“Guardian Angels”

Car air fresheners are (still?) so ubiquitous that I want to highlight that a natural, in fact, organic alternative exists, should you need one.

We know what air fresheners in cars are supposed to cover up. These are absolutely not the things you set out to smell on purpose like you would do with a rose. However, anyone who ever left a taxi (or a friend’s car) with a massive headache or a nauseating coughing fit, would rather just have opened a window. Even if it rained; even if it snowed. Snow! A blizzard seems like a welcome alternative when the air you breathe is a fake citrusy or fir-like or spicy olfactory nightmare that makes you feel dizzy and sick.

La première personne que je jetterai en prison sera l’inventeur des sapins parfumés qui pourrissent l’intérieur des taxis à travers le monde.”

The first person I’d throw in prison would be the inventor of the scented firs that ruin the interior of taxis all over the world.”

–Frédéric Malle in STYLIST Magazine N°21 10 October 2013

Listen to the man, people. Listen to the man.

Granted, purest essential oils can lead to allergies. That’s a thing to remember. Essential oils do have effects – and side effects too. But something tells me that allergy sufferers don’t use conventional air fresheners anyway.

air-freshener-green-switchSo what’s that alternative, organic car air freshener I wanted to talk about?

Certified with Demeter and Natrue, the Baldini Guardian Angels by Taoasis look like a purple figure sitting in the lotus position. Three sets, €6.40 each, are available, each of them including a cardstock figure and a 5 ml bottle of essential oil blend: Feelkraft (lime and lemongras), Feelwärme (blood orange and vanilla <3) and Feelwald (swiss pine and cypress), respectively something like feel the power or the strength, feel the warmth and feel the forest.


Where to buy:
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If you’re a long-time reader, you might know, I quite like to breathe 😉 But if you’re new – or missed them, do read A Breath of Fresh… Death about outdoor air pollution and what each of us can do about it (other than living in the woods) and discover why “fragrance” is still a single ingredient in What Does ‘Fragrance’ Even Mean?. I’ll also talk about indoor air pollution soon, and how we can improve our homes the ecologically savvy way.


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  1. Iiiiiks, I already told you that it is a nightmare for me to use taxis from airports? I always feel sick afterwards…
    At the moment I am using lavender bags in my not really used car… Do you know how long the scent is lasting on the figure?

    Can’t wait for the indoor air pollution post.

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