. It’s like a dry oil that absorbs really quickly. As mentioned in my other comment, the scent is so lovely.

    • Yes! I actually love the texture so much. Skin feels stronger after application, and looks better instantly.
      Thanks for testing along! At least I know what to get you for Xmas hehe )))

    • Yup, absolutely delectable. The texture is one of the very, very best out there. Absolutely lightweight, non-greasy and sooooooo nourishing! Love it. Easily one of a few highlights one 2016 for me. Founder is such a lovely, genuine person. ❤

  5. What an amazing review… I feel like a star! Remember it’s available now on Amazon .. Would hate them to think its not available immediately.

    You are the best! I’ve enjoyed following you and am sure will learn so much. Already learned about the mica and made the change.

    My best Mary Alice Heape


    • I will update the post asap with added Amazon info, and apart from that, let me just congratulate you for creating a product that makes a difference. So much love.