Berlin’s Green SPAs #2: le petit spa

Finding a great SPA is pain. You want, no: you *need* to share it with the world. But you also *need* to keep it secret.

Obviously, for the sake of your own appointments. Dilemma? Dilemma!
But, on the other hand, I’m here to share. Problem solved. Grab a cup of chai tea and enjoy our today’s spa portrait.

Berlin girls, a question right away:
How about a November beauty hangout for a few of us in any of my fave green SPAs? Email me or leave a comment below!

My search for Berlin’s Green SPAs was born out of my series Things To Do In Berlin and started earlier this year with my visit to the Susanne Kaufmann SPA @ The Stue hotel in Berlin-Tiergarten. Not unlike that swish hotel SPA, the one I want to introduce today popped up on my radar because I was looking for a certain brand, in this case – ILA SPA.ila-spa-at-le-petit-spa

Ayurveda x Morocco

Cosy and super quirky, le petit spa is a SPA, hair salon and beauty shop specialising in all-organic products and treatments. From organic hair dyes to organic perfume to sustainable products brought by the owner from India, the range is a playground for a conscious consumer. le-petit-spa-berlin-schoenebergle-petit-spa-florascent-johnmastersThe founder and owner, Justine, is as frankophile as Yours Truly, and so her visual concept for the spa is very typical indeed – oriental spas are a thing in France, with the lush decorations, exotic scents and ingredients as well as the warm, flattering colours. However, after discovering ILA SPA on a wellness trip to Prague, Justine knew: this is it. Why, thank you, Gods of Travel!le-petit-spa-organic-hair-dyes

The ground floor is home to the Edle Köpfe (“noble heads”) hair salon and a beauty parlour, while the basement hosts the SPA. I haven’t booked haircuts, only the Ayurvedic ILA SPA treatments that have been exquisite.le-petit-spa-hairdresser-owner le-petit-spa-hairsalon

Why is this a good place to go?

1. Great personal service;
2. Outstanding hygiene;
3. Excellent green’n’clean products, plus the only place to get ILA SPA products in Berlin;
4. Easy-to-get-there location;
5. Really quirky and unique Morocco-style interiors;
6. A reasonable price list;
7. More than just a massage menu.

In addition, Justine, the owner, is a real sustainability, health, ethics and Ayurveda expert. A chat with her is always super enlightening!le-petit-spa-berlin

Travel with me to
le petit spa

Ananda Facial (with rose oil infused products!) and Rain Forest treatments, €70 and €75 respectively, are the ones I booked.
Both are holistic signature ILA SPA treatments that include massages and masks, and both leave you – gotta make up a word for that – OMGlowing.

le-petit-spa-treatment-roomsSince le petit spa is based in Schöneberg, one of Berlin’s classic dining hoods, I often go get something delicious after a treatment, and I always, always, – did I say always? – get asked by strangers if I came back from vacation.le-petit-spa-jeanne-degraa

Bottom line:
le petit spa – THE place to go to escape those cookie cutter “orchid-in-copper-pots” aesthetics and get some organic realness or to chill with your girlfriends in the day spa.

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le petit spa

P.S. One more QUESTION please, my lovely readers.
Two posts a week or three posts a week? How much can you handle? 😀


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  3. Tanja

    I don’t like basement rooms but this seems to have windows? Anyways, the products are great, I might visit when I’m in berlin again next month! Love the pictures!!

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