Feeling Disconnected? Then Watch This Highly Poetic Documentary

Promised: the day you watch this one-of-a-kind documentary will reframe your mindset and recharge your soul in a very subtle yet powerful way.

The Mindfulness Journey

Context first.

You might know that one of the most-read articles here on the blog is the original Soul Detox: Get Rid of Toxic People post that has become the first in the eponymous series.

What is beautiful and sad in the same time is that I keep receiving comments and reader emails in regards of the problems discussed in that article. Two very recent messages were from people who, quite possibly in their darkest moments, asked me if I knew spiritual gurus, no matter what flavour. I want to dedicate this post to them, and to everyone who looks for guidance and feels lost and alone. I feel you. I’ve been there. I’ve left that place on my own, without any teachers, gurus, or guides.

To put things straight right away: I don’t know any gurus, I don’t promote any gurus, and, most certainly, I don’t trust any gurus.

What I believe in and what I stand behind and what I would trust always is the innate mindfulness that I have within, that all of us have within. That little light that’s sometimes soothing and lovely and helpful and guiding… but sometimes quite scary when it illuminates areas of our lives we can’t come to peace with.

This mindfulness is so important, and I feel that the “mindfulness trend” is a chance for more people to get in touch with their own light, and a chance for great teachers to emerge. Yet it’s also a chance for anyone who monetises on the pain of others. This is a warning I want to mention before I go on.

There’s another beautiful side to mindfulness: our connection with others. Our society brainwashes us into believing that we’re disconnected, only tied together loosely by interest groups that can often get in conflict with each other – states, companies, political parties – but completely on our own otherwise. Meaningless units in a faceless scheme of things. Lost and loveless souls in the technological maze. Feeling absurd, alienated and awkward in our solitude, not knowing how many others feel the exact same pain, sorrow, tristesse, shame or loss.

Mindfulness is the power that opens your eyes to the big picture and to the consequences of anything you think or do. Bad consequences. Good consequences. Consequences that are inevitable and some that are unpredictable. Mindfulness is the major driver of ethical living, of green economy, of sustainable business, of everything that I believe in. Mindfulness is the raw material that purpose and true happiness are made of.

You’ll sometimes read philosophers cry that we have lost innocence on the way to progress. I believe we have lost something much deeper. We lost vulnerability. And all we got for it was the lousy arrogance of a tool-building, elitist, destructive species… which made us as vulnerable as never before. We lost all connection and this made us more angry, less empathic – and utterly unsustainable.planetary-key-image-a-planetary-collective

We Are Planetary

I’m happy that my (virtual) piles of books to read and movies to watch got a tiny bit shorter during my September vacation, yielding today’s tip – the beautiful, absolutely precious 2015 documentary: ‘Planetary’.

Let me tell you this: unlike many other documentaries, ‘Planetary’ is not scary or shocking. It’s woven of inspiring and aesthetically outstanding images. The imagery is, in fact, magnificent.

We see the Earth as a fragile ball floating, defenceless, in the black infinity of space.

We see fabulous architecture and wonderful natural landscapes.

And we listen to thinkers, environmentalists, astronauts, spiritual leaders, priests, teachers, scientists and academics. They share their insights and wisdom, and they share very different, meaningful things that have something huge and important and sacred and true in common… Something you’ll find out if you watch the movie. No spoilers.bamboo-forest

‘Planetary’ will make you wonder about your place in the universe. Each of us is humble and yet great, an individual whose actions matter and a part of an amazing world that breathes, lives, thrives, hurts and dies as one. Why are we affected by forests burning far away? By the melting of ice on a continent we’ve never seen?

Empathy, mindfulness, respect, knowdledge – ‘Planetary’ evolves slowly, like a new flower, and it starts in the outer space.

Watch the trailer:

PLANETARY from Planetary Collective on Vimeo.

Can’t wait to watch the movie? It’s available @ iTunes.
And for those who want some trustworthy and scientific mindfulness info: Oxford Mindfulness Centre.
Warmly recommended.

Have you ever felt disconnected, Adventurers?
What helped you?


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